18 Pictures Of People Who Clearly Don’t Understand Technology

Yup... who knew? There are people out there who just do not understand technology in any shape way or form. Sure, they might think they do but we all know far better. For those reading this article, chances are that this isn't an issue. After all, everyone here is using a computer or cellphone or tablet to read this article. That is a healthy start.

But there are some people who don't even understand how batteries work never mind how to not set up a game console or how to properly wrap cables when dealing with electronics. Here are 18 examples of people who just don't have a clue when it comes to technology...

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18 Digital Billboard Mishap

Oops! Just imagine being the programmer who messed this one. What if this was an integral ad campaign for a company? Or maybe even a municipal notice by a police force... we are pretty sure this could easily be a firable offense for a big firm trying to get a message out. We're willing to bet this is due to a pesky update.

17 Wiring Mess!


We are willing to bet that the Yorkie lying down on that futon could do a better arranging these cables with fewer teeth marks than the person who "organized" this mess. There are so many systems there; just imagine trying to hook up any single one of these! It would take hours... unless someone just moved the bundle close to the wall with the right ends in the by the outlet and system.

16 Oops... The Wrong Voltage!

Oh, wow. How does someone not even make themselves aware of the voltage that their own phone can handle? Buying a new phone means that a new charge block comes with it anyway (in most cases)... so how does someone actually mess this up? Make sure to get a reputable quick-charge block, otherwise, it might pump too much voltage and actually set that phone on fire!

15 Impressive But Ridiculous Gaming Setup

At first glance, this seems like a pretty organized gaming setup. But take a closer look. None of those cables are wrapped together. No system is marked with its own cables. Not to mention the accessories and other system pieces underneath the TV and just left in a heap. Nice try though.

14 Jump Cables Hitting The Battery Terminal

Oh, this is a mess. Just know something here for those who have yet to buy a car or play under the hood of one. Do NOT allow the ends of jump cables hit the battery terminals the wrong way. Place the correct clamps to the correct ends. Car fires are very real things and if this picture does nothing else, let it serve as a fair warning!

13 The Old Magnet On A Screen Trick...


We are willing to bet that this person was just showing off an actual experiment of some sort. Sure, there are plenty of screens now that won't get messed in quite the same way as older screens would have... but there are also still plenty of people who are old school with their TVs and the last thing we need is people taking their new super magnets off their fridge and using them on old tech.

12 VR Wall Run

This is probably our favorite out of the whole list. Why? Well, just imagine watching what happens right after this screenshot. That's right. This VR gamer forgets that they are in what is very decidedly called VIRTUAL reality, and they run headlong into the wall. How wonderfully hilarious is that!? We hope they didn't break anything. That is a big plant after all...

11 The Munchkin Computer Setup?

How was this person ever hoping to actually use their computer!? Was this setup meant for the munchkins to use!? Never mind the fact that this computer is supremely out of date. The LG screen is a little out of date too, but it makes way more sense than this dinosaur of a machine! Time to play Oregon Trail... while lying on the floor.

10 Power Bar... Meet Space Heater

Please heed this warning. This is what can happen when you plug something very powerful into a Dollar Store power bar. Sure, they might say they have surge protectors on them, and that's great, but that doesn't mean they can handle the standard power of something like a space heather without straight up melting!

9 A Regular Conversation Today

This is how people seem to like to talk today which is... a little nutty if we are totally honest. And just look at that heap between all of the computers! How do they even know whose cables belong to whom!? We can just picture one of the people thinking they're walking away with their wires and causing the whole table of gadgets to topple.

8 The Nintendo Virtual Boy

via gamebits.net

Oh, Nintendo...Nintendo really did try here. They made a very early go at VR and it was a cool idea but they should have waited a bit longer. Yeah, the N64 wasn't ready yet and the PlayStation and Saturn were coming out but come on... we're only really just getting into VR and classic Nintendo games with a red/black palette & goggles just do not a virtual reality make.

7 Walking And Texting

Especially with a dog in tow! Come on! Even the dog looks ashamed that their owner is walking while texting. How much does anyone want to bet that this woman is walking across that street and the lights have already changed? She's just lucky that people decided to wait for her.

6 Just No Cure...

We are almost speechless. Almost. This is what must happen when a big company does not hire an IT department. If anyone has seen The IT Crowd this will be instantly understood. There are some pretty ridiculous people out there and imagine them hooking up an internet server like this! AHHH!!!

5 Upside Down And Backwards Phone...


This is great. In an episode of Eastenders, it turns out that the actor, the continuity person, the director, and the editor all failed to understand how cellphones work. This is an actual screenshot from an episode where, if one looks not all that closely, they can see the phone camera, which means the phone was not only upside down but also backwards...

4 Texting And Driving

This pretty much is the same deal as texting while walking... except that one is behind hundreds of pounds of metal and plastic, instead of just being a squishy person. The number of collisions and incidences that this sort of thing has caused is just ridiculous. "Hands-Free" exists for a reason. Voice activation is real now!

3 The Corroded Game Boy

This is a heart-breaker, for sure. There are plenty of kids who have left those AA batteries in the Game Boy for too long and have had acid leak all over the place, corroding the batteries and the inside of the system. Unfortunately, many of those kids have turned into adults who do the same thing!

2 Punching Dad In VR!


This daddy is just waiting to get socked in the mouth. For sure. He's very lucky by the looks of this picture and it's cool that he and his kid are having fun (though the kid is probably having more fun and the dad is probably a bit jealous of his VR headset.)

1 Yelling At Alexa...

Some of us actually have an Amazon Dot or full on Echo. Most of us who have this device know better than to just yell at poor Alexa when she can't do something right. Most of us. We guess we can understand kids not getting this hint, but just imagine what Alexa must interpret their yelling to mean...

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