18 Pics That Prove UFOs Have Infiltrated The US

We all want to believe very badly that there are UFOs out there spying on us, as proof of extraterrestrial life on Earth. And while that may or may not be true, it’s hard to deny that there’s some sort of sentient life out there in the vast universe. It's impossible to think we're all alone.

But have the aliens invaded the United States? Many people believe so. Starting in the 1940s, and probably earlier, people began witnessing and reporting UFO sightings. The UFO craze really exploded in the ‘50s and ‘60s and hasn’t died down since.

But with the incredible technology we have today, you’d think we would have definitive proof via video or photo evidence, at this point. Many ufologists think that we’ve had proof of UFOs in the US for more than 50 years, and there are some damning photos to prove it.

Here are 18 photos that attempt to prove there’s extraterrestrial life in the US.

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18 McMinnville, Oregon (1950)

via News Week

The McMinnville UFO photos, taken on a farm in Oregon in 1950, are considered some of the most famous UFO pictures ever taken. The photos were reprinted in Life magazine and newspapers across the nation, only adding to the 1950s UFO craze.

Paul Trent and his wife Evelyn spotted a slow-moving metal disk while feeding their rabbits on the farm, and the pair maintained that they’d seen a genuine UFO until their deaths.

17 “Battle Of Los Angeles” (1942)

via Live About

At 2:25 p.m. on February 25, 1942, alarm sirens went off signaling that a Japanese air raid was taking place over Los Angeles. Flying objects were spotted in the skies above LA, a blackout was initiated, and terrified citizens followed instructions to extinguish all lights.

By 3:16 p.m., searchlights scanned the sky and anti-aircraft guns opened fire on UFOs over the Pacific. Witnesses recount a formation of red and silver-plated objects flying at high speeds, untouched by the anti-aircraft salvo.

16 Santa Ana, California (1965)

via Live About

While this might look like a flying fedora, the legend of this photo is pretty famous. It was taken in 1965, by highway traffic engineer Red Heflin, while he drove near the Santa Ana freeway.

Heflin didn’t report the sighting, but his pictures were published by the Santa Ana Register on August 20, 1965. Eventually, the photos were confiscated after their authenticity was questioned.

15 Tulsa, Oklahoma (1965)

via Live About

Around the same time as the Santa Ana UFO sighting, on August 2, 1965, a series of low-flying objects were spotted nightly by people of all ages, all across the US. The number of sightings rose as the year progressed, culminating on August 2nd when thousands of people in four Midwestern states witnessed a spectacular aerial display by a large formation of UFOs.

That night, a multicolored disk was photographed in Tulsa, Oklahoma, performing low-altitude maneuvers.

14 Provo, Utah (1966)

via Live About

UFOs were spotted all over the place during the ‘60s. This one was seen in July in 1966, over the Rocky Mountains, above 40 kilometers southwest of Provo, Utah. The pilot of the twin-engine USAF C-47 “Skytrain” transport aircraft took the photo.

The Condon Committee analyzed the photo and concluded it depicted an ordinary object thrown into the air, though many ufologists disagree.

13 Woonsocket, Rhode Island (1967)

via Live About

This is about the most “UFO” looking UFO picture around. It was a daytime photo taken in East Woonsocket, Rhode Island, in 1967. A slightly asymmetrical hubcap-shaped object was spotted by Harold Trudel.

He also believed he was in mental contact with space people—that they were sending him telepathic messages to let him know when and where they would appear.

12 Waterbury, Connecticut (1987)

via Live About

Randy Etting, a commercial airline pilot with over 30 years’ experience, spotted this strange alignment of colorful UFOs in 1987. On this night Etting witnessed numerous orange and red lights approaching from the west. By the time he got his binoculars and alerted neighbors, the lights were much closer.

They were shimmering with distortion but made no sound. At least five cars along the I-84 freeway (where the lights were spotted) began pulling over and stopping, reportedly from lost power to their vehicles.

11 Phoenix Lights (1977)

via Live About

The “Phoenix Lights” incident of 1977 is one of the most publicized UFO events in history. Around 7:30 p.m., observers witnessed a lighted hexagram pattern over the Superstition Mountains (great name to make things even better).

The 8+1 formation of amber orbs was seen in two separate arc patterns, with “trailing lights,” over the Gila River, at the southern edge of Phoenix. Thousands reported seeing these objects and videotaped them.

10 Modesto, California (2005)

via Live About

It looks like something straight out of Star Trek. An unnamed photographer stated, “I noticed some kind of craft toward my left that appeared from behind a tree… in our front yard. There were several brilliant lights that surrounded this craft.

It was impossible to make out the shape of the craft because the lights were so brilliant. The lights did not strobe or flash as a normal aircraft array would. Each light glowed with the same intensity and color as a sodium-vapor type street lamp.” Weird!

9 Fleet Of UFOs Following US Aircraft (2014)

via Space

These pictures are given a bit more credence because they were taken by professional US Navy pilots. In 2014, during a training mission, while pilots were mid-flight, their aircraft radars and cameras detected impossible flying objects at hypersonic speeds and altitudes up to 30,000 feet. These UFOs moved without any visible means of propulsion.

Even though all six pilots disagreed that it was proof of extraterrestrial activity, one lieutenant said, “It seemed like they were aware of our presence, because they would actively move around us.”

8 Washington D.C (1952)

via Live About

This one came about during the early history of ufology, in 1952. On July 19, people believed extraterrestrial visitors were making themselves known to the leaders of the free world by buzzing over the Capitol Building, and Pentagon.

This wave of sightings was picked up by Andrews Air Force Base and Washington National Airport, and they haven’t been explained to this day.

7 Jack LeMonde In Burbank, California (1945)

via Telegraph

This famous photo depicts military man Jack LeMonde, dressed in full uniform after serving in the South Pacific, on horseback, with a strange UFO over his shoulder in the sky. The peculiar object wasn’t noticed until the film was developed.

At first, people thought it was a street lamp, or a lamp pole hanging from a power line. But the photo shows no indication of power lines, and no one could recall an ornate street light that looked anything like this one anywhere nearby…

6 American Airlines Fly-Over In Arizona (2018)

via Fortune

Just last year, two commercial pilots saw a UFO flying over them in the airspace above Arizona.

A Learjet pilot spoke to regional air traffic control in Albuquerque and noted his suspicions: “Was anybody, uh, above us that passed us like 30 seconds ago?” When the air traffic controller replied, “Negative,” the pilot said, “Okay. Something did.” ATC contacted an American Airlines pilot in the area and asked to confirm, and a few minutes later they replied saying they’d seen something pass at least two-three thousand feet above them!

5 “Space City,” Houston, Texas (2014)

via Wikipedia

This was a rather recent UFO sighting, from August 20, 2014. In Houston, Texas, lights were seen, photographed, and videotaped in the sky.

The photos of a circular UFO were posted on Twitter. Dr. Carolyn Sumners, the VP of astronomy at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, said they were researching the sightings, but we haven’t heard much from her since then. There have been over 77 UFO sighting reports across Texas since 2014.

4 Hula Over Honolulu, Hawaii (2007)

via Huffpost

Locals in Honolulu, Hawaii claimed they saw UFOs in the sky at around 6:20 p.m. on January 29, 2007. The KHON-TV 2 television station even caught the objects in the sky using their SkyCam. The National Weather Service at the time said that no objects appeared on their radar, even though they’d been physically witnessed.

The Federal Aviation Administration also said they’d picked up nothing unusual on their radars.

3 Charlotte, North Carolina (2007)

via Wikipedia

On February 26, 2007, less than a month after the Honolulu sighting, locals and an officer reported seeing a turquoise colored UFO around Charlotte, North Carolina. Jim Neal said the object was a “Bright blue-green ball with a white tail.”

Another witness said it was, “A greenish-like light low in the sky,” and a third called it “A slow-moving bluish glow.” An officer even dispatched to confirm the object, and eventually tried to claim it was a shooting star “or something.”

2 Chicago O’Hare International Airport (2006)

via Wikipedia

On November 7, 2006, people witnessed a UFO at the Chicago O’Hare International Airport. According to witnesses, the metallic, saucer-shaped craft hovered over Gate C-17, and then flew completely silently away, shooting through the clouds at high velocity and leaving a clear blue hole in the cloud layer.

Twelve airport employees even witnessed the event, and the disk was visible for approximately five minutes before scooting off.

1 The St. Clair Triangle, Highland, Illinois (2000)

via Wikipedia

The “Black Triangle” or “St. Clair Triangle” was a massively publicized UFO event that was spotted over the towns of Highland, Dupo, Lebanon, Summerfield, Millstadt, O’Fallon, and Illinois, on January 5, 2000. Five on-duty police officers in separate locales reported the massive, silent triangular aircraft operating at a near-hover, to incredibly high speeds.

An hour-long special by Discovery Channel, called “UFOs Over Illinois,” called the incident “proof positive” of extraterrestrial life in the US.

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