20 Pics Of NASCAR Girls Every Guy Needs To See

NASCAR has been an integral part of US history stretching back for many many decades. According to History.com, NASCAR was founded in Daytona, Florida in 1948, and since then it has risen to extreme popularity, taking the nation by storm and having quite a significant international impact on the world. The culture that has been built around the sport is a fascinating and lively one, too, and for every incredible race marked in history, there's something just as interesting taking place in the crowds and down in the pits.

Since then the sport has grown to the size that we recognize it as today, with the glitz, glam, money, girls, and fame that comes with it. The racers are incredibly talented and go through a lot while racing for hundreds of laps around a circuit going upwards of two hundred miles per hour. But, they're well rewarded if they win, and it's a pretty good way of life. Let's take a look at 20 pics of NASCAR girls every guy needs to see.

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20 Ask Leilani Munter

via autowise.com

Leilani Munter is one of NASCAR's best drivers, here she's seen posing with her decked out race car, number 66, and it looks like she's either about to go race for the day, or just finished up, as she's wearing her racing suit, though it's unzipped down to her waist.

19 Best Of The Best Milka Duno

via prosgiveback.com

Geared up here in full uniform, the hair on fleek, ready to go out and race her heart out, is the best of the best, Milka Duno, a professional NASCAR race car driver who does quite a lot more than just race, though she has done that for some time..

18 Crazy For Maryeve Dufault

via al.com

Another NASCAR race car driver who has a lot going for her is this woman: Maryeve Dufault. She's pictured here driving her car, not in the race, but perhaps in the pits, or navigating it back into the trailer that hauls it to and from the races.

17 Danica Patrick At The Top

via southernliving.com

Danica Patrick has seen a phenomenal amount of success in the various types of racing that she has competed in, including NASCAR. And while she has never won a NASCAR race, she did place fourth in a finish and almost always placed top ten. She's retired nowadays, but I bet she still races for fun.

16 Everything About Nicole Lyons

via endeeonline.com

Nicole Lyons is a car girl, through and through. She's not just a racer, and she's not just a fangirl, but she's both of those things. Her career is a highly successful one, filled with a large variety of wins and races. There's nothing that Nicole can't do when it comes to cars.

15 For The Sake Of Monster Energy

via nascar.com

The Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series has recently replaced the former Sprint Cup Series, and with it has brought a special group of people known as the Monster Energy Girls, the NASCAR equivalent of cheerleaders, or something similar to this, anyway.

14 Going To The Auto Show

via nypost.com

This NASCAR girl finds herself at an auto show, standing in front of a real life, modern day NASCAR race car. How cool it would be to see one of these cars up close and personal, engine and all. This one is sponsored, clearly by a lot of different corporations.

13 Hello To Angela Ruch

via wikipedia.org

Angela Ruch is a race car driver for NASCAR, and while she has got the looks, she's also got the talent to back it up, as she's quite a successful professional racer, and she's one of two, as her twin Amber Cope is also a NASCAR racing driver. They made history, too, as the only twins to compete in one of the top three racing series of NASCAR.

12 Julia Landauer In The Zone

via asunnyspace.com

Julia Landauer is one of many female NASCAR race car drivers who are extremely talented and has found phenomenal success in the sport, along with also having other passions and talents that have brought her great success.

11 Just Another Day For Amber Balcaen

via floracing.com

Amber Balcaen was just signed on to race for Kyle Busch Motorsports, a huge break for her, and according to her press release posted on amberbalcaen.com, she says: "Even though I didn’t have the chance to race much last year, I’m confident in my ability as a driver and know that I can be successful with this team. . . I’m excited to see what we can accomplish together."

10 Killer Pose In The Pace Car

via thegentlemanracer.com

Here Nathalie Navarro is posing with a 2007 Shelby GT500 Super Snake, and not just any GT500, either. This is, according to thegentlemanracer.com, the official pace car of the NASCAR Shelby 427 Race. Pretty cool to say you've been in this iconic car.

9 Leaning Against The Fiery Red NASCAR Race Car

via newstechnomotif.blogspot.com

Modeling for NASCAR is probably a pretty good gig, especially if you're into NASCAR or have dreamed about getting out onto the tarmac, even if it's just for a picture, or seeing the cars up close, maybe even getting inside of them.

8 Meet Natalie Decker

via pinterest.com

Natalie Decker's website, nataliedeckerinc.com, tells us more about her story: "It was Decker’s move into the competitive Late Model ranks that really began her rapid rise onto the lists of top up-and-coming racing stars. She completed in every lap of the World Series of Stock Car Racing at Florida’s New Smyrna Speedway in 2013. Her on-track success led her to being selected to the 2013 and 2014 NASCAR Rev Racing Drive for Diversity combine."

7 NASCAR Fan Girls Are The Best

via flirtingwiththeglobe.com

Getting down into the pit is the dream for many thousands of NASCAR fans the world over, and especially for US fans, who grew up with the sport as part of their lives, the ones who grew up with the drivers and teams as if they were almost part of the family.

6 Out Here With The Takismobile

via pinterest.com

The pit girls are as of late in the limelight for all the wrong reasons. Many people feel like they shouldn't be objectified in such a way. It makes a lot of sense, but there are two sides to everything. In the meantime, these three pit girls are posing with the Takis driver, in front of their Takis race car.

5 Posing On The Hood

via nascar.com

For many drivers who own their own cars, the idea of sitting on the hood seems like quite the bad idea, as the bodywork could easily be bent and then that would be a bit of a headache to have to deal with, to fix, et cetera. Even if it was someone like this.

4 Quick Car Picture

via nascar.com

The red tiger on this NASCAR race car is just a part of the entire body decal of this racer. And it looks pretty good too, with the white contrast paired with the big gold number seventy-seven in front of the star on the side door.

3 Ready To Race

via bloomberg.com

We have featured Julia Landauer in this article twice, and with good reason. She has the highest finishing score ever for a female, coming in overall for the season in fourth. While Danica Patrick always made the top ten, she never placed as high as Julia Landauer. She's that good.

2 So Let's Race Then

via journalnow.com

While this model has perhaps never raced a NASCAR race car before, the fact is that she looks like she did, taunting the viewer, essentially saying, "so let's race, then." With the full racing uniform and helmet, she looks ready to race.

1 To The Top With

via sportingnews.com

The most incredible part about Hailie Deegan's talent, and at such a young age, is that she's the first woman to ever come in first in K&N Pro Series racing history, according to hometracks.nascar.com. Talk about raw talent and serious skill. And she's just getting started.

Sources: The Gentleman Racer, Sporting News & NASCAR

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