19 Pics Of Rednecks...Doing Redneck Things

These are 19 good old fashioned rednecks doing redneck things.

Rednecks usually get a bad rep as being dumb and uneducated, but it’s a reputation that is often misguided. Many of them might lack formal education, but they more than make up for it with ingenious ideas. Your common redneck is more able-minded than most college graduates, and could probably outlive them in a zombie apocalypse, no questions asked. They have the firearms, the trucks, and the heavy machinery, after all.

The bottom line is that rednecks are great at building unique things from seemingly normal items. They know how to string together common appliances to make something that is more than the sum of its parts.

Here we have 19 rednecks that have transformed their everyday household objects, their trucks, and more, into some truly spectacular items. These are 19 good old fashioned rednecks doing redneck things.

19 Truck Bed Jacuzzi

via YouTube/Rated Red

This actually seems to be a pretty common occurrence in places where rednecks are rampant. First off, most rednecks own trucks of some kind but don’t have pools in their backyard. So, it only seems logical to build a hot tub during winter seasons, or a pool to cool off during summer, in the bed of the truck.

All it takes is a little tarp, a water source, and some friends, and you have yourself an old fashioned party.

18 Redneck Tubing

via 220

Inner tubing is usually done on a lake, with a donut floaty of some kind being pulled by a speedboat, but it doesn’t have to be that way. During a particularly flooded season, these creative rednecks decided to take to the streets to do their tubing.

It looks like the guy being pulled is on top of a seat cushion of some kind, which might get a bit waterlogged, but it still looks fun.

17 Redneck Porch Swing

via Imgur

Like we’ve already said, most rednecks own trucks. Many of them own huge, lifted trucks that are completely unnecessary but have certain aspects that lend themselves to the redneck lifestyle.

For instance, this guy has managed to turn the gate of his truck bed into a nice looking porch swing, to relax on during campouts and other festivities.

16 Redneck Grilling

via Urban Gardens Web

There are many ways to do redneck grilling, such as grilling on the hood of your car from the heat of your engine or using a shopping cart to toast the kindling, as seen here.

Even though the shopping cart might get a little roasted and blackened, it was probably stolen anyway, so we’re guessing the rednecks don’t care too much about that, as long as the end result is a good-tasting burger or BBQ.

15 Mud Diving

via Wide Open Country

This fellow is the epitome of a redneck, with his underbite eating up the rest of his mouth, his crazy eyes, and shirtless suspenders. He’s taken photos in front of all sorts of redneck activities, such as the one going on behind him: a group of rednecks-in-training doing a little mud diving.

This is something that could only come about from the ingenuity of a redneck, after a hard rain.

14 Cherry Picker Hedge Trimming

via Reddit

You can’t deny that rednecks are some pretty ingenious people. They are the MacGyvers of the real world, turning everyday items into extraordinary things.

Here we see a redneck who is trimming some of his high hedges, but he’s using a lawnmower. And how did he get up to those hedges? By being hoisted up by a cherry picker/construction vehicle, of course!

13 Shovel Truck Tree Trimming

via Lloyds Cottages

We all know that shovel trucks are useful to dig holes and move dirt from one area to another, but did you know that they can be used as people-lifting devices? Here we have a redneck who wanted to shave some of the limbs of a tree on this lake, but he couldn’t reach the high branches.

So he got in his shovel truck and lifted himself about 10 feet off the ground to do it.

12 The Most Redneck Wedding Of All Time

via Cheezburger

You won’t see a more hillbilly redneck wedding than this one. The longer you stare at this picture, the better it gets. First off, they’re on a lifted truck with monster truck wheels and a suspension that puts the frame about 10 feet off the ground.

The ceremony is held in the bed of the truck, complete with an altar, and the whole congregation takes place on a mud bank! This picture just screams “’Murica.”

11 Redneck Hot Tub Grilling

via Cheezburger

As we said in the other grilling post, there are many ways to skin a cat. This right here is a culmination of different redneck ideas: the backyard pool (where is that hose coming from?), the floatable grill that’s holding beverages and is double-layered for the coal and fire, and of course the delicious-looking BBQ.

We can’t think of a better way to spend a summer afternoon, honestly.

10 Lifted Trailer

via Cheezburger

Is there such a thing as taking it too far? Probably. But the owner of the Western R.V. Country doesn’t give a hoot. Not only is her truck’s wheels as tall as she is, which makes the top of her truck about 15 feet tall—but she’s also accommodated her lifted truck by lifting the wheels on the trailer, too!

It makes sense, to keep things level and balanced, but it’s still completely unnecessary. That’s what makes it awesome.

9 Pin The Tooth On The Redneck

via Cheezburger

We’ve all heard of “Pin the Tail on the Donkey,” a popular kid’s game that involves a blindfold and a donkey’s butt. But the rednecks have created their own version of the game that is slightly more adult and offensive—but playfully offensive.

“Pin the Tooth on the Redneck” has the same concept, but instead of a donkey’s butt, you have a toothless, confederate-flag-hat-wearing redneck.

8 Redneck Toilet

via Cheezburger

Isn’t Mother Nature beautiful? If there is anything that rednecks love more than trucks, it’s camping. And when you’re camping and nature inevitably comes calling, instead of doing your duty in a hole in the ground, you have this luxurious bucket attached to the bed of this truck.

There’s even a roll of TP for you. It’s a bit disgusting, imagining clearing that bucket out every day, but whatever gets the job done!

7 Toilet Cooler

via Cheezburger

It seems there are many ways to incorporate toilets into the redneck lifestyle—other than their intended use. For instance, these two lovely ladies have transformed this toilet into a beer cooler.

Imagine these girls arriving at your party with a toilet in their arms, and when they lift the toilet seat, voila—ice-cold beer. We just hope there isn’t any leftover toilet water in there!

6 Toiletshoes

via Cheezburger

To finish up our trifecta of toilets being used in strange places, we have this group of fun-loving rednecks who have decided to play a little game of horseshoes. But instead of using horseshoes, they use toilet seats—which, ironically, are shaped almost exactly the same as a horseshoe.

They are quite a bit wider, though, which seems like it would give the thrower an unfair advantage…

5 Redneck Doorbell

via Cheezburger

This redneck doorbell is a little bit of playful fun, and hopefully, it’s not actually in use, because we’re pretty sure some hapless soul would use it at some point. The “doorbell” consists of a rat trap, it looks like, with a button in the middle.

The goal, of course, is to push the button, the trap snaps on your finger, you scream, and the rednecks at home hear you and laugh at your pain.

4 Lifted Boat Trailer

via Cheezburger

Rednecks love monster trucks, and they love tires that are as big as boulders. Here we have a boat that is way up in the air thanks to some rusty monster truck tires—and honestly, this could be a monster truck if it weren’t for the boat frame.

This doesn’t seem like a bad idea when you imagine how far this truck could go into the water before you unleash the boat.

3 Redneck Stunt Jump

via YouTube/BeRAD2

We’re not really sure what the point of this Jeep stunt jump is, but we do know that the guy or girl is getting some wicked air.

We also don’t know why there’s a giant rubber ducky with sunglasses strapped to the top of the car—maybe they hope it lifts them up and gives them more air? All we know is that it’s a hilarious picture.

2 Redneck Fireworks

via National Geographic

Okay, we lied, we’re not finished with the toilets. Rednecks are red-blooded Americans, and as such, they love the 4th of July, the 2nd Amendment, and fireworks—probably more than life itself.

This seems like an exceedingly dangerous way to launch your fireworks if that’s even what that bazooka looking thing is supposed to be. And does the toilet seat add stability? Only the redneck engineers will ever truly know.

1 Redneck Rafting

via Pinterest

Living on a lake is super fun if you own a boat or jet ski or something that can get you into the water (and away from crocodiles and alligators if you run into one).

This beach chair on top of a couple of two-by-fours doesn’t seem like the safest or most stable raft, but this redneck seems pretty pleased with it!

References: wideopencountry.com, cheezburger.com, pinterest.com

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