Get Rid Of Mosquitoes Using These Beautiful And Functional Plants

Summer nights are magical and relaxing with the late sunshine and warm weather. Unfortunately, a lot of outdoor time, especially at night, is often tainted by pesky little mosquitoes. The little guys can be relentless leaving us with itchy red bumps and a risk of serious disease. They can get so bad, you may even start avoiding the outdoors.

The only things that seem to tame these beasts are the super strong chemicals in a DEET-based bug spray. It smells awful and cannot be good for us to inhale or absorb into our skin. But fear not, an insect repellent planter may be the all-natural answer. There are many plants and flowers that will naturally repel mosquitoes and other bugs making your outdoor time much more enjoyable.

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Lemongrass, citronella, geranium, marigold, and lavender are just some of the most common plants that could help repel little pests. All of these are commonly found in nurseries and can be easily planted around your home. Terra Greenhouses advised people to make their own insect repellent planters using a wide array of plants and flowers easily found in their nurseries.

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There are even more natural repellents than listed above and the best news is that most of these repellents are very pretty. Not only will they protect you from the bugs but they can give your home some curb appeal and add some beautiful florals to your outdoor space. These planters can be hung around porches or on outdoor tables. They can really go anywhere you need them. If you're outside getting bit, make a planter to protect yourself.

Citronella is the most well-known plant that repels mosquitoes. It also comes in the form of candles, but combined with some geraniums makes for a pretty arrangement. Lavender is a great scent to us but it is offensive to mosquitoes. As is the scent of basil. Keep all of these plants in mind when planning your fall annual garden and keep them in mind for next spring's planting season.

Mosquitoes can carry and possibly pass on diseases such as malaria, West Nile virus, and dengue fever. Any added protection against these pests is worth it.How do you keep mosquitoes at bay? Flowers or spray? Let us know in the comments!

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