15 Pics Of What The Hannah Montana Cast Looks Like Today

What was essentially a TV show about a pop music superhero in disguise, Hannah Montana aired on TV from 2006 to 2011. It was arguably the most popular show on the Disney Channel’s history.

Hannah Montana was a role model kids could look up to. She always put friends first, even before her career, and taught important lessons about difficult decisions and loyalty.

Miley Cyrus went through an evolution following the show and moved on from her squeaky clean image. The cast has changed a lot too since the show aired, making it all feel like it was on air a lot longer ago.

Cyrus isn’t the only musical artist to get a bad reputation though. Be sure to also check out 20 shady things Justin Bieber has done that Hailey doesn’t want us to know. Catch up with the cast of Hannah Montana below with photos of stars today.

15 Tammin Sursok

via sitcomsonline.com; Who Magazine

Tammin Sursok guest-starred in season 4 of the show as Siena. She was Jackson Stewart’s girlfriend. She also landed another hit TV show and starred in Pretty Little Liars as Jenna Marshall.

She’s been vocal and open on social media about her past struggles with an eating disorder and seeks to be a support for others going through the same (who.com.au).

14 Emily Osment

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Lily was a sidekick worthy of Hannah Montana. She discovered Hannah Montana's secret identity after doing a little detective work of her own following one of Hannah’s concerts.

Since the show ended, Emily Osment—who played Lily—has been busy acting in other movies from Spy Kids to Christmas Wonderland for Hallmark.

13 Billy Ray Cyrus

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Before Hannah Montana, Billy Ray Cyrus was an established singer and songwriter. He plays Hannah Montana's single dad on the show. Lately, he’s been riding another wave of popularity thanks to his collaboration with Lil Nas X on the song “Old Town Road.”

Both his daughters Miley and Noah were in the show (Hello Beautiful).

12 Moises Arias

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Moises Arias has been busy since his turn as Rico Suave Jr. on Hannah Montana. He’s had roles in films such as Despicable Me 2, Ender’s Game and The Kings of Summer.

Before Hannah Montana, he even had a role in Nacho Libre. Fans of the show will find it hard to accept he's already 25-years-old today (IMDb).

11 Noah Cyrus

via Reddit user Baz2002

Noah Cyrus was in her older sister’s shadow over the course of her time on Hannah Montana. Although she only appeared in a few episodes, astute viewers will spot her throughout the series playing minor roles.

Today, she’s more focused on her music career than she is acting and signed with a record label in 2016 (All Music).

10 Anna Maria Perez de Tagle

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As with any show, there has to be villain, which came in the form of two girls in Hannah Montana. One of them was Ashley Dewitt, played by Anna Maria Perez de Tagle. When she’s not acting, she’s busy making videos on YouTube.

Her channel is Anna’s Beauty Secrets where she gives tips on putting on makeup and costume ideas.

9 Jason Earles

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Miley’s older brother on the show, Jackson Stewart, is already 42-years-old and married. According to Us Magazine, Jason Earles got married in California back in 2017 to Katie Drysen.

A few of his costars from Hannah Montana even got to attend the wedding, such as Emily Osment and Moises Arias.

8 Romi Dames

via Twitter user @TheRomiDames; MTV.com

Miley didn’t always have the best of friends around. Romi Dames played Traci Van Horn, who was more snotty. She’s best known for her unique voice on the show, which Dames addressed a few years back on her Twitter account. “So the number question I’m always asked is, ‘Do you really have a nasal congestion?’”

She cleared the air once and for all by admitting she does not.

7 Cody Linley

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Lots of viewers developed a crush on Cody Linley over the course of Hannah Montana. He played Jake Ryan, who all the girls love—except for Miley. That intrigues him, however, and leads him to have feelings for the pop star.

Since his time in the show, Linley starred in two Sharknado movies (IMDb).

6 Morgan York

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Films like Cheaper by the Dozen and The Pacifier gave Morgan York the impressive resume she needed to land a role in Hannah Montana. Yet by the time the show had ended, she stopped acting altogether.

It looks as if she’s walked away from acting since she hasn’t been in anything since. On the show, she played “Saint” Sarah.

5 Drew Roy

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Drew Roy played the role of Jesse, who eventually finds out that Miley is Hannah Montana. He doesn’t conform to the norm and has something of a bad boy image in the show.

Roy has had roles in movies such as The Secretariat and was in the TNT show Falling Skies (IMDb).

4 Shanica Knowles

via celebmafia; BuzzFeed

The other mean girl on the show was Amber Addison, played by Shanica Knowles. Part of what made her character funny was that she was such a huge Hannah Montana fan.

Her career hasn’t quite reached the same heights as Hannah Montana, but she's staying busy acting in TV movies and The Young and the Restless.

3 Mitchel Musso

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Mitchel Musso played Oliver Oken, a friend of Miley’s and eventual boyfriend to Lily. According to DailyFeed, he got in trouble for driving after downing too many drinks, which led Disney to end his role in the TV series Pair of Kings.

He was also in the movie Secondhand Lions (IMDb).

2 Miley Cyrus

via Vanity Fair

Out of the entire cast of Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus benefitted from the show’s success the most. She’s already worth a massive $360 million—and is just 25-years-old!

She’s already been open though about how “more money” and “more hits” or even being “the lead in the movie” don’t bring happiness (Cheat Sheet).

1 Vicki Lawrence

via Twitter user @vickilawrence; Rotten Tomatoes

Every TV show character needs someone they can look up to, and Vicki Lawrence filled that role on the show as Miley's grandma.

When the real-life Miley performed at the VMAs and infamously twerked, Lawrence said, “She pushed the envelope a little bit, but she's what everybody is talking about in the news right now" (CNN).

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