20 Pics Of The Stallone Sisters That'll Make Sylvester Go Rambo

If there is one man in this world that we would not want to mess with, it is Rocky Balboa IRL. Sylvester Stallone, who has incredible genes, is a dad to three drop-dead gorgeous daughters; Sophia, 22, Sistine, 21, and Scarlet, 17.

With the good looks of both their mother and father, these three are quite the handful. His little girls are all grown-up and are professional models who have a thing for flaunting their incredible looks. The two eldest are the type who do not mind rocking their bikini bods and showing them off, too. The daughters of the movie star are certainly living their best lives, and we’re sure Stallone could not be prouder of them, but what does he really feel about his beautiful daughters who all look alike? They are all rays of sunshine, but there are sizzling hot photos of his girls he rather keep on the downlow. Check them out!

20 If We Were Those Guys, We’d Be Careful

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Stallone’s daughters are having a blast soaking up the sun on a family vacation, but who invited these two dudes? Vacationing in Croatia, Stallone brought other family members along with them, so the two guys may be family.

Either way, we would not want to get close to these two beauties.

19 Daddy’s Not-So-Little Scar

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Scar is the youngest of the beautiful trio, but she has desirable looks. At only 17 years old, she has already grown into a stunning young lady, and this photo is proof. She is the last of the three sisters to sign a modeling contract, and her natural beauty that shows in this photo is obvious why.

Poor Stallone, his baby is all grown up.

18 Sistine Is Going To Make Men Go To The Sistine Chapel

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We do not know how tall she is but look at her legs for days! Since Stallone’s daughters are models, pictures like these are a must for the ‘gram.

However, he surely does not want to see Sistine show off such envy-worthy bikini photos. We’re sure some men would sin for Sistine.

17 Sistine Is Of Legal Age Now

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Stallone always gushes over his children and does not hesitate to post photos with his three remarkably beautiful daughters. Now that they are all grown up though, their stunning looks are undeniable.

Sistine, who is now 21, certainly stole the spotlight with her backless skin-tight dress. Looking older than her age, our eyes are glued to this angelic photo of the birthday girl.

16 Double Trouble

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No, your eyes are not seeing double; these are two of the A-lister’s daughters side-by-side. The two oldest sisters are making us feel some serious cowboy vibes, and we’re just about ready to yelp a, “yeehaw!”

With revealing laced-up corset tops and itsy-bitsy bottoms, Balboa would probably put up a fight.

15 Sylvester Does Not Approve

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Sistine, please marry us. Stallone will surely make it tough on the man who wants to wifey this magnificent beauty with a killer bod.

Although we have a fever just looking at this photo of Sistine in nothing but a bikini top and bottom and wet locks, Stallone would go Rambo times 100.

14 Ouch, Sistine

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Alright, we know Sistine is a model and all, but she’s like a weapon; she shot us straight through our hearts with this photo.

Channeling some serious retro vibes with her crop top and high-waist bikini bottom, it looks like a photo we’d see as the centerfold in a magazine. Plus, her pose and stare are hypnotizing, and we know it’s intentional.

13 We’d Get In The Ring For Them

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Both Sistine and Sophia know how to display what their mama gave them – yes, they got it all. These natural beauties have got it going on, so why would they hide it?

They can clearly pull off just about any outfit and look dangerously hot while doing so. There’s too much going on in this photo for us to handle.

12 We Need To Hydrate, Too

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Although Stallone is proud of his girls, he must remember that they are women now. Sophia has an envious figure and all the curves of a real woman – plus a flat tummy.

Looking like a Coca-Cola bottle, Sophia made someone take a photo of herself drinking, but we’re the ones who need some water after drooling too much.

11 Sophia Is Bae-Watch

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If there is a Baywatch series reprisal, we want to see Sophia Stallone play the role of Pamela Anderson, whether papa Stallone approves or not.

Let us be honest, if she were our daughter and we saw this photo, we would not want the world to see her bouncing around on the beach. She clearly knows she’s got it while slicking her wet hair back.

10 Sylvester, Close Your Eyes

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Long legs, a tiny waist and a flat and toned stomach – that is an irresistible woman! Men do not go too bonkers, that is Sylvester Stallone’s daughter.

All his daughters are gorgeous, but Sophia looks like her own type of goddess while donning a bronze swimsuit. She’s also got the body of a goddess so…

9 Sophia Will Be The Death Of Us

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Holy smokes! Sophia, whatever it is you’re doing, please stop. We want to thank Stallone and his model wife, Jennifer Flavin, for making such a flawless beauty, but we cannot handle her anymore.

Before we see anymore photos of Sophia in a bikini, we want a warning. Now we know why her hunky dad would be so overprotective.

8 Is Sistine A Model?

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We highly doubt that Stallone would give his daughter, Sistine, permission to post such a sultry photo of herself. Not only does she look absolutely stunning with her bed hair look, but she is posing in just an oversized T-shirt.

Yes, you got that right, she opted for no bottom for this photo. We’re pretty sure we know how Stallone feels about this.

7 Can Sistine Be Our Secretary?

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We know what men think and picture when they see a woman with glasses on, and so does father Stallone. Excuse us while we catch our breath, we just pictured Sistine as our secretary and/or librarian.

With her messy hair and red pout, we’re certain Sylvester would go full-on Rambo with whoever approaches his Sistine.

6 We Are Not Paying Attention To The Cat

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We could make various puns about this photo, but the last thing we want is to get the Hollywood heavyweight enraged. It is safe to say that we are not paying attention to that cat that looks as adorable as Garfield.

What we really want to know is where Sistine puts all the tacos that she eats? We could not pinch one centimeter of fat on the model.

5 Scarlet Isn’t Even 18

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Although Scarlet is still a minor, she looks much older, like her sisters do. Would Stallone approve of his stunning daughter posting photos of herself in a bikini as she is underage?

Probably not, but she does it either way. We do not blame her for wanting to put on display her natural and zestful beauty.

4 Sylvester, Hide Your Daughters

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If we were on the same boat as the blonde beauty, we would fall overboard. And as Sophia is on the ledge, probably preparing to jump into the ocean, we’d dive in for her, too.

It would be a privilege for us to witness this natural beauty up-close, and we would not be distracted by the picturesque view behind her.

3 We Have No Words

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To the right is someone who has committed an illegal crime; yes, Sophia forgot her clothes at home. We are not so sure that her dad would have let her walk out of the house looking like that, but she did and we’re totally digging it.

We know that all single men would want to wifey her up after seeing this, and dad Stallone knows that, too.

2 We Are Team USA

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God bless ‘Merica! If you were not vouching for Team USA before, we are undoubtedly sure that you are now. Looking like a snack in a one-piece bathing suit, Sistine does not need to wear a bikini to look sultry.

With a beautiful pair of legs, and repping some Ralph Lauren, Sistine will forever be on our minds because of this photo.

1 Sistine Is One Of A Kind (Along With Her Sisters)

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We’re just going to go wash our eyes with soap and water right now! Sorry, Stallone, we don’t want to say this, but your daughter, Sistine, is one hot tamale. It could be -20 degrees, and she would immediately turn up the temperature.

We know that since she is a model, she will have alluring photos like these, but we are almost too scared to look.

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