This Pilot Rescued A Baby Chimp & They Both Are Getting Attention

This pilot rescued a baby chimp, and is getting attention for all the right reasons!

Lwiro Primates, a rehabilitation centre and sanctuary for nearly 200 orphaned chimpanzees and monkeys located in Congo, shared a heart-warming video of a baby chimp rescue.

The video surfaced this past Wednesday, Feb 28, 2018, and shows a pilot flying Mussa, a baby chimp, to safety from Virunga National Park to Lwiro. The adorable video displayed the pilot flying Mussa to safety; all while the chimp remains calm and collected in the pilot's lap.

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Lwiro discussed Mussa’s situation in a comment on Facebook, claiming, “his family is dead...We do not know how many, maybe only the mum, but most likely several members of his family were killed,” if that doesn’t break your heart, we don’t know what would.


The video Lwiro Primates shared encapsulates the pilot’s gentle manner as he brings the chimp to safety. The pilots calming cues to comfort Mussa allows the chimp to feel safe with the pilot. All while in the air, the man nuzzles, grooms, and supervises the baby chimp as he touches a few of the aircraft’s panel.

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The majority of viewers were in love with the story and noble act of saving such an adorable creature, while many couldn’t stop focusing on the attractiveness of the pilot. One Twitter user called him: “low-key hot,” and we sort of agree! The pilot, who Twitter users quickly dubbed as Anthony Caere, is a Belgian four-plane Air Wing who serves as a “big brother in the sky” for its rangers.

The heart-melting rescue should come as an eye-opener for the events that animals endure in the wild. Caere wrote: “This looks cute but is actually a sad story. He should be with his mum.” This video, although cute as Caere put it, showcases the sad reality that many animals deal with in their natural habit.

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According to Lwiro Primates, who rescues animals from pet trade and poaching, reveals how “small poachers kill the adults for bush meat, and if they find a baby they try to sell it...The poachers here can earn between $20 and $50 per baby chimp.” As disturbing as that may be, these are real-life situations that occur day by day.

Luckily, there are organizations such as Lwiro Primates who rescue animals and currently care for 80 to 100 monkeys of various species. With the help of these rehabilitation centers and courageous pilots such as Anthony Caere, we can create a safer living environment for these beautiful animals to live in. Let’s not give up on our beautiful planet and the animals we share it with.


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