Piers Morgan Dad-Shames Daniel Craig And Gets Pied In The Face

Piers Morgan may be regretting his recent Twitter outburst criticizing Daniel Craig’s parenting choices after he got a faceful of pie on live TV.

The British television presenter is known for airing controversial opinions to the public, but his most recent outburst landed him in some trouble this week with comedian Harry Hill. During an interview on Good Morning Britain, a breakfast show presented by Morgan and co-host Susanna Reid, Hill was demonstrating how to make the perfect custard pie when he capitalized on the opportunity to launch the creamy dessert into Morgan’s face.

Hill then provided the rationale behind his actions by shouting, “That’s for the guys that wear papooses! […] It’s for Ross Kemp and for Daniel Craig!”

The comedian was referring to a comment Morgan had made recently in relation to Daniel Craig, who was seen carrying his infant daughter in a baby sling.

In the tweet, the TV presenter shared the photograph of Craig with his daughter, along with the hashtag #emasculatedBond. The response from social media users was immediate as they jumped in to defend Craig and other fathers, criticizing Morgan’s judgemental attitude towards men who wear “papooses.”

People posted photos of themselves carrying their children, and Chris Evans, the actor who portrays Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, added his voice to the mix. He tweeted, “You really have to be so uncertain of your own masculinity to concern yourself with how another man carries his child.”

“Any man who wastes time quantifying masculinity is terrified on the inside.”

Piers Morgan didn’t seem phased by the superhero’s condemning tweet, and responded by claiming that, “Captain America wouldn’t wear a papoose.”

The unsuspecting presenter initially froze and didn’t outwardly respond when Hill slapped the pie into his face. Both presenters seemed genuinely stunned at the comedian’s daring actions, but Reid soon broke out into laughter at her co-presenter's misfortune.

The scene then turned into a frenzied food fight, with Morgan throwing his pie at Reid, only to be pied a second time in return.

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Prior to the pie-throwing mayhem, Hill had been explaining his upcoming live tour, in which he teaches children how to be comedians. He added that part of this tour involved teaching children how to make the perfect custard pie. The custard pie is a classic tool in slapstick comedy, which Hill described as a “dying art.”

As a finishing touch, Hill even “personalized” the pie with a letter P, which he said is ideal “if you’re going to throw it at anyone in particular.”

Despite the backlash from Hill, Twitter users, and his Good Morning Britain co-workers, Morgan still stands by his comments, tweeting, “I just expressed a genuinely held opinion that papooses are emasculating, embarrassing & unnecessary.”

It may not be for everyone, but with the likes of James Bond and Captain America sporting the parenting garment, the “papoose” is anything but emasculating.

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