20 Pics Of Paparazzi Who Got Too Close To A Celeb (And Got What They Deserved)

As long as people obsess over celebs and their day-to-day lives, there will be paparazzi. Even though celebs can simply bypass the media and connect with fans directly on IG or Twitter, major publications still exist today with the paparazzi doing their bidding.

Hired on by magazines and publications as independent contractors, they tend to have a roguish approach to their line of work. In the end, they’re practically willing to do whatever it takes to get a snapshot that’ll sell; even if it means getting on the bad side of a major celeb.

For as long as the paparazzi have been around, they have been getting in scuffles with celebs. Rino Barillari, who's dubbed the “King of Paparazzi,” boasts about his battle scars on his website: “Seventy-six smashed cameras, eleven broken ribs, and 164 ER visits" (Italian Ways).

We’re going to look at action-packed moments of paparazzi caught getting too close to celebs who ended up paying the price for it.

20 Alec Baldwin Calls Paparazzi “A Little Girl”

via Hollywood.com

It’s an odd sight to behold. Alec Baldwin, with a colorful pillow in tow, laid into a cornered paparazzi. In addition to some R-rated language, Baldwin grabbed the paparazzi’s arm at one point and even called him, “a little girl.”

That was what the paparazzi got for snooping around Baldwin’s neighborhood snapping photos (YouTube channel Stupid Famous People).

19 Keanu Reeves Steals Camera

via Getty Images

The Matrix and John Wick star Keanu Reeves has been enjoying a spike in popularity recently. This photo of Keanu running with a paparazzi's camera has even made the rounds again.

Celebs have a few ways of responding when they catch a paparazzi filming them; stripping a paparazzi of their camera has to be the funniest way to go about it.

18 Butt-Kicking Heather Mills

via spletnik.ru

At least some celebs like Heather Mills are able to have a sense of humor when the paparazzi are breathing down her neck.

The “King of Paparazzi” Rino Barillari once said, “Always being ready is the trick: if there isn’t a lot of work, I go out and look for it” (Italian Ways).

17 Chris Martin Gives Paparazzi A Private Concert

via The Sun

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has earned his celebrity status from belting out songs. Usually, he does it in front of large crowds though and not in the face of a photographer.

Here Martin is giving the paparazzi a personal concert he won’t ever forget. In response, all the paparazzi can do is walk away with his tail between his legs.

16 Russell Brand Brushes The Paparazzi Aside

via glamourmagazine.co.uk

It doesn’t look like Russell Brand has much time for the paparazzi right now. Being much taller than the photographer, Brand simply grabs the paparazzi by the shoulders and moves him off to the side.

According to a PR expert who spoke with Glamour Magazine, paparazzi will often provoke celebs to get a reaction.

15 Sean Penn Takes Out Paparazzi While Carrying Takeout

via Pinterest

Actor Sean Penn doesn’t look to be in a playful mood. He’s taken a cue from Alec Baldwin’s approach by using force to get the paparazzi off his back.

Impeded from walking out to his car, Penn doesn’t even look up at the photographer—he merely kicks him while carrying what appears to be a bag of takeout.

14 Alec Baldwin Shoves Paparazzi

via NY Daily News

If there’s a recurring theme throughout, it’s that Alec Baldwin isn’t on good terms with the paparazzi. This incident occurred back in 2012 in what culminated with the actor shoving a photographer who's shrinking away.

Baldwin went on the Late Show with David Letterman to patch up his image after the incident.

13 Lisa Appleton Gives Out Bread

via HawtCelebs

Lisa Appleton made a name for herself on Big Brother. “I absolutely hate it when people say ‘just get a job’ - you can’t just get a job,” she said, as per a quote provided by The Sun.

Here, she’s wrangling with someone who’s actually got a job. At least she’s nice enough to offer him some bread.

12 Justin Bieber Injures Paparazzi

via E! News

Like Alec Baldwin, Justin Bieber has also had his share of run-ins with the paparazzi. According to E! News, Bieber hit this photographer while driving his truck.

While no one deserves to get hit by a car, the photographer must have put himself in a dangerous position in order to get the right shot.

11 Adam Lambert Tangles With Paparazzi

via Zimbio

Some celebs are just trying to enjoy a relaxing day when the paparazzi come in and rain on their parades. Adam Lambert, who’s claim to fame was American Idol, went after this paparazzi at the beach.

While the paparazzi must have gotten the hint to back off, he couldn’t help but look amused at the same time (Zimbio).

10 Alec Baldwin Attacks The Paparazzi

via Independent.ie

If there’s a celeb that gets into conflicts with the paparazzi, it’s Alec Baldwin—on multiple occasions. Sometimes a photographer is just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The Irish Independent reports that the paparazzi were snapping photos just outside Baldwin's apartment days after his wife had given birth.

9 Britney Spears’ Umbrella Attack

via The Sun

How could we not include one of the most notorious paparazzi incidents ever? Both the umbrella Britney Spears wielded and the SUV she struck it with belong to Daniel Ramos.

Although he’s not pictured here, Ramos is a paparazzi who captured Spears getting even with him for intruding on her privacy (San Antonio Express-News).

8 Kanye West Wrestles The Paparazzi

via BecomeGorgeous.com

The same photographer who hounded Britney Spears got swept up in an incident involving Kanye West. According to TMZ, it happened at LAX in 2013.

The paparazzi even took legal action against Kanye for the scuffle. It’s unclear what happened, but it appears Ramos found himself in a semi-headlock for trying to disrupt Kanye while traveling.

7 Miley Cyrus Gives Paparazzi A Piece Of Her Mind

via CNN

There are some celebs so fed up with the paparazzi, they’ve gone out of their way to show it.

Miley Cyrus took the time to point and shout at this photographer and put him in his place for invading her privacy. He looks stunned and speechless getting grilled by Hannah Montana.

6 Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Take A Different Approach

via DeMilked

Celebs can run, they can hide, but the paparazzi always catches up to them. Accepting this, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield concocted a different plan. They decided to bring attention to a cause they found important.

Written on small cardboard signs, the couple wrote about an organization they support and used them to cover their faces, backfiring the paparazzi's plans.

5 Cameron Diaz Loses It

via BecomeGorgeous.com

Often playing bubbly and comedic characters on screen, Cameron Diaz is anything but when paparazzi are around.

The site Become Gorgeous reports that when Diaz dated Justin Timberlake, she had a few incidents with the paparazzi. This took place in 2004 when she got so fed up, she actually grabbed one of their cameras.

4 Alec Baldwin Uses Words And Force To Keep Photographer Away

via New York Post

Never one to hold back his anger, Alec Baldwin didn’t hesitate to use force in getting this photographer to back off.

According to The New York Post, this reporter snapped photos using his phone. In response, Baldwin said, “Take a walk pal. You don’t want to get hurt...you’re a fat middle aged guy!”

3 Lily Allen Doesn’t Hold Back

via riversontheradio.blogspot.com

British singer Lily Allen has no shame about how she acts around the paparazzi. The site Rivers Night Show On i98.3 reports that it happened back in 2009.

The look on the photographer’s crestfallen face suggests he’s ashamed of what he did as he just accepts whatever words Allen uses against him.

2 Orlando Bloom Approaches A Photographer

via Auto Evolution

It looks as if Orlando Bloom took a different approach when encountering this paparazzi. Instead of tackling or arguing with him, he just walked up and tried to take the camera away.

Without a camera, a paparazzi is powerless against a celeb. Bloom recognized this and did what he could to take it away.

1 Julia Roberts Up Close And Personal

via judiciaryreport.com

Even big-time celebs like Julia Roberts can lose their cool around the paparazzi. Rino Barillari, the “King of Paparazzi” shared once in an interview, “I was slapped by Peter O’Toole and Buzz Aldrin, the astronaut.

I got in a fight with Aznavour...I’ve been stabbed, I’ve had about forty flashes smashes, and I’ve been clubbed by the police when I was with rioters.”

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