20 Pics Steve Irwin Would Want Us To Forget

Steve Irwin was one of the most legendary people of all time. He inspired countless youths in the ‘90s and ‘00s to pursue wildlife conservation, and he brought a love for animals to the mainstream. He is a national treasure of Australia, and recently (finally) got his well-deserved star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

After his tragic and unfortunate death in 2006, life went on without him, but everything seemed a bit duller. No animal shows have ever really replicated the enthusiasm and popularity of The Crocodile Hunter, and we’ll likely never see another Steve Irwin in our lifetime. He was one of a kind. It’s sad to think that many kids born in the upcoming years will never know who Steve Irwin was.

No matter how enthusiastic he was, though, there are plenty of pictures floating around out there that he probably wouldn’t want people to see—photos of his children, or his crying wife, or of him in embarrassing or controversial situations.

Here are 20 such pictures.

20 Terri Irwin And Russell Crowe’s Rumored Romance

via Us Magazine

Terri Irwin and Russell Crowe were spotted getting real close to each other for a while, and the internet went crazy with the romance rumors. Terri eventually busted the rumor open, telling The Sunday Project, “I am in love with him, I have to admit,” and then, “Does he know about that?”

It was all a joke, and the two are good friends, but Terri clearly loved Steve Irwin more than life itself, and no one will ever replace him.

19 Terri Crying At Steve’s Funeral Service

via NZ Herald

Steve would probably not want people to see this candid photo of Terri holding her two kids, Bindi and Robert, at Steve’s funeral, only because she looks so sad and it’s really quite heartbreaking.

Steve was the joy of Terri’s life, and we can imagine that he’d do anything in his power to keep her from ever being sad, especially how full of life he was.

18 This Emotional Throwback Of Bindi

via Mirror

There’s a couple of reasons why Steve would probably not want people to see this photo—one, her daughter is all grown up and she’s with a man in the photo, and Steve was always very protective of his daughter (for good reason).

And two, because of the split picture of Steve holding Bindi, which is a pretty tear-jerking throwback.

17 MMA Sparring With Kyle Noke

via Reddit

Steve Irwin was a big fan and advocate of mixed martial arts, and that in itself isn’t something he would have tried to hide, because he didn’t. He often sparred with professional MMA artist Kyle Noke, who once said that Steve had been considering leaving his wildlife ventures to pursue MMA (we can’t imagine that’s true).

But even though this picture shows Steve’s nimbleness, it’s a bit clumsy of a kick, and he probably did much better ones that he’d rather show people.

16 Holding Bindi Like Simba

via My Modern Met

Today we live in a different world than when Steve Irwin was around, and if this picture surfaced today, he’d probably get chastised for child endangerment or some such nonsense.

The fact is, Bindi is a very small baby here, and it’s probably not wise to hold her up like a trophy—no matter how much Steve trusts himself, babies are very squirrelly, and one wrong move on Bindi’s part could’ve spelled disaster!

15 Terri Irwin, Bodybuilder

via Everybody Loves Sammy

Apparently, Terri Irwin has taken up a new hobby since Steve’s passing, and that is bodybuilding. After losing her beloved husband in 2006, she turned to bodybuilding—albeit secretly—as a means of coping with her grief.

Steve probably wouldn’t like this image if only because it’s a constant reminder to Terri that Steve’s gone… although that’s some pretty esoteric reasoning, and it’s probably more than a stretch.

14 Bindi Dressed Down

via Herald Sun

Steve would love to see the beautiful woman—both inside and out—that his daughter Bindi has become since he passed.

But at the same time, just like any father would do, we can almost hear him saying, “Crikey, put on some clothes, Bindi, you’re letting it all hang out!” to this particular photo of her in a bikini top.

13 Steve And A Parrot

via Pens & Patron

This photo would scare the crikey out of Steve, and there’s a simple reason for that. In multiple interviews, he was often asked if there were any animals he wouldn’t mess with—ones that frightened him.

Surprisingly, he turned to the parrot, saying that for some reason they always bit him. It’s hard to believe that out of all the creatures in the animal kingdom, parrots were the one that scared him the most!

12 Bill Maher Being Tasteless

via Pinterest

Bill Maher has always been known for his shock humor, and it seems like he says something controversial just about every few months, in order to stay relevant and in the headlines.

He has a big following of people who eat up his antics, but this one is going too far—a Halloween costume making light of Steve’s death at the hands of a stingray. Bill would probably say, “Oh, what, too soon?” to which we would say, “Yes, it’s always too soon for stuff like that.”

11 Bindi Exploiting Animals At Dancing With The Stars

via Reddit

There are a couple of reasons why Steve would probably frown upon this picture: first, it seems like his daughter has grown up way too fast (or at least Steve would probably think so) dressed in that frilly pink skirt that barely goes halfway down her thighs.

Secondly, and more importantly, she seems to be exploiting that poor snake just for publicity, rather than any conservation effort, taking it out of its natural habitat in order to parade it around.

10 Possible Child Endangerment

via Pens & Patron

This particular photo garnered a lot of controversies even when it was released. It shows Steve holding a very tiny, young Bindi in his arms while he’s feeding a crocodile. He was in hot water after this image was discovered, for possible child endangerment (ala Michael Jackson when he held Blanket over a railing).

No matter how in control Steve says he was of the situation (which he said on multiple occasions), this was probably still a poor decision—made more for shock value than anything else.

9 Getting Violent

via Pens & Patron

This is another MMA picture that at face value doesn’t seem too bad, but it’s the content of the image which is a bit troubling. No one ever saw Steve Irwin angry on camera. Like, not a single time. But right here he seems to have lost his cool a bit and is going for a gut punch that is aimed to harm.

He probably wouldn’t like for people to see this photo for the “violent temperament” people might accuse him of having.

8 Steve With Fake Crocodile

via Independent

There’s nothing worse about being a crocodile hunter (or THE crocodile hunter) than having to hold up a stuffed plush toy of a croc in order to gain publicity for a media presence.

This is a low blow for Steve, who wrestled the real things on the regular, and probably didn’t need to be posing with a fake doll—and he probably wouldn’t have if it had not been in his contract.

7 Bindi And Derek Hough Backstage

via Glamour

This photo was after Bindi Irwin and Derek Hough won their season of Dancing with the Stars.

Now, Steve would probably be thrilled with that, but he probably would not have cared for the manner in which Bindi went to celebrate—he’d probably want his daughter to be less showboat-y and show a little more class, rather than tumbling around in confetti with a man.

6 The Stingray

via Nature's Mighty Pictures

Of this whole list, this is the most obvious picture that Steve Irwin would never want anyone to see. It shows actual footage of Steve with the stingray just moments before he met his tragic end.

Now, we can’t say whether this is THE stingray that did him in, or if this was a practice run or what, but it’s definitely an ominous, eerie photo, and the slightly blurred image only makes it worse.

5 Steve Looking Sad With Young Bindi

via Page Six

We’re not sure about the genesis of this photo, but Steve Irwin probably wouldn’t like it. He was a man known for his utter enthusiasm, love for life, and all-around happiness—you would never see the guy down and out. But here he seems quite sad, for some reason, even though Bindi is smiling.

Maybe it’s just a trick of the camera, but there are plenty of better, happier pictures of Steve out there.

4 Robert’s Emergency Hospital Surgery

via Daily Mail

Robert Irwin, Steve’s youngest child, underwent emergency surgery to have his appendix removed after suffering appendicitis on New Years’ Day, 2018. Here we see him giving us the thumbs up, that all went well, but this is definitely a photo Steve would never want to see or have anyone else see, because of how potentially scary it is.

No one wants to see their child in a hospital bed, especially for such a serious thing. Robert was only 14 at the time.

3 Bob Irwin Looking Very Sad

via Stars at 60

This is a tragically heartbreaking photo of Bob Irwin, Steve’s father, looking incredibly sad after seeing a photo of his two young grandchildren, Bindi and Robert, and knowing that they’ll never get to see their father again.

Bob and Steve had a fantastic relationship, and Bob even wrote a book about Steve, from a father’s point of view, following Steve’s death. No father should ever have to bury his child.

2 Bindi Having To Prove Her Father Was Deceased

via QT

Call it the most heartless stab to Bindi’s young heart, but before she went onto Dancing with the Stars, she had to enlist a minor’s contract to be on the show (she was only 17 at the time).

The judge deemed there was “insufficient proof” that her father was really dead, and she had to prove Steve’s death to the judge in order to go on the show. Talk about ignorant, clueless, heartless, and stupid, all wrapped up in a single awful moment!

1 Robert Getting A Little Too Close For Comfort

via Daily Mail

Ahh, like father like son. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Cliches aside, this snap photo was taken when a young Robert Irwin went to his father’s zoo in Australia to learn some tricks of the trade but got a little too close for comfort.

Remember, Robert is no Steve—Steve is irreplaceable. The crocodile man here had to yank Robert back before anything got too out of hand or dangerous.

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