Pilot Places Massive Pizza Order For Passengers Stuck At The Airport

By now, everyone's faced the trouble of having a delayed flight at least once in their lives. And if you're in a good mood (which, let's be honest, if you're on a delayed flight it rarely happens), the crew on board or even the airline itself sometimes brings out a bunch of snacks. Unfortunately, these usually look really sad - some mini Oreos, and maybe a bunch of crushed crackers that they bought last minute.

Thankfully, Jeff Raines, an American Airlines pilot, whose flight was scheduled to go from Los Angeles to Dallas - Fort Worth, had a great idea. Because of some storms, the entire flight had to be diverted to Wichita Falls, along with the 159 passengers that got frustrated on board. So, the pilot in question got the great idea to cheer up all of the passengers with the best possible option he could think of - some free food.

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These passengers didn't get a bunch of sad snacks as they usually would have gotten. In fact, they managed to get something very delicious! Raines, the pilot, ended up ordering a whole lot of pizzas to be delivered right to the airport from Papa John's. Forty of them, to be exact.

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One of the airport workers, named Josh Raines, filmed the plane pilot while he was running from the passengers to the Papa John's delivery car and back, handing out all of those pizzas that were ordered, and managed to post the video online. Josh took to Twitter to share the goodwill of pilot Jeff, letting the airline know and saying that he had also never seen something like that before. Meanwhile, the pilot himself mentioned on Facebook that getting all of the pizzas for the passengers was actually a team effort. He said that the first officer of the plane was talking on the phone and trying to arrange everything. The flight attendants also got a gallery cart from the plane itself, getting some juice, water, and sodas for everyone.

The next morning the flight took off to its destination, Dallas. And we're sure that from now on, everyone's going to be hoping they get a great crew like this one when their flight is delayed.

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