Pink Power: Ranking The 20 Most Attractive Pink Rangers In The Franchise

The Pink Power Ranger was always our favorite, no matter which Power Rangers incarnation we’re watching. Maybe it’s the fact that we lived in pink, puffy dresses growing up, but the sheer girl power of the pink ranger was enough to make our little pig tail-ed hearts squeal with joy. All of a sudden we didn’t have to watch a female in a TV show be weak or passive.

The pink ranger taught us that we can be strong, powerful, and still look good. That last part was kind of dependent on which ranger we were watching, though. Even if the suit was shiny and pink for all of them, not all of them were as shiny on the inside. While many of these power rangers brought a special light and personality to their character, some look more powerful than the others.

20 Alison MacInnis


Who could deny the power of the Pink Lightspeed Power Ranger? While IMDb tells us that MacInnis played the part back in 2000/2001, it looks like her influence was stuck there despite the 2014 resurgence. She has to be on the list, but hey, we don’t have to think that she should be placed higher.

19 Camille Hyde


Being the pink “Dino Charge” power ranger comes with a whole lot of responsibility, and Camille Hyde was certainly ready for it. If there’s one thing we love about her, it has to be her excellent acting ability. Honestly, she might not be the prettiest in pink, but she certainly was one of the most talented.

18 Angie Diaz

Any true Power Rangers fan will remember the Power Rangers Mystic Force years, where Angie Diaz took up the mantle of pink ranger. This mystical babe was one of the best when it came to brooding looks and a mischievous spark in the eye. However, her hair seemed to be perpetually helmet-head-y; not exactly the most dominating.

17 Valerie Vernon


Now this is a pink power ranger who truly embraced the sassy side. At least, that’s what we’re seeing in this photo. If only that playfulness came out more in the actual filming of the show! She was in three different iterations of the Power Rangers, making her one of the most prolific pink rangers.

16 Catherine Sutherland


Just look how proud she is to be holding that pink helmet! This is a woman who loves the fact that she got to don the pink suit of power. Unfortunately, she wasn’t the most nuanced ranger. We never fell in love with her the same way we did Camille Hyde, or some of the other rangers further down on this list.

15 Alycia Purrott


The blonde curls and the powerful stare; this is a pink power ranger who perfectly encapsulated both the sweet and the spicy sides of this character. She’s adorable and sweet, sure, but we’re also convinced that Purrott’s pink power ranger would tear us to shreds at a moment’s notice, no questions asked.

14 Amy Jo Johnson


Amy Jo Johnson was basically the original pink power ranger, and for good reason. She was wholesome and had those girl-next-door looks, but she was also not afraid to kick some bad guys when the opportunity came up. Her bangs were adorable and her suit always looked like it was made for her. Definitely a good pink ranger!

13 Melody Perkins


As we get halfway through our list, it’s time to start really looking at all of our favorite power rangers. Take, for example, Melody Perkins. While she might not have some of the nuance other pink rangers had, she certainly had the look. We’re fans of her, and absolutely would like to see her do more.

12 Rhoda Montemayor


Rose Ortiz was the first of the pink power rangers to really have some spunk, which means we really need to give it up to Rhoda Montemayor. Not only was she the fieriest pink to ever grace our screens, but we also think she did a great job fulfilling the humor of the character as well!

11 Christina Masterson


This model-and-actor combo is a force to be reckoned with; a megaforce, that is! Yes, Masterson was the pink power ranger in the Megaforce series, which IMDb says graced the Nickelodeon channel back in 2014. Her smoldering eyes conveyed everything they needed to, and are definitely part of the reason she ranks so highly.

10 Patricia Ja Lee


Maybe it’s just because we have a soft spot in our hearts for her series, but Patricia Ja Lee is one of our personal high-ranking pink power rangers. From her lovely voice to her innocent look, this pink power ranger was deceptive. Her powers were strong, but her look was soft; what a great balance.

9 Chrysti Ane


How do we say no to her? We just can’t. Chrysti Ane had to rank so highly on this list simply because of the sheer amount of effort she puts forth keeping herself in shape. It’s incredible, and we have a lot of respect for it. Not to mention the fact that the results of working out are paying off big time.

8 Naomi Scott


Many of us know Naomi Scott now thanks to some of her bigger, more high profile roles. However, she still has some pink power ranger clout more than anything else, which is partially why she’s ended up on this list. While her name might not instantly spark “pink power ranger” in your mind, we’re sure it will soon.

7 Erika Fong


While the short hair might be a newer addition, we think that it actually serves quite a quality of sassiness that would be awesome for this take on the pink power ranger. With a look like Erika Fong’s it’s no surprise that she was one of the popular power rangers. While we don’t believe she was here for long, we certainly liked what she brought.

6 ...Even If It’s Just Because Of Her Attitude


Namely, what she brought was a sassy attitude. In many cases, part of the reason we like certain pink power rangers more than others is the personality factor. Some are just so bland and dull. Erika Fong was exciting, and had a certain spark that really helped to light up her team members.

5 Erin Cahill


Our third spot is gifted to Erin Cahill, the pink power ranger from Power Rangers Time Force. This sweet and sultry ranger is proof that we never forget our favorite pink power ranger. Her smile and her prowess won us over, and are definitely two of the big reasons she landed so high on our list.

4 ...Despite Not Being A Ranger In A While


At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how long it’s been since you’ve been a pink power ranger. For many of these actresses, they are and forever will be part of that secret club of pink power ranger goddesses that comic-con goers everywhere will keep worshipping. Erin Cahill totally deserves to join those ranks.

3 Meghan Camarena Gets Second


This power ranger is niche, but one that we personally feel is almost the most attractive one. This actress might be mostly doing voice over and YouTube work, according to IMDb, but she was still cast in the Power Rangers Hyperforce series that went up. Not to mention the fact that she is doing a power rangers video game voice for the pink ranger!

2 While Gigi Hadid Takes Home The Helmet


There was a photo captured of Gigi Hadid that featured her wearing quite a lot of pink power rangers gear. In that picture the hat is obvious, but we believe she had a little more on than just that. Why? Believe it or not, Gigi Hadid is actually a big fan of the power rangers, and especially the pink power ranger.

1 ...Although It’s Only In Her Dreams For Now


She even spoke out on her social media and asked if it would be possible to be the pink power ranger. The casting company almost gave her a yes, but unfortunately it seems like Gigi Hadid did not get cast as the newest pink power ranger. It’s okay, Gigi! A true pink power ranger would never give up.

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