10 Things That Make No Sense About Pixar Movies (And 10 Fan Theories That Do)

If you are between the ages of 13 and 30, chances are that you grew up on a steady diet of Disney and Pixar films. Though many other companies did produce their own child-oriented/family-friendly films, none of them really measured up to the empire that is the Disney-Pixar cooperation. And since these movies hold such a special place in our collective hearts it can be difficult to ask questions about them and voice our confusions/curiosities. But questions need not be negative.

Just because you are curious about an aspect of a series does not mean that you are bashing it or that you have to be negative in your criticism/queries. One can question a beloved series or piece of media in a loving and respectful manner. The internet can get so negative at times so it is important to inject positivity into the mix wherever we can. And that is what we are here to do today. So, in the spirit of positivity, let's explore a few questions we have about the Pixar universe.

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20 Make No Sense: How Did They Remove Supers From Society?

Via Rolling Stone

The main situation that drives the plot of The Incredibles is the fact that the superheroes that dedicated their lives to save the people of the world were outcasted by society and, essentially, removed in the most humane way possible. But how was this done? How did the government explain the sudden lack of supers to the world? Before the supers came back, did the children know that they even existed or did the government burn all evidence of their role and write them out of history? Did they have to keep their secret because of prejudice or because no one remembered they even existed?

19 Fan Theory: Bug's Life And Cars Take Place After The Apocalypse

Via Pixar Planet

In order to explain the human influence yet absence in both A Bug's Life and the Cars films, some fans believe that these films occur after a world-ending event that wiped out humanity. The theory states that the bugs simply survived the incident and that the cars are evolved forms of AI. Though the fact that Flik and Heimlich appear in the second Toy Story film pokes a few holes in that theory as humans are very present in said film. However, it is very possible that the Cars films take place in a world where humans have ceased to exist. It would explain many things including cultural influences and historical parallels.

18 Make No Sense: What Does The Existence Of Sarge Imply?

Via Mega Wallpapers

The Cars series takes place in an alternate universe where cars are the dominant life form on Earth. One of the cars from the first film is a WWII veteran jeep named Sarge. The existence of this character means that WWII also occurred in the cars universe. Which has a lot of very serious implications that Disney might not have considered. If they had, they might have scraped this character altogether. What other dark spots in human history also existed in the cars universe?

17 Fan Theory: Finding Nemo Discusses The Five Stages Of Grief

Via Pilot PMR

This theory states that Nemo did not make it after touching the boat (though some believe that he perished in the same incident that ended his mother) and that Marlin, unable to accept his loss, searches far and wide for the one thing that he will never find. And that his journey reflects the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. However, Nemo does make it home at the end of the film but avid lovers of this theory believe that Nemo is either a hallucination or that Marlin loses his life in the journey and is reunited with his son.

16 Make No Sense: Do Super Children Require Special Pediatricians?

Via Slash Film

Plainly put, there is no way that the super children in The Incredibles films have the same physiology as standard children. Also, young supers are most likely not the best at keeping their powers hidden and if something negative occurs in the doctors' office, such as a vaccination, they might accidentally unleash their powers on the poor pediatrician. This could be very dangerous to their need to keep their existence secret if they are not given special doctors trained in how to care for super children and how to treat their unique physiology.

15 Fan Theory: A War Proceeded Monsters Inc

Via Metro

Some people believe that the reason that there is an energy crisis in Monsters Inc is because of the "fact" that there was a war between the human race and the Monster world. This war caused division between the two species and, during this battle, the monsters discovered that human emotion can create power. The monsters lost the war and retreated to the shadows. However, they sought their revenge through this discovery. This is why they prioritized negative emotions over the more powerful positive ones.

14 Make No Sense: How Was Bug Society Founded?

Via Her

In A Bug's Life, the bugs that we meet have a monarchy and a fully functioning society with bars, circuses, and plays. Did they discover these human-like social structures and places by cultural osmosis from living so close to humans? Did they pick up on our behavior and integrate it into their own society? Or did they form these structures on their own without any influence or guidance? Did their society accidentally mimic ours or was it directly influenced by human behavior?

13 Fan Theory: Randall Is Andy's Monster

Via Pixar Planet

Though some brushed off the moment where Randall blends in with Andy's cloud-covered wallpaper while training on the Scare Floor as a cute little Easter Egg, not everyone was convinced. Some believe that Randall was practicing with this specific wallpaper because he was the monster that was assigned to Andy. This theory begs the question: does a child get one monster until they age out of the system? If so, how does the monster find the child's new home if they move? Or are they simply tied to the house itself?

12 Make No Sense: What Does The Good Dinosaur Mean For Evolution?

Via Microsoft

In the human world, dinosaurs and humans sadly did not exist during the same period of time. However, the Disney-Pixar universe does not follow the same rules nor history as ours as proved by the film The Good Dinosaur. In this film, a proto-type human of sorts and a dinosaur become friends and grow alongside one another. Does this mean that, in the Disney-Pixar universe, humans and dinosaurs walked the Earth together? What implications does this have for evolution, paleontology, and the growth of human society? What event could have wiped out the dinosaurs but left humankind alone?

11 Fan Theory: Are The Cars The Next Step In Human Evolution?

Via Vulture

The vehicles that live in the Cars universe are not normal cars. They have teeth, tongues, eyes, and other parts that have been clearly influenced by human physiology. They have knowledge of certain biological functions orientated around waste (as shown by one of Mater's jokes in the first film) and such things have caused fans to wonder why. There is a theory that states that these cars are the next stage in human evolution and it occurs after robots take over the planet.

10 Make No Sense: How Do The Toys Keep Their Sentience A Secret?

Via YouTube

Does every single toy in the Toy Story universe go through the same thing that Buzz went through in the first film? Do they all need to be broken down and told that they are a toy? Do they all believe, at first, that they are real people? If so, how could they possibly keep their sentience a secret from the children of the world? If a child received a single toy that was not yet educated on the proper decorum and had no other pre-existing toys to show him the way, wouldn't he talk to the child as if they were equals?

9 Fan Theory: Edna Gave Syndrome His Cape

Via Pixar Planet

We have to admit that The Incredibles is one of the most quotable Disney-Pixar films of all time. Truly an instant classic. I nearly named myself after Violet when changing my name but my synesthesia turned the name into a sickly shade of silver that made me go down a different path. One of the most quoted lines is Edna's cape rant which is ironic considering how the villain is finally eliminated. So there is a theory that states that Syndrome forced Edna to make him a super suit and she included a cape because she knew that it would lead to his downfall eventually.

8 Make No Sense: Where Are The Humans in the Cars Universe?

Via Bustle

Where are the humans? Does Cars truly exist in an alternate universe where cars are the dominant lifeform on Earth (or an Earth-like planet?) Or did something else happen? If the world in which the cars series occurs is the same as ours (and some historical parallels mentioned in this article lead me to believe that it does as there is no reason for sentient cars to engage in their own version of WWII,) then what happened to the humans to wipe them out? And what gifted the cars with sentience?

7 Fan Theory Bing Bong Quit The Monster World

Via USA Today

There is a fan theory that states that Bing Bong, from Inside Out, was not an imaginary creature but rather a monster from Sully and Mike's world (Monsters Inc) who was not okay with the ways that they were trained to treat human children and decided to leave Monstropolis and join the human world instead. The theory continues that he took on the role of Riley's imaginary friend when she saw him one day and that he faded away Coco-style because Riley was the only person who remembered him. Until she no longer did.

6 Make No Sense: Is There A Disney Princess Equivalent?

Via Press Form

In Ralph Breaks the Internet, we see that the princess exist online. But other than their own films, they are not really mentioned in the Disney universe at all. Which leads us to believe that they only really exist in their own movies and this one Wreck-It Ralph film. Do the children of the Disney-Pixar world have their own versions of the Disney princesses that we grew up with? Or do they simply live in a world without them? That is rather sad. I could not imagine a world without Cinderella and Rapunzel.

5 Fan Theory: Riley Still Needs To Explore Her Identity

Via Screen Prism

One of the more fascinating sequences in Inside Out is when the film takes the audience through the minds of the other characters and we get to see the emotions that run everyone's minds. It is important to note that, within the minds of every character save for Riley, the emotions are styled to look like the person whose mind they are occupying. However, in Riley's mind, they are all unique with different hairstyles and outfits both from each other and from Riley herself. Many people have speculated that this is because Riley has not fully explored herself and her identity yet so her emotions will not begin to look like her until she settles into her permanent self.

4 Make No Sense: How Old Are Supers When They Learn to Control Their Powers?

Via Access

How old are super children when they learn how to control their powers? In the Harry Potter universe, even trained wizards can occasionally lose control of their magic; producing adverse effects to those around them. It seems as though that Jack-Jack simply did not want to use his powers, that Dash could control his powers but not himself as he kept using them, and that Violet could prevent her powers from coming out of her without warning but was not able to fully control them. Does it vary from person to person? Is personality a factor in control?

3 Fan Theory: The Incredibles Are The Avengers

Via Walt Disney World

In Finding Nemo, a child who can be seen in the dentists waiting room is reading a comic book with The Incredibles on the cover. This prompted the fan theory that The Incredibles are a fictional family within the Pixar universe, like the Avengers. That they exist only as comic book superheroes and that the films about their family are actual films from the Pixar universe that characters from the other films could watch as well. I do not know how true this theory is; however it is always fascinating to consider the pop culture that exists within the media we consume.

2 Make No Sense: Do The Adults Forget About Their Own Monsters?

Via Pop Sugar

If I grew up in a world where monsters would regularly crawl out of my closet, I would not only never forget that. But I would also buy a home, as an adult, with no closets whatsoever and would warn my children about the creatures, for their own safety. Did all of the adults in the Monsters Inc world forget about the creatures that would visit them in the night? Did they repress the memories? Does the monster enchant you on their final visit so you forget? Do people simply assume it never occurred and was just a silly childhood fear?

1 Fan Theory: Everything Is Connected


This is one of the most popular Disney-Pixar fan theories; and for good reason. This fan theory states that every single one of the films in the Pixar world is connected. That the old witch from Brave is Boo, which is why Sully is carved into wood in her hut. That Buy N' Large was the company that created the batteries that powered Buzz Lightyear and eventually took over the world, forcing Carl out of his home and humans off of the planet as their power grew too large. The theories that tie these stories together are almost more fascinating than the films themselves.

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