15 Pictures Of UFOs That Prove Aliens Have Been Here Since The Beginning

UFOs and aliens have been one of the biggest mysteries of all times. Bizarre sightings, flashes of light in the sky, stories of abductions and testimonies from controversial places like Area 51 feed these conspiracy theories. While many argue that aliens and UFOs are not real and are just a phenomena that exist in science-fiction films, it seems that they have been around for longer than we know.

This article will demonstrate a series of artwork, dating from prehistoric times to the Renaissance, that portray some freaky, extraterrestrial-type objects. While we can never fully know what the artist was trying to show us, some of these pieces scream: Aliens are real!

Keep reading to see if we can convince you.

15 The Lolladoff Plate


This interesting plate was discovered in Nepal and according to Crystalinks, dates back to 7000 BCE. This artefact has a bizarre spiral design and features an alien-like figure at the bottom of the artwork.

The figure has a typically larger, bald head and resembles what we commonly think when imagining extraterrestrials. It seems nothing has changed over the past 9000 years!

14 An Alien Battle

Psychology Today

This image was discovered on a piece of wood in Nuremberg, Germany in 1561. This bizarre image features many colorful circular objects flying in the sky surrounded by what appears to be missiles.

It is commonly believed that this work of art is meant to illustrate an alien battle witnessed by Germans in the 16th century. Spooky!

13 The glorification of the Eucharist

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This artwork was painted by Bonaventura Salimbeni in the 17th century. This famous oeuvre is located in San Lorenzo, a beautiful church in Italy. While this may appear to be your typical renaissance painting, the weird satellite-like device seems out of place, no?

Many argue that the resemblance to Sputnik 1 is undeniable.

12 The Annunciation with Saint Emidus


This work was painted in the 15th century by Carlo Crivelli, an Italian artist. This religious artwork depicts classical catholic figures such as Mother Mary, however, there is something unusual about it.

A beam of light is shooting from the top left-hand corner and forms a halo on Mary. Could it be aliens?

11 The Crucifixion Of Christ


This painting is found today in the Visoki Decani Monastery in Kosovo and demonstrates Jesus’ crucifixion. Notice the figures flying in the sky on the left- and right-hand side.

To my knowledge, planes, jets and any type of aircraft did not exist in the 14th century, so what could these possibly be?

10 The Baptism of Christ


This work of art was created by Aert de Gelder, a dutch artist in the 18th century. This painting is meant to capture the moment of Jesus’ baptism, however, beams of light coming from a circular object in the sky is what grabbed our attention.

This has to be a UFO!

9 The Madonna with Saint Giovannino


This image, painted in the 15th century, appears to depict a mother praying with her young children, however, there is something hidden in the background. A flying object is seen in the top right-hand side and in the distance, a man and his dog seem to be frightened by it.

Listverse explains that because the dog seems to be barking at the object, it definitely cannot be a divine symbol.

8 The Miracle of Snow


The Miracle of Snow was painted by Masolino Da Panicale in the 15th century.

It is supposedly meant to depict a snowfall that happened in Rome in the 300s, however, snow is not supposed to look like big, circular flying objects. What else could it be then? Hm...

7 Israel, Put Your Hope In The Lord’ Painting

The Sun

This painting is extremely freaky. A strange flying object, which resembles a UFO, is portrayed floating above a burning church.

It’s unclear whether the object is helping or causing the fire but it definitely looks suspicious. The messaging here is quite frightening.

6 St. John the Baptist


Leonardo Da Vinci was a brilliant inventor, artist, and scientist who always added secret messages in his work.

In this painting of Saint John, completed in the 16th century, there is a hidden alien face that is only visible when the painting is mirrored. There is no way this is a coincidence.

5 1st Century Mayan Carving


This chilling carving dates back to the 1st century. In the carving, a man is seen bowing down or surrendering to a strange figure in the sky.

The being in the sky eerily resembles an extraterrestrial, specifically the big, bald head and beaming eyes.

4 Egyptian Pictograph


Aliens get hungry too, right? This Egyptian pictograph, which dates back to 400 BCE, portrays a man offering a bird to a weird alien figure wearing a cloak.

This may be a settlement offer or maybe him surrendering to this spooky being. We’ll never know.

3 Glowing German Wheels


This image depicts a sighting of UFOS in Germany in the 17th century.

Glowing circular shapes are floating in the sky while people gather on the ground observing them. Crystalinks explains that these were described as glowing wheels by Germans. How weird!

2 Italian Cave Painting


This cave painting is thought to have been created around 10,000 BCE in Val Camonica, Italy. In the center of the painting, an alien-like figure is depicted holding a smaller, yet similar figure. On the outskirts, other beings appear to watch, both afraid and intrigued.

This definitely could represent an alien sighting.

1 Saint Wolfgang and the Devil

Catholic Exchange

This painting leaves no room for skepticism. Michael Pacher’s work literally depicts an alien, decked out with wings, an extra face on its buns and scary horns.

Weirdly enough, the creature seems to be helping Saint Wolfgang. What does this say about Pacher’s view on religion…

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