Plane Crash Survivor Reunited With The Man Who Saved Him After 30 Years

A man who survived a plane crash that took place in 1989 was reunited with his rescuer for the first time since that day on the tragic incident's 30th anniversary.

Human beings are scared of a lot of things. Spiders, snakes, enclosed spaces. The most common one of all, however, is a fear of heights and flying. Traveling on an airplane can be extremely unsettling, even though the chances of anything going wrong are extremely slim. We have all heard someone say that you are more likely to be in a car crash than a plane crash.

The reason why so many people are afraid of flying is sort of due to exactly that. Since plane crashes are so rare, whenever one happens it'll usually make the news. Plus, more often than not, there are no survivors which just makes the prospect of air travel even scarier.


When a British Midland Boeing 737 went down in the UK 30 years ago, 47 people on board the flight tragically died. However, many of the passengers survived. Some of those survivors and families of those who passed attended a remembrance for those who didn't make it this week on the 30th anniversary of the crash. One of those survivors is Leslie Bloomer and at the remembrance event, he met his rescuer for the first time since he was pulled from the wreckage.

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Police sergeant Bob Salter was his rescuer, and the two were reunited by chance while being interviewed for Sky News. "It was still on fire when myself and another officer climbed onto the wing, took the exit door out, and the first person I saw was Leslie here," Mr. Salter told Sky. "Today was very emotional, meeting him. It feels as though we've been friends for 30 years."

The plane was only traveling from Heathrow to Belfast but was redirected to East Midlands Airport due to engine trouble. The aircraft was in so much trouble that it didn't make it that far. Even though it crashed right alongside the M1 motorway, by some miracle it didn't hit any cars or hurt anybody on the ground. Now that Mr. Bloomer and his rescuer have been reunited, they have said they plan to remain friends from now on.


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