16 Pictures Of Sue Storm That Reed Richards Wishes Were Invisible

The Fantastic Four have been a standout, pivotal group of superheroes ever since they made their debut in the Marvel Universe. There’s a level of unity present in this family of “rejects” that’s even stronger than what’s present in the X-Men or the Avengers. The Fantastic Four have always had a favorable reputation with the public, but they’re characters who have come and gone from the Marvel universe, much to the frustration of some fans.

Now the team is back and stronger than ever before and it seems like they might finally be ready to make their debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While the Fantastic Four are an honorable, heroic bunch, that doesn’t mean that Sue Storm, the female member of the group, still doesn’t wind up in revealing or embarrassing situations, especially with her special skill set. Accordingly, Here Are 17 Pictures Of Sue Storm That Reed Richards Wishes Were Invisible.

16 Into The Jungle

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Invisibility is such an interesting superpower. While some abilities give their users massive boosts in strength, Sue’s skills are of a more tactical and defensive nature. Sue’s invisibility powers are primarily handy to evade enemies. It’s not exactly a comforting thought to think of Sue stranded in the jungle and hiding, but her survival skills would carry her through.

15 Flashy New Duds

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It’s not unusual for superheroes to undergo costume redesigns over their many years in comics, but it’s the female heroes who are especially prone to some problematic, awkward outfit transitions. Sue Storm’s Invisible Woman is no exception to this rule and there’s a period where her costume feels especially gratuitous. This is especially condescending when it’s considered that this is a character that’s all about her ability to blend in.

14 Eyes Up Here

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In another seductive effort that combines Sue Storm’s feminine wiles and her powers of invisibility, it becomes clear that the female Fantastic Four member is able to engage in a level of striptease that’s impossible to anyone else. There are several instances where Sue uses various levels of undress and invisibility to her advantage, but this is a rather sultry picture that would likely turn Reed Richards red.

13 Trouble At Home

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Relationships and marriages aren’t easy and this is especially true if both people in the equation have superpowers to also keep in check. Sue Storm and Reed Richards have often been a pillar of stability in terms of Marvel’s power couples, but they still hit their share of rough patches. This picture is especially grim as it sees the two contemplating homelessness and a future of uncertainty.

12 Retro Chique

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Some superheroes just look strange in their Golden and Silver Age looks, but there are others that know how to rock the old fashioned charm. Sue Storm falls into the latter and while her modern model is very appropriate, she almost looks just as comfortable in her character’s older style. This is a blast to the past, but it still shows a slinky, stealthy version of Sue.

11 Shots Fired

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Sue Storm has been pegged as the “Invisible Woman” and even though that title is accurate, her cloaking abilities have a number of functions that go beyond that of mere stealth. Sue is able to create a force field of sorts with her powers, which is super useful in a situation where heavy fire is headed your way. Invisibility alone won’t save you from bullets, which makes this a harrowing snapshot until Sue’s instincts kick in.

10 Strange Bedfellows

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The Fantastic Four usually have a lot on their plate with the commendable list of villains that are at their disposal, but Doctor Doom in particular is a foe that’s worthy of their skills. Doom never fails to have a new scheme up his sleeve, but this image paints an even darker picture. Sue marrying Doom would be the ultimate betrayal to Reed and just the idea of this visual would surely get under his elastic skin.

9 Cheeky Greeting

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Sue’s many costumes tend to cover her body in various ways, but it tends to be the upper half of her body that’s typically more on display. Honestly, the whole bodysuit look for Sue works the best, especially with her invisibility gift, but that’s clearly not the most visually exciting look. This picture kind of goes the opposite route and instead has Sue’s lower half front and center.

8 Sue Storm Swimwear

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It honestly feels like more of the Fantastic Four’s fights take place in the air than in the water, but that doesn’t mean that Sue still doesn’t want to have some solid swim attire on the ready. It’s even better if she can have a set that stays on point and labels her as part of her team, too. Like for instance, if she’s to swim over to Atlantis to see Namor in this look, it’s clear where her loyalties are.

7 Beach Day

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Saving the world can be a real drag and everyone needs a vacation every now and then, even if it’s just for a day. Strangely, the beach feels oddly right for a place for Sue to relax. If the sun ever becomes too much she can just disappear. In this case she’s made plans with Thundra, with both of them putting on a show at the beach.

6 Revealing, Disappearing Cosplay

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Sue Storm of the Fantastic Four may not be the most intense or laborious of cosplays out there, but the one element of the character that’s particularly hard to pull off is her powers of invisibility. This representation of Sue is not only spot on, but it goes one step further and throws some Photoshop into the mix to try to bring the Invisible Woman aspect of Sue’s character to life.

5 Tight Fit

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The simplicity of Sue Storm’s basic Invisible Woman outfit is surely an asset in some cases. It’s super easy to slip into a bodysuit, whereas someone like Thor has all sorts of pieces of accouterments to tend to for his full outfit. A bodysuit is easy to wear, but they can also be easy to misjudge. In this case it looks like Sue’s outfit is exceedingly snug and leaves very little to the imagination.

4 Invisible Shield To The Rescue

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Another useful way in which Sue’s powers can assist her is that she can develop a “shield of invisibility” to help deflect attacks. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with sue applying her powers in such a creative and intuitive way, but this is yet another image of Sue in absolute peril. She’s juggling a lot here and if she needs to turn to the invisibility shield, then she’s really in trouble.

3 The Invisi-BUFF Woman

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There are plenty of strong female characters in the Marvel Universe and these individuals tend to go one of two routes. They can either be super tiny in stature, yet still pack a massive punch, or they can be a rippling mass of muscle like the She-Hulk and visibly wear their strength on their sleeve. In reality, Sue Storm falls in the category of the former, but this rendition imagines if her strength was a lot more literal and if she bulked up.

2 Sleeping With The Enemy

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Doctor Doom may be the biggest foe that the Fantastic Four go up against, but Namor is a worthy adversary who’s just as troublesome for them. One of the foundations of the Fantastic Four is the strong relationship between Reed and Sue, but there have been some occasions where Namor has been able to intervene and become a dangerous alternative to Reed. This image brings Reed’s worst fears to life and lets Sue and Namor’s romantic impulses run rampant.

These are some of the most embarrassing and revealing pictures of Sue Storm that we could pull together, but it’s far from everything that’s out there. Feel free to share your favorite pictures in the comments below!

1 Come With Me If You Want To Live…

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Various series and universes from Marvel sometimes feature radically different versions of traditional characters. Whether it’s an alternate take from another timeline or just some sort of “What If?” story that pushes them in a different direction, it can prove to be an entertaining exercise. Marvel trading cards indulges in an “Age of Apocalypse” storyline that features a very different take on Sue, who’s greatly hardened and turned to weaponry instead of invisibility. Reed would hate to set eyes on this cynical, aggressive version of his wife.

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