Couple‘s Adorable Airplane Romance Goes Viral

Rosey Blair from Texas live-tweeted her potentially successful matchmaking attempt aboard a flight from New York to Dallas on July 3. Blair, who was traveling with her boyfriend, Houston Hardaway, asked a woman if she would mind switching seats so she could sit with her boyfriend. She joked that perhaps the woman’s new seat partner would be the love of her life.

For the remainder of the flight, Blair tweeted updates to the new “couple’s” blooming romance, as they went from shy exchanges to sharing family photos. The encounter, which has since gone viral and inspired the hashtag #PlaneBae has already been featured on the Today show and Good Morning America.

The woman, who was revealed to be named Helen, was unexpectedly seated next to Euan. Both hit it off rather quickly, sharing the same profession, fitness instruction, which led to an animated conversation on the four-hour flight. As Blair and Hardaway snapped the pair’s every move, the new seatmates discussed everything from marriage to kids.

Soon, more than 300,000 people had retweeted Blair’s thread and nearly a million liked it. Many on Twitter inserted themselves into the conversation, posting selfies and videos. Euan soon earned a new moniker, #PlaneHunk, and a love story for the ages, as well as, the plot of a summer rom-com, was born.

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Eventually, the plane landed and Blair snapped a few farewell shots of, presumably, the new couple as they left the airport together with matching carry-ons. As the life of the Twitter tale progressed, it was revealed that Euan, a Scottish-American former soccer player, and current model, is the brother of Stu Holden, the former United States soccer player and current World Cup commentator.

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On the Today show, Euan commented that Helen is “a very, very, very lovely girl.” Adding that she’s “very attractive, very beautiful, and has a lot to say for herself.” In the meantime, Helen’s identity remains unknown, which lends itself to a potential sequel, When Euan Met Helen, II, perhaps?

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