20 Pics Of People Who Got Caught Sneaking A Peek

Whether you're a celebrity, a civilian or a politician, you can't help but stare at fascinating things. In some of those instances, it might be a sports car or a private jet that catches your attention. In other instances, it could be the opposite sex. Curiosity might have killed the cat, but it made humans take a peek.

Regardless of your status in society, you'll take a good look at something that grabs your eye. We wanted to see the facial expressions of people who were admiring something interesting, so we gleaned photos of them when they were caught sneaking a peek at the opposite sex.

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20 Co-stars

via Cosmopolitan TV

Bradley Cooper is on the most desired men in the world by women, and Jennifer Lawrence is a favorite amongst men.

Since Lawrence is an attractive woman who doesn't mind showing off some skin, Cooper took the opportunity to get a glimpse to find out what the fuss was all about.

19 False Reporting

via Daily Mail

Camera angles can play a big part in the way one perceives things, so we'll let you be the judge if Piers Morgan snuck in a peek of the lady's chest who was sitting next to him.

Morgan stated that he did not look at her chest. Maybe he didn't, so we'll let you be the judge.

18 Ball Boy

via Daily Nova

Hey! You're supposed to be passing her balls, not looking down her shirt, especially when she's looking at you. It seems that this gentleman didn't care that the lady caught him peeking at her chest.

He was having too much fun while he looked at her. She's got a smile on her face, so it seems that his stare didn't hurt anyone.

17 Pardon Me

via Devian Art

One of the ways that women got men's attention in the olden days was by "accidentally" dropping their handkerchief so that men would be gentlemen and pick it up for them.

Instead of picking up this lady's belongings, the pictured man took the opportunity to get a good look when she bent over.

16 Lucky Me

via Epicalm

It looks as if these youngsters were on their way to the prom. Before leaving, they decided to take a photo of themselves in their formal attire. The young man with the lady next to him looked excited.

It's as if he's saying, "Lucky me." Instead of looking at the camera, he took the opportunity to lower his gaze.

15 What's That?

via Fanphobia

Boys will be boys. The best time of a man's life was when he was a boy. He didn't feel that he had any limitations or that there were any repercussions for his actions. Being a boy also meant that you felt very little shame.

The boy in this photo didn't care about what anybody thought, so he snuck a peek.

14 Hmmm...Nice

via Galerin

Celebrities are humans like the rest of us. They find attractive women appealing as we do and also try to sneak a peek when they think that nobody is looking.

One of the problems with being a celebrity is that the camera is constantly focused on them. When Cuba Gooding Jr. saw what he liked, he showed it with his face.

13 Nobody's Gonna Know

via Pholder

Some men try to be discreet when they check women out. They feel that they are going to be judged if somebody sees them staring at a beautiful woman.

This gentleman couldn't help but take a peek at the beautiful woman who was standing next to him. When she looked away, he flung a glance at her.

12 Eye Deception

via Pinterest

Be careful about what you believe. Although it seems that he is looking at the lady who is bending over, he could be looking at just over her head.

Determining if he is looking at her behind is difficult, so we'll let you be the judge. What adds to the appeal of the photo is that he's smiling while looking at young, attractive women.

11 Yummy

via Pinterest

She was looking at his eyes, and he was looking elsewhere. I'm not sure if this lady was smiling because of something else that happened or because she busted him looking at her cleavage, but it makes for an interesting photo.

If she smiled because she busted him, it's not deterring him from looking.

10 Watch Your Step, Lady

via Pinterest

Was he looking at her step to make sure that she did not trip or was he looking at something else? Maybe the gentleman next to him, with his smile, has given us a clue as to what happened.

Either way, the cameraman happened to take the photo at the right moment.

9 Tennis Beauty

via Reddit

When one or two men look at you, that should be a good sign that you're attractive, but when all the ball boys on the tennis court stare, that should tell you that you're gorgeous.

These guys couldn't help themselves and had to get a glimpse of one of the most desirable female tennis players.

8 Thirsty

via Share Tube

Most men will take any opportunity to sneak in a peek. When the lady turned to the camera to smile for a photo, the young man next to her saw that as the perfect opportunity to look at her chest.

Who can blame him? He seems like he had fun, and I'm sure that the lady didn't mind the attention.

7 Shocker

via St. Alberts Place

Seeing one attractive woman is enough for a man to stop what he's doing and take a look, but seeing two of them next to each makes some men drop their jaws.

When the pictured gentleman saw two attractive women being friendly with each other, his eyes almost popped out of his sockets.

6 Sneaky

via SubDivx

Don't be surprised if men take a look at what fascinates them. Fascination has no age limits, so when a Hooters waitress took a photo with a young boy, he used the opportunity to get a closer look at her.

I like that the lady on the left caught him peering at her colleague's chest and is smiling at him.

5 Woah

via Tojemasakr

Halle Berry is one of the most beautiful women in the world, so can you blame Bruce Willis for wanting to get a closer look at her? When Berry pressed her chest against Willis for a photo, he looked down and was astonished at what he saw.

Willis enjoyed the sight so much that he could not help but pull a face.

4 Interesting

via Vasi

Tennis players work hard to stay in tip-top shape, so they shouldn't be surprised to have others stare at their bodies. Serena Williams has an athletic body, which appeals to many men.

The gentleman in the photo found her body mesmerizing and took a few seconds of his time to admire her beauty.

3 Captivated

via Vibe

With fame, comes money and power. Celebrities not only have talent, wealth and looks, they also get a lot of attention from fans. The pictured lady couldn't hide her affinity for Stephen Curry.

She enjoyed the sight and so did the cameraman, so he made sure that he got a shot of her reaction.

2 My Goodness

via Viral 10

It seems like he's saying, "My goodness." When Katy Perry decided to reveal a dress that revealed her cleavage, she was aware that she would get a few looks.

Even her interviewer couldn't help himself but get a peek. Perry was smiling, and I don't doubt that the interviewer enjoyed what he saw.

1 Look At That

via Zetboards

Keeping your eye on the competition is always a good thing. Trying to see what they are up to is necessary if you want to take advantage of their weakness and stay ahead of them.

It seems that Maria had her eyes on something other than her competitor's swing.

Sources - Daily Mail

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