Pippa Middleton And 19 Other Celebrity Bridesmaids Who Stole The Bride's Thunder

Bridesmaids play an important role in any wedding, but the wedding day is meant to be all about the bride and groom. It’s a chance for all eyes to be on the bride and it’s really her moment to shine, which is why no one cares that she’s spent thousands of dollars on a dress she will most likely only ever wear once. But sometimes, the bridesmaids gowns (like Pippa Middleton’s which hugged her curves), combined with the natural beauty of the wearer, can overshadow the bride and detract from her moment.

That’s not to say that the brides in these weddings don’t look breathtakingly beautiful, but when you have international celebrities in your wedding party, they are bound to attract attention. Especially if you put Cara Delevingne in a white dress and make her a part of the bridal party or give Beyoncé a flower crown and a stunning plunging lace gown, then it’s hard not to look (read: stare) at them.

Below are 20 bridesmaids who caught everyone’s eye, and, unfortunately for the bride, may have stolen her thunder. Then again, it takes a strong woman to put gorgeous ladies in breathtaking custom dresses and be comfortable sharing the altar with them.

20 Beyoncé Stole The Show At Her Mama’s Wedding

When Beyoncé’s mama Tina Knowles Lawson got married to Richard Lawson in 2015, she looked stunning in a simple white outfit. Tina decided to include her daughters, Solange and Beyoncé in the bridal party, along with Kelly Rowland, her step-daughter Bianca, and niece Angie Beynice. She also thought it would be a nice idea to have an all-white themed wedding, which she told People was something that Beyoncé did for her wedding, as well as Solange and Rowland.

Tina may have thought this was a great idea because “It’s just elegant, and white represents the purity of love,” but it may have been a mistake on her part because Beyoncé looked like the blushing bride when she wore a delicate lace dress, complete with a flower crown and a wonderful shade of plum lipstick. Seriously, she looks amazing!

19 Don't Ask Margot Robbie To Be A Bridesmaid Unless You Want To Be Stood Up

It’s always great when women are not intimidated by their incredibly beautiful friends, because after all, women are meant to empower and uplift each other. But when you invite Margot Robbie to a wedding and put her in a delicate seafoam green satin slip with floral details, then it’s virtually impossible not to look at her.

In fact, the bridesmaid's dress was such a good choice, that countless fashion publications, including Marie Claire, reported on it (FYI, it’s a Zimmermann dress).

Robbie is one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood, and when her friend Julia Koenig got married in 2017 to husband Nicholas Chalmers, she wanted her friend to serve as a bridesmaid in the wedding, which according to InStyle was held in Kauai, Hawaii.

Robbie obviously accepted the offer and attended the ceremony with flowers in her hair, giving the outfit a relaxed, boho-chic type of look.

18 Cara Delevingne Wowed In White At Her Sister’s Wedding

When Poppy Delevingne got married to James Cook, just three months after her sister Chloe Delevingne got hitched, she had not one, but two weddings.

The weddings both took place in 2014, and the first was a traditional affair held at St Paul's Church in Kensington, which saw the bride wed in a white dress custom made by Chanel.

But she also made the decision to allow her maid of honor, Cara Delevingne, to wear a white dress, Glamour reports.

The dress had flutter detail and was also a Chanel creation, and if people had not known who the bride was it would have been easy to mistaken Cara for the lady of the moment.

17 It Was Hard To Take Your Eyes Off The Kardashian Clan At Kimye’s Wedding

When Kim Kardashian got married for the third time (and hopefully the last), it was to Kanye West, and she ensured that this was the wedding that would outshine all the rest.

The couple had a lavish celebration that started in Paris and ended in Italy, where the couple had their rehearsal dinner at Versailles and married at the Forte di Belvedere in Florence, Brides reports.

The entire wedding is believed to have cost around $2.8 million, which is not hard to believe, considering all the jet-setting and the fact that Kim Kardashian West wore two gowns; a lace custom-made couture Givenchy gown, and a more relaxed, plunging Balmain dress. But, as seems to be a bit of a trend among celebrities, Kardashian also decided to let her bridal party wear white, and considering how beautiful her siblings are, she had to share the attention with them on her big day. Especially since their mermaid style dresses almost looked like wedding dresses, too.

16 Pippa Middleton Is The Most Famous Bridesmaid Of Them All

Out of all the celebrity bridesmaids, Pippa is probably the most famous. And after people spotted her on the televised wedding of Britain's elite, which took place on April 29, 2011, at Westminster Abbey in London, she became a worldwide sensation.

Many people were speaking about Pippa and the Alexander McQueen dress she wore, which clung to her figure in all the right places, especially her bottom.

People created a Top Body Moment which she topped in 2011, and at an event in 2014, the publication claims Pippa said, “As I have found out, recognition has its upside, its downside and – you may say – its backside” adding that her gown, “fitted a little too well.”

15 Onlookers Claimed Taylor Swift ‘Looked Gorgeous’ At Her BFF’s Celebration

Taylor Swift has been a bridesmaid more than once, but the time that she really stood out was when she attended her best friend Abigail Anderson’s wedding in 2017. According to People, the wedding took place in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, and while the bride looked pretty in a white and light pink dress, it was Swift who caught everyone’s attention when she appeared alongside her BFF in a long maroon gown (which is a great color on her).

“She looked gorgeous,” a local told People magazine. “She had dark red lips, and carried her friend’s train as they went into the church. Security asked the crowd not to rush her.” That’s the problem with having a super famous friend…

14 Kate Bosworth's Honor As Bridesmaid May Have Been Her Last Because She Was So Stunning

It’s not just bridesmaids who wear white who steal the show, as Kate Bosworth proved when she attended her friend and former assistant Jacqui Louez’s wedding. The celebrations took place in 2008, and were held at a waterside restaurant, Spitlers Restaurant, The Daily Telegraph reports.

The publication also noted that the bride wore a cream beaded gown and that it was the first time that Bosworth was granted the honor of bridesmaid.

However, it may have been the last considering how many headlines she made because of her role. She stunned in a black satin floor-length dress and completed the look with her hair pulled back in a chic updo.

13 Lauren Conrad Was A Walking Advertisement At Her Friend’s Wedding

In 2017, just weeks after giving birth, Lauren Conrad was a bridesmaid at her friend Cassie Herschenfeld and Ben Katz's wedding, which was held at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa in Ojai in California. Conrad looked stunning in a light gray maxi dress with thigh slit, and she got a lot of attention for her presence in the wedding, becoming the topic of several headlines.

An onlooker even spoke to E! News about the day, explaining how the former reality star had gotten ready with the bridesmaids but went back to her room several times to check on her newborn, who was being cared for by a nanny.

And according to Us Weekly, this outing was also a fantastic advertisement for Conrad's own line, Paper Crown, because that’s where the dress was from.

12 Rose Byrne’s Creamy Gown Got Her A Lot Of Attention

Rose Byrne may have been one of the stars in the hit comedy Bridesmaids, but she has also been a bridesmaid in real-life, and an incredibly beautiful one at that.

Seriously, how can she be that gorgeous.

According to Hello Magazine in 2012, she attended the intimate wedding of her best friend Krew Boylan (who she has known since school), at the Billich Gallery in Australia.

News.com revealed, "Rose wouldn't have missed it for the world,” but she also stole the bride's thunder a little when she stepped out next to her wearing a lacy cream dress, that was designed by Collette Dinnigan dresses, and nude Prada heels.

11 Miranda Kerr Looked Pretty In White For Her Brother's Big Day

In 2016, Miranda Kerr was a bridesmaid at her brother Matty Kerr’s wedding to his partner Jimmy Wright! According to E! News, the wedding was an outdoor ceremony which took place at Nanna Kerr's Kitchen in Hunter Valley, Australia.

Therese Kerr (Matty and Miranda’s mother) spoke to The Daily Telegraph about the celebrations, saying, “It’s beautiful — I’m actually celebrant. We don’t need an Australian government or the law [gay marriage is not legal in Australia] to tell us what love is. We are proud as punch.”

Ahead of the celebrations, Miranda also told the publication that there was a lot of excitement surrounding her brother’s big day. She said, “I’m part of his wedding party — it should be so nice. I just celebrated with him. He had his little celebration with all of his friends, it was nice to be able to get together." But the reason Miranda grabbed all the attention is that she was wearing a white lace dress which looked perfect on her!

10 The Olsen Twins Were The Perfect Alternative Bridesmaids

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen attended a wedding where the bride, Cassie Coane, had a ridiculously big bridal party (a total of 18 bridesmaids), she also decided to opt for alternative dresses for her New York celebrations. But even in alternative dresses, the Olsen twins can steal the bride’s thunder because they are the queens of fashion.

Seriously... they're the some of the only two actresses who made the transition successfully 

According to Cosmopolitan, Mary-Kate wore a floral robe, which she paired with metallic green mules, while her sister Ashley’s dress was a black gown with oversized, brocade sleeves.

And since the Olsen twins are so seldom on social media, there was obviously a hype about their attendance.

9 Nina Dobrev's First-Ever Bridesmaid Experience Was A Good One

Julianne Hough had the wedding of her dreams at Lake Coeur d’Alene in Idaho. Hough wore a classic strapless gown for the ceremony and then changed her dress for the reception into a three-piece ensemble designed by Marchesa, but her dresses were not the only ones worth mentioning. She also chose to put her bridesmaids (one of whom was Nina Dobrev) in pale pink custom-made Marchesa dresses.

Dobrev looked beautiful in her gown, and she spoke about the wedding experience in an interview with PeopleStyle, saying, “Well I have to tell you, it was my first ever bridesmaid experience I ever had. Julianne and Brooks popped my cherry — in a way! [laughs]”

8 Emma Roberts Sashayed Down The Aisle In Ivory

Kara Smith's wedding was held at a vineyard in Santa Ynez, Santa Barbara, a destination which she told Vogue was her “happy place.” It was also the place where she and her husband to be, Nick Walker, first exchanged their “I love yous,” so it made sense to have their wedding at a spot that was filled with memories.

No one can say that Smith didn’t look amazing on her wedding day, but it was Emma Roberts turn to be a bridesmaid at her friend’s celebrations.

She looked equally beautiful. Roberts and the other bridesmaids all wore ivory or cream Elkin dresses, and on the bride’s direction they skipped and sashayed down the aisle.

7 Publications Claimed Naomi Watts Almost Outshone The Bride

Naomi Watts looked so beautiful when she served as the chief bridesmaid during her good friend, film publicist Emma Cooper’s wedding, that Daily Mail was blunt about the actress stealing the bride’s thunder and their headline was this: “Chief bridesmaid Naomi Watts almost outshines the bride in pretty white dress.”

This may seem harsh, but there is no denying that Watts looked amazing on the day in a knee-length white lace dress.

The ceremony happened in 2010, and was held at the Shore Chapel in Sydney in Australia, and Watts was not the only celebrity in attendance because her longtime partner Liev Schreiber gave the third reading at the ceremony, Stylist reports.

6 Paris Hilton Trusted Her Sister To Make Her Look Like A Goddess

When Nicky Hilton got married (technically for the second time since she also got hitched in Las Vegas years before) to James Rothschild in Kensington Gardens' Orangery venue in London, it was a day that saw no expense spared.

The bride wore a stunning lace Valentino dress, which according to a release from the fashion house, is made up of “three different tones of ivory and silver guipure richly embellished with crystals," People reports.

But all eyes were not only on the bride, they were also on the bride’s older sister, Paris Hilton.

It was an obvious choice to ask her sister Paris to be a part of her big day, and she chose to dress her in a powder blue chiffon gown which was custom-made by Dennis Basso.

Paris was not fussy about what her sister was going to put her in, and she told People ahead of the wedding that she didn’t intend to give her input on the gown. She said, “It’s her day so whatever she wants me to wear, I will. But I know that Nicky has impeccable taste so the bridesmaid dresses are going to be beautiful.”

5 Kirsten Dunst’s Bridesmaid Duties Has Us Excited For Her Big Day

Kirsten Dunst has served as a bridesmaid more than once, but it was the pretty gown she wore to her childhood friend Cindy McGee’s wedding in Italy that really stood out. In 2017, Dunst stepped out in a blush colored tulle gown that was fitted on the top half of the body, and then went into a more flowy fit at the bottom.

If she looked this stunning as a bridesmaid, we can only imagine how beautiful she will look at her own wedding.

Dunst is marrying Jesse Plemons, and according to The DailyMail her dress will be designed by Rodarte designers Laura and Kate Mulleavy, who also wrote and directed the film, Woodshock.

4 Lady Gaga Ditched The Eccentric Style And Became A Classic Lady

In Lady Gaga’s earlier fame she was known for loving some pretty out-there things, and her fashion choice was bold and bright. But in 2013, she did not turn up in a meat dress for her childhood friend’s Bo O’Connor's wedding, rather she looked elegant and every bit a lady.

(I mean, who can ever forget about the meat dress...)

People reports that Gaga wore a pink champagne halter-neck dress by Twobirds, and finished the look with a flower in her hair when she served as a bridesmaid for O'Connor's big day.

And then two years later, Gaga stole another bride’s thunder when she wore a beautiful lilac dress to celebrate her friend's wedding in New Orleans, InStyle reports.

3 Katharine McPhee Had A Simple Gown, But She Still Turned Heads

Katharine McPhee was the maid of honor at her older sister’s wedding, and even though the dress was a simple plunging design, the pale pink color and the cut really suited McPhee, making it hard for her not to overshadow her sibling.

The wedding took place in 2012 and was held in a church in Los Angeles. According to Huffington Post, ahead of the celebrations, McPhee made it clear that she was excited to play a special role in her sister’s wedding. She tweeted before the nuptials, writing, “Hope everyone had a gr8 long weekend! I am off to LA tomorrow for many things. One being my Sisters wedding!!”

2 Keira Knightley Only Temporarily Overshadowed Her Sister-In-Law

When Keira Knightley married James Righton in the south of France, she chose to keep her wedding simple yet chic, wearing a tulle knee-length Chanel dress. We have established that this hemline really works for her, and it’s one that she first got to wear when she was granted the honor of being a bridesmaid in her brother’s wedding in 2011.

She towered over the bride in her black pumps and looked exceptional in the mulberry shade of the tulle dress, which also had a knee-length hemline.

And although she looked as though she had stolen the bride’s thunder, that was only temporary.

The reason I say this is because she later told Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa (via Metro) that she had spilled drinks and curry on the dress that night.

1 Of Course, Rihanna Is Going To Steal The Bride's Thunder — She's Rihanna!

When you ask Rihanna to be in your bridal party, you have to expect that a lot of the attention is going to be taken away from you. After all, she’s Rihanna, and everything she does gets attention. The singer served as a bridesmaid for her good friend and assistant Jennifer Morales, who got married during an oceanside ceremony in Hawaii in 2015.

According to Brides Magazine, the pretty lilac dress she wore was a Badgley Mischka creation. The dress hugged RiRi’s curves in all the right places, and she obviously realized this because she was excited to share a photo of herself and the rest of the bridal party on Instagram, along with the caption, “bridesmaids.”

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