18 Pics Of Trucker Girls Every Guy Needs To See

It is always amazing to see a woman with a great appreciation for heavy duty trucks. There is no question that many individuals in the automobile world seem to neglect the fact that women can also be huge fans of trucks. It is honestly kind of understandable, as most advertisements with this type of vehicle tend to lean towards men. However, there are plenty of women who love to use their trucks in working conditions, so these type of vehicles are the best for them. Big rigs, however, clearly are the best when it comes to this.

With all that has been stated thus far, in this article, we will be looking at 18 pics of trucker girls that every guy needs to see. It is important to note that we will be looking at a number of different trucks. However, it is clear that all of these trucks are definitely, at a minimum, heavy duty. That is why it is fair to refer to these women as trucker girls. It is clear that they are enamored by the strongest of vehicles, and that absolutely deserves praise. This is finally their time to get it.

Now, let's look at these pictures!

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18 Power Move

via Yukle Mobi

Everything about this photo screams power. There is no question that the truck in the background clearly has a very high amount of skill when it comes to its usage in working conditions. However, the woman in the photo looks just as tough, and we like that a lot.

This honestly is a perfect example of a great photo when it comes to the automobile world. The color patterns that are seen with both the truck and the woman's outfit works out perfectly as well. At the end of the day, it is clearly everything us car enthusiasts love in one picture.

17 Gotta Love Black

via Pinterest

Well, this woman definitely loves the color black. It not only is shown by her outfit, but also by the color of her absolutely breathtaking big rig. Black is definitely a great color for a vehicle to pull off, and while looking at this photo, it is clear that this is absolutely a fact.

To be quite honest, the woman that was chosen for this photo also was the right choice. Her hair color goes very nicely with the truck, as well as her outfit. This is the type of photo that us car enthusiasts love entirely, as it is a perfect combination of a great looking girl and a fantastic big rig.

16 Strike A Pose

via Pinterest

There truly nothing is better than beautiful women and a nice big rig. This photo is a clear example of why this happens to be the case. The mix of their great looks and the amazing style of this truck definitely works out perfectly, which is why it clearly deserves praise.

This is the type of photo that would work absolutely amazingly when it comes to advertising. Big rigs are always going to be a very big favorite of ours, but when women are involved with them like in this photo, it is truly an absolute beauty for the automobile world.

15 Praise Big Rigs

via Pinterest

In this photo, it is clear that this woman loves big rigs. I mean, how could she not? These trucks easily pack the most amount of power out of all vehicles in the automobile world. However, to make matters even better, this specific truck is an absolute beauty when it comes to its style.

Without much surprise, the woman in the photo also can be deemed as gorgeous. This definitely is a stellar combination, and it is exactly why we are absolutely enamored by this picture. At the end of the day, this is what all of us car enthusiasts want in our lives.

14 Two Friends And Their Truck

via FivePrime

This photo is a great one because it shows two friends and their big rig. This definitely is a great picture because it shows the beauty of the automobile world in a nutshell. Friendships can be formed through the types of vehicles we mutually enjoy and that is fantastic.

This is also a great photo because of the fact that it is quite clear that this truck is a very solid one. The women in the photo also add a great deal of aesthetic to the picture, as they clearly are both very attractive individuals. At the end of the day, this is just another masterpiece photo.

13 Very Candid

via Wordpress

This photo should be praised for how simplistic it is. This definitely is not meant to be an insult, as it honestly is what makes it seem to be at an elite level. The woman in the picture is clearly very pretty, but her flannel combined with the retro heavy duty truck definitely works out nicely.

This honestly is why this photo definitely deserves a spot on this list. It is clear that this woman is great looking, but she also is a big fan of trucks. This is definitely something that us car enthusiasts will forever respect when we see it.

12 Nothing But Smiles

via Pinterest

There is no question that owning a giant truck is a wonderful experience. Although they do not pick up the same speed as other types of cars, it is clear that they absolutely possess the most amount of power. The woman in this photo clearly is very grateful to have her big rig.

In all honesty, this photo is such a solid one because of the immense amount of happiness that this individual has. That definitely is quite admirable to witness, and it shows that Scania is an outstanding automobile manufacturer. At the end of the day, this is just the definition of a complete photo.

11 The Dream

via Tops Images

With spring finally arriving, this is the type of photo we all need in our lives. This old truck definitely appears to have a lot left in the tank, even if it is a bit used up. In fact, this element of the truck makes it even better. The woman driving it is very lucky.

With the windows down, this just looks like it would be amazing to drive. There is no question that all of us car lovers have a soft spot when it comes to older pickup trucks. It tends to bring people back to a simpler time, and this is something we all are yearning for today.

10 Absolute Fire


Yes, another old truck. This is a classic Chevy, and there is no question that this is one of the pickups that helped carry them to the top of the automobile world. In fact, they have yet to fall down from their prominent standing. This picture is just a clear example of this.

There is no better combination than a vintage Chevy truck and beautiful woman. The nature element of this photo provides it with even more value, so this is one that definitely deserves credit. At the end of the day, who wouldn't want to drive that amazing pickup?

9 Breathtaking

via Pinterest

The matching green that is seen with this gorgeous woman and equally as beautiful big rig is a masterpiece. This photo is seriously one of the best ones that we have seen in the automobile world. There is no question that it easily would be an excellent photo for selling trucks.

At the end of the day, this definitely is a picture that deserves all of the praise in the world. It is clear that the woman in this photo was aware of the fashion side of things, as well as the importance of this big rig. Without question, this is the type of photo that we need to see more of.

8 Spectacular Studebaker

via Goodfon

Studebaker trucks had a short life cycle on the primary market, but they were instant successes during the 1950s. Due to this clear fact, these are pickups that many car collectors are actively aiming to add to their garages on a consistent basis.

In terms of this photo, this truly is a top notch one. The woman in it is very pretty, and the truck itself has been remodeled in a fantastic manner. At the end of the day, if Studebaker was still active in making pickups, this would have been a great picture for them to use for their marketing.

7 Snow? No Problem!

via Diesel Tech Magazine

Without question, it is quite apparent that this pickup truck has absolutely no trouble when it comes to driving in the snow. This is what people attracted to buying pickups in the first place. They truly are some of the most dependable vehicles one can buy.

This photo definitely is a solid one because it not only depicts this, but also the true hard-working women who also drive pickups. Many people think that pickups are primarily driven by men, but this is not necessarily the case. With the power they have in snow, it should be universal.

6 Nothing Beats Chevrolet

via 4Archive

This is a fantastic photo, as it perfectly depicts the old-fashioned era of the automobile world. That is one of the coolest Chevy trucks one can collect, and of course, it had a major role in the evolution of the car manufacturer as a whole. Realistically, who wouldn't want one?

This photo deserves a ton of credit because the women fit the mood of the truck as well. This definitely is what makes this photo such a strong one. It has a bit of a greaser element, and that definitely was the right way to go for this picture. Overall, this is top notch.

5 Taking It For A Drive

via Twitter

In this photo, we see an everyday woman driving a big rig. It is quite clear that this type of vehicle takes a lot of practice to master, but she put in the effort to reach this level of success. It is honestly quite inspiring and should make others want to give it a try too.

In all honesty, it is hard to find a photo that is more genuine than this one. It honestly is why us car enthusiasts absolutely are enamored by it. It would be awesome to see more woman drive big rigs on the streets, as they truly are some of the most enjoyable vehicles out there.

4 Two Great Big Rigs

via YouTube

The two big rigs in this photo are absolutely glorious, but the fact that it also has a woman who loves trucks makes it even better. There is no question that these trucks definitely were built to get the job done, and that always seems to be the case with these working vehicles.

However, it is always better when photos have a truck lover in it too. With all of this being stated, it is quite clear that this photo deserves an abundance of praise. It is apparent that it has everything that us car enthusiasts love, so it easily warrants a spot on this list.

3 Look At All That Power

via Pinterest

From this photo, it is quite clear that this big rig comes with an abundance of power. It is such an intriguing contrast to the woman in the photo, as it is clear that she is more on the side of elegance. Regardless, this is what makes the picture work out so nicely.

One has to admire how this beautiful woman is rocking a great outfit. It definitely look cool with the fact that this truck is an absolute treasure as well. There is no question that woman and big rigs always look great together, and this is just more evidence of this clear fact.

2 Going To Work

via YouTube

This is truly a fantastic photo. It is clear that the woman that was chosen for it is a very beautiful individual, but the big tow she is in also needs to be praised. This honestly was just the perfect combination and us car enthusiasts cannot help but love it.

The big rig definitely packs an abundance of power, and that is why we would love to give it a drive. However, the driver that is driving in this big rig makes us even more intrigued by the photo. At the end of the day, it is clear that this is an individual who very well could be heading to work.

1 Fantastic Heavy Duty Ford

via Golden Motors

There is no question that the Ford F-Series is easily one of the most popular ones to ever make it to the automobile world. This makes a lot of sense, as these pickups have constantly been built in a very solid fashion, while having a high amount of towing strength.

With this being a truck and this photo being very aesthetically pleasing, it definitely is one that is worth looking at. Her all black outfit goes quite nicely with this pickup being white. At the end of the day, this definitely helps the car manufacturer's case with selling these.

Sources: Pinterest, USA Today, FivePrime

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