19 Pics Of Lois Lane That Aren’t Very Wholesome

Lois Lane made her first appearance in the very comic that saw Superman's debut: Action Comics #1, published in June of 1938. That means that she has been around longer than almost any currently-active comic book character, even including Batman. And we should all be so lucky to look as good as she does at the age of 81!

Other than the tight skirts and form-fitting blouses that were standard attire for working office women throughout the mid-20th century, Lois spent her first few decades as a pretty wholesome character, the perfect objection of affection for the ultimate good boy superhero. But, as comic books were allowed to start getting a little more risque in the 1970s and beyond, the various incarnations of the Daily Planet's star reporter stopped being as shy about hiding the various assets that had Superman— a "man" who could probably have any woman in the galaxy— pining so hard for her.

19 Lois Is The Captain Now

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In order to be taken seriously in the male-dominated world of newspaper journalism, a woman has to be able to stand her ground among groups of tough-talking men. And that certainly applies to Lois Lane, who doesn't take guff from anyone— not even an alien who could end the world with his bare hands in a matter of minutes if he wanted to.

Here, while enjoying a steamy bath complete with rose petals and a bottle of booze, Lois reminds Superman that she is in charge at home. And we're betting Superman isn't going to disagree with her... especially not if he wants to join her in there.

18 Hef Would Be Impressed

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Clark Kent's love interest during his teenage years was Lana Lang, which is why she was the primary female lead in the early seasons of Smallville, largely set during Clark's formative years. But when the show finally introduced Lois Lane, they did so with a bang, casting the gorgeous Erica Durance in the role. It takes a lot to make a man turn his head away from Kristin Kreuk, but Erica was up to the challenge.

The writers of Smallville weren't going to waste Erica's curvy physique, either, coming up with excuses to do things like put her in a Playboy Bunny-esque outfit. Not that anyone was complaining.

17 Yes, You Look Wonderful Tonight

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Lois is applying lipstick in this picture by artist Mike Krome, but nobody is going to blame you if you didn't notice that— or if it took your eyes a little bit of time to wander off of... other things to get there.

Needless to say, there is even more going on in this picture than we could even show you, but it's not hard to imagine how this picture continued beneath the point where we cut it off. Not that you aren't already doing exactly that.

16 Giving New Meaning To "World's Finest"

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Some of the most interesting fashion comes from when someone takes items meant for other things and re-purposes them in unique ways. Here, Lois has taken the capes of both Superman and Batman and constructed them into a two-piece dress.

Of course, all of that was just a fancy way of saying, "Lois is completely naked here except for the Batman cape wrapped around her chest and the Superman cape draped down over mile-long legs." The phrasing is not important: Just look at what artist John "The Inspector" Ridley has done here and enjoy.

15 So Fresh And (Not) So Clean

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Lois Lane has been played by a number of different actresses across her various live-action TV and film adaptations, and everyone has their favorite. Maybe you're an old-school purist, and you'll always like Margot Kidder the best. Maybe you are currently enjoying Elizabeth Tulloch's Arrowverse take. Or maybe you just pick the one that appeared naked in a bathtub.

Amy Adams is great in everything she does, even when she is fully clothed. But when she appeared in Superman v Batman: Dawn of Justice in a bathtub, most of us had a new favorite Amy Adams performance.

14 Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Creamy

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For as stunning as Lois Lane is and how secure she might be that Superman loves her, it has to be hard knowing that he spends so much time with Wonder Woman, one of the most gorgeous females in the entire galaxy (and fiction in general).

Here, artist sandrock74 riffs on that perceived jealousy with a fun little carnival scenario that sees Lois humiliating Princess Diana of Themyscira by smashing a pie into her face. Oh, and Lois made sure to wear her skimpiest bikini while doing so, just for good measure.

13 Lois Digs Redheads

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Superheroes are always hanging out with each other, either fighting crime together or just attending social events of some kind, which often leaves their significant others home alone. Well, on one particular evening— as envisioned by artist Cédric Poulat—  Lois Lane decided she was going to reach out to one of her fellow left-at-home superhero girlfriends and do something about it.

It's unclear how long it took Lois Lane and Mary Jane to get as cozy as they are seen being in this picture, but it is clear where things are going. And Supes and Spidey are going to be sorry they missed it.

12 Superman's Cape Never Looked So Good

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As sexy as it was to see Lois Lane re-purpose Superman's cape as a dress, it's far more sexy to see her have it draped over herself in the light of morning after what was no doubt a passionate evening between the two lovebirds.

It's fitting that this picture is full of butterflies, because that's both the feeling Lois has in her stomach in this picture and the feeling in our stomachs as we look at her impressive bosom hugged by the most iconic cape in comic book history.

11 Something Looks Delicious...And So Does The Food

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It's an old cliche that men dream of having a woman who is willing to cook for them, and to come home just in time to see their beautiful wives standing over the stove as they finish up dinner prep. To have said wife be wearing nothing but an apron while she does so— and also have curves that the apron can barely contain— is just a bonus.

Artist Darin, aka Area-44, decided to create a piece that visualizes exactly that, imagining what Superman might come home to after a day of saving the world. And is there a better reward for such a task than Lois Lane wearing nothing but an apron and a smile?

10 For A Good Time Call Harley Quinn

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What could possibly be unwholesome about being tickled? A lot of things, actually— especially given how much foot fetish-focused art exists involved Lois Lane, not to mention that one of the ticklers is none other than Harley Quinn. If Harley Quinn is involved, and she has someone's hands and feet bound, "wholesome" doesn't describe what's happening.

Of course, there is also the peek down Lois's blouse as well as what is revealed by the shortness of her skirt that hammers home what artist sandrock74 was going for with this scene.

9 Kicking Back After A Hard Day

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After a long day of walking around a newsroom in high heels, Lois Lane deserves to put her feet up and relax on the couch.

That said relaxation also seems to involve her hiking up her dress a bit to reveal the tops of her stockings, as well as the smile on her face that seems to be inviting someone to join her, well...those are just the touches that artist Cédric Poulat decided to add to give everything a bit of naughty flourish. And to that, we say thank you.

8 Superman's Wife Gets To Know His Ex-Girlfriend

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Superman seems to have a thing for women with similar-sounding, similarly-alliterative names. But that's not all that Lois Lane and Lana Lang have in common: In most versions, both are curvy, leggy brunettes who look amazing in lingerie. But why choose between them when you can have both?

That's exactly the gift that artist Christina Marie Lacey has bestowed upon us with this piece, suggesting that Superman's high school sweetheart and grown-up wife decided to see what he saw in the other one. Our guess is that they both woke up the next morning saying, "Okay, I definitely get what he saw/sees in you."

7 "Superman Was Here"

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Lower-back tattoos are sometimes given the unfortunately shaming label of "tramp stamp," though we doubt anyone will have the guts to say such a thing about Superman's girl and her sexy ink of his logo.

Given that Lois has chosen to show off the tattoo in this particularly revealing outfit, she clearly wants people to see it— but there's also a "you can look, but you'd better not touch unless you want to answer to the strongest man in the universe" vibe to the whole thing. Fine, we won't touch...but we are definitely going to look.

6 Lois Makes Superman Feel Things

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It's not hard to figure out why the image of a beautiful woman eating a peach is such a suggestive visual. But in case there was any question about it, one look at Lois Lane in a low-cut dress holding a juicy peach she has taken a big bite out of should convince anyone who is still skeptical about the fruit's suggestive nature.

Beyond the imagery of Lois holding the "booty emoji" fruit— fitting since hers is definitely very peachy—  there is also the subtext of this series of images, in which Superman is explaining how human Lois makes him feel. Yes, Lois makes us all feel a little more... human.

5 Women Always Know When You're Looking

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At first glance, this image doesn't seem as overtly suggestive as most of the other ones on this list. Lois is hardly showing any skin here, and her none of her curves are even close to being in frame.

But the case can be made that Lois is being naughtier in this picture than she is in any of the others, as she is clearly loving the fact that Batman hates to see her go but is loving watching her walk away. There's little doubt that she knows what Batman is thinking right now... and she doesn't mind it one bit.

4 Not All Of Batman's Dreams Are Dark

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Speaking of Batman having inappropriate thoughts about his pal's woman, it would seem that it isn't only his waking hours that he spends imagining Lois in ways that would make Superman very unhappy. Not only that, but when he dreams about Lois Lane, he also sometimes likes to throw Selina "Catwoman" Kyle into the naughty mix as well.

Here we see Batman dreaming about Lois and Selina bathing together in a sea of champagne. Who says Batman doesn't sometimes put that brilliant mind to use in more "creative" ways than just how to stop Joker?

3 How Does Anyone At The Daily Planet Get Any Work Done?

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Lois Lane really knows how to wear the stereotypical office woman outfit of a tight skirt and blouse. And, for good measure, artist Steven Howard went ahead and added a few more sexy office woman stereotypes, having her sit on her desk with hiked-up skirt and long legs hanging off the side and, of course, suggestively gnawing at the end of a pencil.

Trying to meet the tough deadlines of a daily newspaper are hard enough, but with Lois Lane doing her best "sexy librarian" impression around the office, it's a wonder anything productive ever gets done.

2 Superman's Cape Never Looked So Good, Part 2

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This being the third picture on our list of Lois Lane wrapping her incredible body in Superman's cape, we've run out of interesting ways to elaborate on that image, this one brought to use courtesy of artist Devan James.

But this is Lois Lane, again, naked except for Superman's cape tightly wrapped around her. You're not reading this anyway, are you? If you are, do yourself a favor and check out the full original image of this in the link above and you'll see that Lois didn't even bother trying to cover up her impressive backside with that cape. Oops!

1 Patriotism At Its Best

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Making her second appearance on this list, here again is Erica Durance, once again in a completely ridiculous scenario dreamed up by the writers of Smallville as an excuse to get Erica into a sparkly American flag bikini and dancing around a stripper pole.

How did Lois Lane find herself on a stage at a strip club, wearing almost nothing? Because reasons. Does it really matter? It's best to just go with things like this and take them for what they are: gratuity in the best sense of the word.

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