10 Planters You Need For The Summer

Plants are some of the most beneficial things to have around your home. They're healers, pleasers and soothers. For your mental and physical well-being, it's important to add a little bit of greenery to your life. This summer, add some leafy friends to your world with these cute, classy and charming planters.

Whether you're into quirky animals or nostalgic wagons and bicycles, there's something on this list for every gardener - from novice, to those with thumbs so green they are nicknamed Hulk. Grab some soil, pop on a pair of gloves and keep a lemonade handy - it's time to get planting.

10 Levitating Magnetic Pot


This pot is trippy and beautiful at the same time. An amazing conversation starter, it will stay lifted up off of the base and hover, impressing and mystifying your guests. It's made of bamboo, a more eco-friendly material than some of its counterparts, so if you love plants and nature, you're doing them yet another favor with this pot.

The base plugs in and emits a magnetic force, causing your plant to float magically. This is a great choice for a bonsai or a small plant like a succulent, that you want to have as a central piece in your space.

9 Macrame Plant Hanger


This style is for lovers of all things vintage and hand made. A boho-chic version of a regular plastic plant hanger, this macrame creation adds a softness and a retro, cool feel to a room or a patio. The vintage vibe is calming and the hanger cradles a plant softly, allowing it room to breathe, soak up sun and thrive.

This also makes a great gift for anyone who loves to have plants growing around them, especially as a housewarming or wedding gift. The structure is sturdy and versatile, easy to display hanging from a ceiling or on a wall hook.

8 Ceramic Boot and Bird Planters


These planters are cute and fun, with a wholesome design and a story enveloped in the visual of the little birds perched on the ends of the boots. Inspired by the DIY practise of planting inside of old boots, these colorful additions will pop in your home and keep you smiling and breathing easy.

The pots are 4 inches long and work with a variety of plants. The bottom of the pots have drainage holes, to prevent buildup within the ceramic and to keep your plants healthy and fresh. These are charming and rustic, with plenty of comforting character and shine.

7 Rainbow Unicorn Pot


This is an adorable pot, with a peaceful, smiling unicorn sporting a bright mane of rainbow stripes. This pot works indoors or outdoors and is functional for larger or smaller spaces, so it's perfect for a balcony or an apartment.

This is a great purchase or gift for a young gardener, as it has a whimsical charm that will appeal to little ones. The product comes in a gift box, handy if you plan on presenting it to a loved one. The pot is fun, pretty and magical, made of ceramic and with a wide brim at the top for happy flowers, behind a charming yellow horn.

6 Tricycle Plant Stand


For a garden or patio that needs a little Parisian style, this plant stand is perfect and simple. The bronze bicycle features a large front wheel and two smaller rear wheels, with curved, vintage handlebars reaching back from the front.

Three pots can be displayed on the stand, one at the front where the basket would be, one over the seat and one at the rear. This is an excellent stand-alone planter to have in a home or on a patio, or a beautiful addition to a larger gardening project, where sculptures and decorations are incorporated into the design.

5 Flamingo Planters


This set contains one smaller and one larger flamingo stand. The shorter of the two is about 14 inches high and the larger is about 19 inches. These two form a cute pair, to fill with bright flowers or tropical green leaves.

The stands cradle coconut shell pots, to place your plants inside. These are perfect for a garden or an indoor space that needs a little tropical love. They are a bright and fun addition to any planting project, with their swirly, cheerful structure around the heads and tails. They make a perfect set to pair together, or can be displayed separately in different areas, to create a continuing motif.

4 3 Tier Garden Cart Planter


This planter supports three levels of growing creations, adding a rustic, vintage feel to your space. The design is meant for a covered, protected area, in order to keep the stain looking sharp, but if your interest is in using it outdoors where it can age to a more rough, country look, it's great for that too.

The structure takes up about the same amount of space as one large pot, with decorative wheels at the rear to enhance the cart feel. This would also work as a storage device for your gardening supplies if you are looking for a chic way to have your tools handy.

3 Sloth Pot


This ceramic pot features a friendly-looking sloth, smiling with his head turned to the side. He is balanced on his back with his arms and legs curled around, to embrace whatever plant you choose to place in his protective hug.

This position also gives the illusion that the sloth is hanging off of the plant itself, which is a fun visual. The pot is meant for indoor spaces and is perfect for cheering up an office, bringing a peaceful green friend into a bedroom or livening up a living room. The pot comes in a gift box if you are treating your friends to some sloth indulgence.

2 Owl Pots


These little owl pots are made of baked clay and styled to give off a warm, homey vibe. Each pot features a different owl for your choosing, with various choices of colors and shapes. These are best used in a home, to display succulents or other small plants. They look beautiful on a window sill, bookshelf or desk.

The colors of the pots work with a variety of decorating schemes, able to be an accent piece within a clean and sleek space, or a quirky item perched in a room that has more of an eclectic feel. These make a great sweet and simple gift for a loved one (or yourself) and are a wonderful way to show that you care.

1 Amish Wagon Planter


This wagon planter displays pots in a rustic, charming fashion, with big, decorative wheels and red painted wood. The two sections allow for creative arrangements of flowers, plants, tools, supplies or other decorations.

This planter is a great aesthetic for any season. When the summer's over and you need to remove your plants, you can replace them with other fall or winter-appropriate decorations (pumpkins, anyone)? This works for indoor or outdoor spaces, with the wagon itself measuring 21 3/4 inches long. For summertime cheer and an elegant country feel, hop on the wagon and enjoy this sweet planter.

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