• Meg Schwamb, Mike Brown, and Davin Rabinowitz discovered the planet 10 years ago on their telescope

  • The planet has since been known as 2007 OR10.

  • The astronauts have asked the public to vote on the name of the planet.

  • The options are Gonggong, Holle, or Vili.

  • Gonggong is a Chinese red-haired water god known for creating chaos, flooding the land, and tilting the Earth.

  • Holle is a European winter goddess of fertility and rebirth, and she is also the patron god of household crafts

  • Vili is a Nordic deity who helped Odin and Vé defeat the frost giant Ymir, with whose body he created the universe.

  • Voting closes on May 10th, so those who want to contribute to the planet’s name should speak up soon

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