20 Pictures Of 90s Stars...30 Years Later

Television has never been the same since the advent of Netflix and other internet streaming companies like it, but perhaps the golden era of television was from the eighties to nineties. It was during that time that epic shows that fans would never forget saw the light of day, and the list is in fact quite staggering at that: Roseanne, Friends, Mad About You, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Perfect Strangers, Wings, Full House, and the list goes on and on. And this, of course, doesn’t include the plethora of films that were shot and released during that rich era.

The stars that we spent our weekday evenings watching on TV and our weekends going to the movies with sure helped those days go by, and chances are, we’re unlikely to ever forget them. But so many of them have gone on to spend their time out of the limelight, and yet some are still around, but boy have they changed. Join us as we revisit the nineties and visit with some old friends.

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20 Paul Reiser

via Closer Weekly

From stand-up comedy to writing best-selling books, this man has done it all. He's starred in film and some pretty important films at that. But perhaps it was his creation, Mad About You, that garnered him the most success.

His character's plight was one that got him a lot of adoration from fans. These days, he's still active, with a part in the Netflix show, Stranger Things and there's talk of a Mad About You reboot!

19 Bronson Pinchot

via Hollywood Reporter

Audiences adored the character that this man brought to life. His name was Balki Bartokomous and his naivete and thirst for life and knowledge of the windy city and modern life was definitely enough to endear a generation of audiences to him.

He was joined by his cousin Larry, played by Mark Linn-Baker, and the antics were definitely enough to get audiences laughing in stitches.

18 Courteney Cox

via The Cheat Sheet

She got her start in a Bruce Springsteen video, and she was in the film based on He-Man, entitled Masters of The Universe, starring none other than action superstar, Dolph Lundgren.

But perhaps it was her role as Monica Geller that won over audiences. She played that role for ten seasons and it garnered her some attention to parlay her fame to the big screen, but these days, she's pretty inactive.

17 Clarence Gilyard

via Heightline

There are four distinct roles that this man played and each of them was iconic. The first was his appearance in Top Gun, opposite Tom Cruise. The second was in Die Hard, opposite Bruce Willis.

The other two were on the silver screen, but neither were bad roles, as he starred in the iconic Matlock and of course Walker Texas Ranger with the incomparable Chuck Norris. These days he teaches theater.

16 Candace Cameron

via Closer Weekly

She got her start on Full House after a few smaller roles on other TV shows of the era. The storylines she was given were enough to turn the young lady into a fine young actress. She went on to star in many Hallmark Channel films and she also wrote quite a few books.

It was in 2016 that she was given the title role in Fuller House, the spin-off of the show that started it all. The show will be going off the air after its 5th and final season air.

15 Reginald VelJohnson

via Closer Weekly

He played Carl Winslow on Family Matters. The whole cast was pretty funny, but perhaps it was this man that stole the cake. It was in his frustration at the consistent pestering of character Steve Urkel that his priceless reactions got audiences laughing and coming back for more.

Other of his credits include Die Hard and Die Hard 2.

14 Richard Karn

via hasznaltmobil.info

Every show needs that deadpan character. That one character that doesn't laugh at all of the star's jokes and antics. This character was definitely that guy on Home Improvement.

He seldom cracked a smile and it must have been really hard because Tim Allen is one funny cat. Regardless, dependable Al was always good for a laugh of his own.

13 Mara Wilson

via E! News

Wow... time seems to fly on by, doesn't it? It seems like just yesterday that we say little Mara Wilson acting alongside the late, great Robin Williams in Mrs. Doubtfire, doesn't it.

She was also Matilda in the classic film. Many years passed before we saw her again, but when we did, you could hear a collective sigh from all the children of the nineties, as we all suddenly felt very old.

12 Alfonso Ribeiro

via guff.com

Cue the Tom Jones music right now! After all, it was Carleton on The Fresh Prince's favorite singer. He sure danced to one of his hit songs enough times during the show's six seasons.

When the show wrapped in 1996, it was hard for Ribeiro to find other work, but as time went on, and nostalgia kicked in, he did okay, landing gigs on Dancing With The Stars and of course America's Funniest Home Videos.

11 Melissa Joan Hart

via Closer Weekly

If the viewers of the mid-sixties and early seventies had I Dream of Jeannie, then the kids of the nineties certainly had Sabrina The Teenage Witch. If magic was what you were after, and a few laughs were thrown in for good measure, then Sabrina was for you.

The show has been rebooted, although much darker than the original, it still packs loads of entertainment.

10 Edward Furlong

via Albany Daily News

Perhaps a face that defined nineties cinema, Edward Furlong was cast in one of the most iconic roles from the era. He had the great luck to be cast as John Connor in the sequel to James Cameron's The Terminator, which was aptly titled Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

The film was an epic success and not only did well, it actually shattered box office records. Sadly, shortly after starring in the film, this young man had a series of unfortunate incidents that led to his obscurity.

9 Macaulay Culkin

via Viral IQ

Home Alone was a delight to children everywhere, but perhaps it terrorized a few more parents of the era than we'll ever know. Adorable Macaulay Culkin definitely garnered himself quite a bit of success and a bunch of films that definitely set him up financially for years and years to come.

Recently, he has had a resurgence in the public eye and is quite generous with his time. If you look close enough on social media, you'll see he's kept pretty active.

8 Thora Birch

via enews.tech

She too is considered to be a child star of the nineties, but perhaps more than any young actress of the era she starred in the more serious films of the era, like Now and Then and of course American Beauty.

Of course she starred in some cult classics as well of a slightly lighter tone like Monkey Trouble and of course the Halloween classic Hocus Pocus.

7 Joey Lawrence

via Your Daily Dish

'Whoa!' Anyone else remembers that famous line from Blossom. It was sort of his catchphrase. Made for a few laughs, that's for sure. It seems it was all this character would say on NBC's hit show from the era.

He played the middle brother of Blossom, the title character, and although he wasn't the star, he certainly stole a few scenes. He's dabbled in music and has even had a few other roles.

6 Karyn Parsons

via Hollywood Reporter

To make a perfect sitcom, you've got to have some balance, and balance was definitely achieved on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The show had a nice dynamic base of characters, all different from one another.

And what would a sitcom be without that ditsy, air-headed personification (always good for a few laughs, right?) ... well, Hillary definitely fit that bill.

5 Pauly Shore

via TheFW

Before Pauly D, there was Pauly Shore, and he too started out on MTV. He was a hilarious VJ that got quite a bit of attention. His charisma and stand up comedy routine definitely catapulted him in the right direction, and with roles like Encino Man, Son In Law and others, he was well on his way.

But as time went on, the audience was reluctant to give him the support he definitely deserved.

4 Tiffani-Amber Thiessen

via Hollywood.com

From Kelly Kapowski on Saved By The Bell to Valerie Malone on Beverly Hills 90210, this utterly beautiful and talented actress shone from day one. She proved that she could make you laugh, make you cry and sit at the edge of your seat in silence as she held your attention on screen all at the same time.

Outside from a few other roles in film and TV, she now stars in Alexa and Katie and has the main role.

3 Jonathan Taylor Thomas

via Us Weekly

Perhaps this star is the one from the era most shrouded in controversy, and he didn't really do anything that bad, really. In fact, he just wanted to go to school and study, as he didn't really have all that much faith in a career in the public eye.

He did many seasons on Home Improvement, but when he decided to call it quits, he got some negative attention from an unlikely source... Tim Allen himself.

2 Elizabeth Berkley

via NME.com

Definitely gorgeous and talented, Elizabeth Berkley thrived on Saved By The Bell. Only it was probably her role in the Paul Verhoeven film, Showgirls, that ruined her reputation entirely. Many felt it was the wrong role for her to branch out, as her career definitely diminished slightly soon after that.

She had a few other TV roles, but ultimately her star diminished considerably, but she was part of such an iconic film.

1 Jennie Garth

via People

Perhaps the princess of Beverly Hills, Jennie Garth achieved fame on Beverly Hills 90210 and the world didn't look back since. She was indeed one of the most popular actresses to be on that show and her tenure in Hollywood is proven by the hype built around the 90210 reboot that's filming as we prepare this article for you our dear readers.

Looks like Beverly Hills isn't done with Kelly just yet.

Sources: Twitter & IMDB

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