10 Photos That Make Snakes Seem A Lot Less Scary

Snakes can be quite vicious. We have all heard stories of their deadly bites, their sharp fangs and their swallows that can gulp up helpless prey... but that is not the focus of this piece! No, instead, we want to show off 10 photos that actually make these slithering creatures seem a lot less scary! We want to show off snakes wearing funny hats, snakes that are smiling, snakes that like to cuddle and snakes that are cute – not creepy.

So face any fears that may be lingering, get ready to ooh and ahh, and enjoy the following images!

10 This Snake In A Top Hat

Via: ViralNova

Okay, how adorable is this guy? Out of all the animals in the world, snakes seem to be one of the most respected since they can be so threatening and powerful. This little top hat makes this guy seem even more respectable! In fact, he looks like a true gentleman, all prim and proper while coiled up just perfectly.

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9 This Smiling Snake

Via: The Dodo

When snakes are seen in the dark with their glistening and slanted eyes, when they hiss and their tongues pop out, when they start to tightly wrap around people... All of those things can be terrifying! But remember that this list exists to make snakes seem a lot less scary. And just look at this one – it is smiling! It has a full-on, open-mouth grin going on, and it looks beyond friendly.

8 This Unicorn Snake

Via: BoredPanda

These images just keep getting better and better. Nothing is cuter and happier than a unicorn. It evokes thoughts of rainbows and glitter. So this snake, which is dressed like a perfect little unicorn, should also make everyone feel happy and silly and bright – not scared, freaked out and upset!

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7 This Friendly Snake

Via: Pinterest

A surefire way to prove that snakes can be gentle creatures is to position them next to other creatures. The internet loves pictures of cats, and people especially love photos of cats befriending other cute critters like this snake! These two seem to be sniffing each other out and will surely become the best of friends.

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6 This Rabbit Snake

Via: Blogspot

Here is another adorable dressed-up snake. This one is so interesting looking with its whitish scales that its owner thought its coloring would help in creating a superb rabbit costume. By adding some tiny and fuzzy ears, this snake looks so friendly and cute, as well as ready for Easter!

5 This Snake Hanging With Little Girls

Via: Out of Africa Wildlife Park

Another way to overcome any fears associated with snakes and to truly see that they can be great pets is to see them interact with other humans. If these two little girls can easily hang out with this thick guy, then this creature must actually be nice – and not threatening!

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4 This Working Snake

Via: Tumblr

People are always sharing photos of their birds standing on their pens, their dogs riding to work with them or their cats sprawled out on their keyboards. Well, this snake likes to help out at work, too! Its cute little face is just resting there, as it stares up in awe at its owner.

3 This Yellow Snake

Via: Reddit

Here is another snake that is not scary at all. It is all intertwined in these fingers and just hanging out. Plus, it has a gorgeous yellow coloring, along with some cool geometric shapes on it, and that, too, helps it seem less frightening and more appealing (at least to us!).

2 This Sleeping Anaconda

Via: Rebrn

Anacondas sound super scary, but look at this one – it is just curled up, in such a cute way, and it is nuzzled up next to a dog! And dogs, as everyone knows, are great judges of characters. So if this pretty pooch approves of this snake, then we should all realize that not all slithering critters are scary.

1 This Group Of Snakes That’s Just Chillin’

Via: Imgur

Last but not least on this list aimed to make snakes seem a lot less scary, we have this group. It is hard to tell how many snakes are actually in this picture because they are all just chilling, all just stretched out and hanging out like pals do. How cute and cool!

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