Pixar Characters Will Enter Our World Via New Disney+ Series Pixar IRL

Pixar IRL will feature all of your favorite characters from some of Disney's most iconic movies but in the real world rather than a computer-animated one.

At the time of typing this, the launch of Disney+ in the US is less than a week away. The new streaming service has got us excited for a number of reasons. Not only the new MCU and Star Wars TV shows that it will host, but the long list of pre-existing Disney content which will be available on the platform.

Honestly, judging by the mammoth Twitter thread Disney created a few weeks ago, it seems as if every movie and TV show it has ever created will be on the platform from launch. That's worth the price of entry alone, which will be less per month than Netflix. There's even more to be excited about than what we have already mentioned, though.

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In particular, an original TV series that Disney has appropriately dubbed Pixar IRL. Don't worry, the project isn't exactly what the title makes it sound like. Pixar IRL isn't just another live-action remake of a Disney movie. Truth be told, we're not sure how one would go about creating a live-action version of A Bug's Life anyway.

No, as you can see from the trailer above, Pixar IRL is a show featuring elements and characters from iconic Pixar movies walking among us. Wall-e using a crosswalk, the CDA agents from Monsters Inc hosing down infected areas, and members of the pubic using the control panel from Inside Out to control people's emotions, among other things. It will feature Disney Pixar characters as we have never seen them before.

The most annoying thing about most Disney+'s original content has been how long we have to wait for it. As with Marvel movies, MCU TV shows require a lot of production and won't be on the platform for a while. As for Pixar IRL, all of the legwork has been done and the show will be available on Disney+ from launch. The platform launches in the US on November 12, 2019, with further roll-outs to be announced.

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