20 Pics Of Reality TV Stars Who Pretend To Be Rich

There are your A-list entertainers and then there are those who didn’t get into showbiz quite the same way. We’re talking about reality stars…and the term “stars” is being used loosely. While these folks are indeed famous to varying degrees, they’re not winning any Oscars anytime soon. That said, they are always fun to watch, especially as a “guilty pleasure” when nothing else is on TV.

Some of these reality TV folks are realistic about who they are and what their status is. They live life to the fullest and realize that they’ll never be the next Brad Pitt or Beyoncé. Then there is that braggadocious bunch who wants the world to think they’re the cream of the crop. They flaunt their 15 minutes of fame (some substantially more) to make us think they’re filthy rich. Sure, they’ve probably got more in the bank than the “Average Joe,” but they’re not killin’ it like Kylie.

Check out these popular faces and see if you think they’re pretending to be rich or they really are.

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20 Brandi’s No Beverly Hills Billionaire

Via: alchetron.com

Reality star Brandi Glanville is gorgeous, but she’s not nearly as loaded as her castmates from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. While Brandi does probably rake in considerable bucks, her friends from the show are much richer.

That said, most of us would be more than satisfied with whatever Brandi’s got in the bank.

19 Is Tila Making Bank Or Broke?

Via: lolwot.com

Tila Tequila is one of those reality stars that seemingly sprung up from nowhere and made a name for herself. She’s famous in a D-list sort of way, and she comes across like she thinks she’s the best thing since sliced bread. Is she a billionaire?

Far from it. But she behaves like she’s worth at least a mil.

18 Kelly Cashed In And Justin’s Jealous

Via: mcall.com

Justin Guarini didn’t win American Idol, but he did a decent job coming in a close second. Kelly Clarkson came in first, and with that, she became a mega-rich superstar. Justin is talented, but lately, he’s making a living as the goofy guy on the Dr. Pepper commercials.

The gig seems fun, but it probably wasn’t what he set out to do.

17 The Gosselin’s Marriage Fizzled And They Didn’t Become Quite So Famous

Via: toofab.com

The Gosselins had a plan when they went on TV to air all their dirty laundry. With their huge family to share with the world, these two thought they’d become rich and famous.

They must’ve made some dough from the show, but with that came divorce. So much for what they’d hoped for, but at least they got to be on TV.

16 Deena’s Not Exactly Draped In Diamonds

Via: Hollywood.com

Deena had a blast on Jersey Shore. She and her pals had far too much fun drinking and partying from morning ‘till night. Their shenanigans were shocking, but we loved to tune in to see what sort of trouble they’d find themselves in.

Deena found fame from being a hot mess on reality TV, but she didn’t exactly make the kind of money she may have hoped to.

15 Aubrey Is Still Seeking Attention

Via: njlala.com

Aubrey O’Day is a blonde bombshell, making her the perfect person to be on reality TV. She’s been in the public eye for a while, but she didn’t become the A-lister she may have set out to be.

Since she didn’t rise from the D-list, neither did her salary. Still, she flaunts her fame like she’s worth big bucks.

14 Tori And Dean Could Use A Couple Extra Dollars

Via: etonline.com

Tori and Dean have put their life on full display by deciding to be on reality TV with their ever-growing family. They’ve had their ups and downs, but today, they seem to be close and sticking by one another’s side. They have had their money issues despite Tori being the daughter to one of the richest men in the biz.

Perhaps the couple’s time on TV will last longer and they’ll rake in the cash to keep them comfortable.

13 Mama June’s No Sugar Mama

Via: oxygen.com

Mama June is a hit on reality TV and it seems like the fame has gone to her head. She still is the same lady she was before landing in the public eye, but she has given in to some of the ways of Hollywood’s elite.

Is this woman rich? More than before, but she’s no billionaire. That said if she’s having a good time, who are we to judge?

12 The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree

Via: romper.com

Honey Boo Boo has been on TV since she was small. Being on reality TV from an early age must mess with a kid’s head. She’s surely having a blast being well-known, but just like her mom, Mama June, this kid is kidding herself if she thinks she’ll be the next Britney Spears.

She can have her fun, but she should get real about her reality.

11 The Former “Teen Mom” Went The Adult Route For Fame

Via: lifeandstylemag.com

Farrah Abraham became well-known for being a teen mom. Her MTV show was a hit and she milked her motherhood for all she could. After being on MTV, the young mom decided to dabble in the “adult” industry.

Surely she made some coin by baring it all, but she didn’t rise to billionaire status by any means.

10 “Octomom” Has Too Many Mouths To Feed

Via: intouchweekly.com

Who could forget “Octomom?” This woman was a sensation when she gave birth to eight kids at once.

Plus, she already had other kids at home. Fame for this lady was a no-brainer, but her time on TV didn’t bring in the bucks that she could have used to raise her huge family.

9 Lala’s Honey Holds The Money

Via: Deadline.com

Lala Kent is popular thanks to her job on Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules. She’s a model, actress, and singer, but she’s not famous enough to be super successful.

That said, she found a fella who’s filthy rich. Now they’re engaged to be married. Seems like Lala will live the lifestyle she was born to enjoy after all.

8 “Speidi” Can’t Spare Much

Via: insider.com

Spencer and Heidi have been together for a long time. Collectively known as “Speidi,” these two have been in the public eye for a variety of reasons. They come across as though they are a couple of the century, but these two flaunt their fame as if they are the best in the biz.

They may have more money than the folks next door, but they act like they’re living in the laps of luxury.

7 Could Kendra Use Some Cash?

Via: tvseriesfinale.com

Kendra used to be one of Hef’s Playboy girlfriends, but that relationship ran its course and she married her true love. Their relationship revealed itself on reality TV, and all their dirty laundry was exposed for the world to see.

She also went on TV to deal with a world of issues with her mom. Kendra may be well-known, but is she as well-off as she wants us to believe?

6 Did Snooki Save Her Jersey Shore Paychecks?

Via: businessinsider.com

Snooki found fame on MTV’s Jersey Shore. Her antics were extraordinary and her drunkenness was a train wreck fans couldn’t help but watch. The show helped her reach a certain level of success, but this gal isn’t exactly able to afford the finest things in life.

She’s living comfortably, but she may give off the vibe that she’s super-rich. Maybe one day, she’ll be.

5 Is Rob Raking It In?

Via: etonline.com

Rob Kardashian is part of one of America’s most famous families, but he’s not bringing in the bucks like his super successful sisters. Sure, he has that sock line, but that’s nothing compared to what his sisters have achieved.

Since his family is so loaded, he’s set for life, but without their billions, would he have much in the bank?

4 Gretchen Thinks She’s Made Of Gold

Via: gossipdavid.com

Gretchen Rossi found fame on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Orange County. She’s a blonde beauty who surely made decent dollars by being on the popular reality TV show. She always looks put together and flaunts her figure, but do her looks match her level of success?

Sure, she’s obviously got some dough, but she seems to give us the signal that she’s set for life.

3 Jax Has Trouble With The Truth

Via: twitter.com

Jax Taylor is a famous fella thanks to his role on TV’s Vanderpump Rules. He is best known for his bad-boy behavior, and his antics have landed him in some deep trouble over the seasons. He has tried to clean up his act, and recently married the love of his life.

Is he rich? Kinda. But his career could have probably been more lucrative if he didn’t lie all the time.

2 James’ Bad Behavior Lost Him Big Bucks

Via: theoutline.com

James Kennedy is another dude from Vanderpump Rules. He’s a DJ who is talented and sought after. He was working for Lisa Vanderpump, but since he was such a mess, he got fired for his hot temper and poor attitude. He’s making money doing what he loves, but he’s no Lisa Vanderpump.

Perhaps if he can clean up his offensive behavior, he’d be back in Lisa’s good graces and make some more loot. She’s certainly got plenty to spare and share.

1 “The Sitch” Ain’t All That Rich

Via: perthnow.com.au

Mike “The Situation” is currently in the slammer. While he may not be living off pennies, he’s certainly not moving to Park Avenue once he gets out.

He acts like he’s loaded, but perhaps he’s just putting on an act. Let’s see if he’s humbler once he is back home.

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