20 Pics Of The Jonas Brothers' Wives You Don't Want To Miss

The Jonas Brothers are all hitched, with each fella married to a gorgeous gal. They are all settled down and seemingly happy, with female fans from far and wide realizing their dreams of landing a “Jo Bro” will never come true. Time for those gals to find some new boy banders to drool over.

The women who snagged the musical sex symbols are smokin’ hot themselves, and their appeal only got greater when they became a Mrs. Jonas. Two of the ladies are famous in their own right, but the other “regular” one is a celeb by association. Perhaps she took the longest to get used to the hoopla, but now the craze is her norm.

Check out these 20 pics of the Jonas Brothers’ women that are just wonderful. These ladies are lovely, and the brothers are lucky to call them their wives. May their marriages stand the test of time…and we don’t mean by Hollywood standards.

20 Priyanka Is Always Pretty

Via: allure.com

Priyanka Chopra is an alluring actress with lots of work under her belt. She is a stunner on screen, and her acting talents are as impressive as her unique beauty. Her Jo Bro is one envied guy, as men from all over the world think Priyanka is a goddess. Her photo is proof.

19 Fan Fun

Via: today.com

Sophie Turner is a blond beauty who is killing it in her career. She’s doing well with her work and her relationship. Here she’s giving fans a taste of fame by posing for selfies and signing autographs. Her man must move over when she’s by his side, as people want to see how pretty she is in person. He’s not the only one who folks go crazy for.

18 Super Slit

Via: brojos.tumblr.com

Danielle Jonas is posing with her hubby Kevin, and these cuties have been married the longest of the bunch. Danielle isn’t in the biz herself, but she supports her man and gets to do all the celeb things the average person could only dream of doing. She looks like a superstar herself in this leg-baring sequined gown.

17 Lots Of Leg

Via: people.com

Looks like blazers are in this season, but pants are apparently out of style. Good thing for these gals, as their legs are long and lean. Their hubbies must think their wives are hot, and fans from far and wide agree wholeheartedly. Let’s hope the weather stays nice so the ladies can sport this look for another season.

16 Home For The Holidays

Via: danielle-jonas-instagram.jalenberningrealty.com

Danielle is all cozied up at home on a winter night. She is ready to celebrate the season with a decked-out Christmas tree and other wintry decorations. Her soft grey sweater looks chic, and her demeanor seems subdued. This holiday is sure to be a hit in the Jonas household.

15 The Three Amigos

Via: usmagazine.com

It’s nice to see that all three wives of the Jo Bros get along. There could have been a major issue if they didn’t care for one another, so thankfully that’s a plus for the family. These gals are each gorgeous in their own way, and it seems like each brother has his own particular “type.”

14 The Water’s Fine

Via: mamidiblog.com

Splashing around in the summer is super refreshing, and Priyanka is making the water look especially tempting. Her bikini is cute and her shades are stylish. She must be on vacation or taking a little time off. Being married to a Jonas Brother has its perks, but this gal surely did lots of extravagant things before she even knew her now-husband.

13 Sisters-In-Law Looking Lovely

Via: accessonline.com

Priyanka and Sophie are dressed to thrill in gorgeous gowns that make a statement. Both look ravishing, and their hubbies surely can’t stop staring. Imagine if the Jonas Brothers never became famous. Would they still have met these stunning women? Most would argue that they’d probably never have crossed paths.

12 A Stunning Selfie

Via: fashionmagazine.com

So many of us take selfies, but somehow ours don’t turn out as amazing as Priyanka’s. She’s a true beauty that has a special look lots of people love. Her man must enjoy waking up to that gorgeous face every day, and he gets to do it for many more tomorrows.

11 Dressed To Delight

Via: gotceleb.com

Danielle is looking lovely in her two-piece gown. The style is unique and fits her figure just right. She’s gotten used to posing for photos, something she probably thought she’d never do so much of when she was growing up. Now that she’s the wife of a celeb, her nights out are extra special.

10 Fun With Family

Via: indianexpress.com

The gals are getting ready to take off in what looks like a private jet. Traveling in style is something anyone can get used to, and these ladies are loving every moment of it. Perhaps they’re all headed to a concert starring their hunky husbands. The crowds will go wild when they see the three of them together in the front row.

9 Sophie Rocking Red Hair

Via: gq.com

Sophie usually rocks a blonde look, but as a redhead, she’s even more ravishing. The curls are cute and the color is beautiful. We wonder if her hubby prefers her as a blonde. He’d be silly to choose one over the other, as both shades are stunning. Sophie could be bald and still be the prettiest person in the room.

8 Her Time To Shine

Via: standard.co.uk

Priyanka is the star of the show as she looks over her shoulder and gives the photographers a smile. As an actress, she has attended many events where there’s lots of action and attention coming at her. She handles the chaos with confidence, and her fans appreciate her ability to do so.

7 Serious Snacking

Via: sugarfactory.com

Someone’s got a serious sweet tooth! Danielle digs into an ice cream sundae that is sure to spike her blood sugar level through the roof. Let’s hope she’s planning on sharing that bowl with a bunch of other people, otherwise, she’ll go home with a big bellyache. Sure looks delicious though.

6 Three Beauties

Via: in.com

Each Jo Bro wife is a vision, and they all have unique qualities that make them shine. Those guys surely hit the jackpot when they found their soulmates, and these gals are just as lucky to be with the men. Family get-togethers must be fun when there are so many good-looking ladies to admire. As long as there’s no “creepy uncle” eyeing them, Thanksgiving won’t be awkward.

5 A Tall Order

Via: thesun.co.uk

The statuesque Sophie stands tall as she poses in a prime location. Her mini dress is adorable and shows off her fab figure. She’s gorgeous enough to be a model, but her passion lies in acting. When her hubby catches a glimpse of his goddess, he surely thanks his lucky stars that she’s all his to have and to hold.

4 Daringly Dazzling

Via: digitalspy.com

Sophie is stunning in a plunging dress with dazzling details. Her hair and makeup look special, with a smoky eye that really pops in pictures. As an actress, she is admired by many fans who not only love her work but the woman that she is. Her beauty is the cherry on top.

3 Fun With Fringe

Via: thesun.co.uk

Priyanka is a fashion statement come to life. Her amazing dress is super stylish, and she walks down the street like it’s her own personal catwalk. Her head-to-toe look is perfection, and any designer who gets to see their clothes on her body must pinch themselves in disbelief. This gal has superstar written all over her.

2 Cool And Casual

Via: brit.co

Sophie is playing it cool in a T-shirt and blue jeans. She’s often dressed up for special events, but when she’s simply chilling and relaxing, a basic outfit suits her style. No matter what this woman wears, she looks amazing. Some may say it’s unfair, but she just can’t help it.

1 Beach Beauty

Via: hdwallsource.com

Life’s a beach for this beauty. As the sun shines down on Priyanka’s skin, she glows like the golden goddess she already is. Days at the beach are always a blast, but when this babe’s there, others nearby are in awe of her attractiveness. Wherever she is, the temperature seems to rise.

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