20 PlayStation Hacks Sony Doesn't Want You To Know About

Over the past couple of decades, Sony has built a gaming empire that has impressed many through stellar games and stunning hardware. And while you’d be hard-pressed to find a casual player who’s disappointed by the company’s releases, there will always be those who crave more; more titles to play and more imaginative ways to use their consoles and accessories.

While there are some features of Sony’s systems that are just well-kept secrets, getting the consoles to perform the exact tasks you want them to often requires a bit of creativity (and a lot of technological wizardry). Sony’s systems are undoubtedly some of the best pieces of home entertainment on the market. But if you’re looking for that little bit extra, you’ll have to work a little harder and dig a little deeper.

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20 PlayStation 4 Homebrew Store

via logic-sunrise.com

Compared to your homebrew options on the PSP and Vita, the PS4 Homebrew Store is relatively new as it was only launched earlier this year. It’s now the best option for players who want homebrew apps, games, and emulators on their home consoles.

The system itself must be hacked in order to download it, but if you’re comfortable with doing so, the steps are laid out for you.

19 Upgrade Your PS4's Hard Drive

via ps4storage.com

Does your PS4 not have enough space? Do you not feel like dealing with the process of deleting and re-downloading your games? Well, if you possess the know-how, it’s possible to replace your system’s hard drive with a new one.

Guides for such things can be found all across the internet. Sony probably doesn’t love the whole “self-improve” process and this naturally voids warranties.

18 PS3Xploit

via techspot.com

There are all kinds of different programs that hack systems of any kind so that players can use them for whatever they want. And one of the most famous for the PlayStation 3 is called PS3Xploit.

Released in 2017, it only works for certain models and specifically for the 4.82 version of the firmware. It allows for various homebrew apps and games, but you better know what you’re doing.

17 Uncover Hidden PS4 Trophies

via digitalspy.com

Consoles are always receiving updates to their firmware to make them run more smoothly, but many features sometimes fly under the radar of certain players.

One helpful feature for completionists was the ability to uncover hidden trophies for each game. However, you can also select “Options,” search the internet, and find any handy guide to show you how to obtain any trophy you want.

16 Play Emulators On The PSP

via Youtube.com - Simple Alpaca

As the PSP is fairly old by now, there are plenty of ways to download emulators to play classic games regardless of which console they appeared on.

Doing so requires downloading a custom firmware, or CFW, and the steps are relatively easy to follow. It just depends on which model you have. The newer, the worse off you are.

15 Get Better PS4 Audio

via thingiverse.com

If the audio on your PS4 just isn’t cutting it, you can always head to your local electronics store and purchase a USB sound card to improve it. There are plenty of Sony approved ones, so this isn’t really a hack in the traditional sense.

However, what Sony probably doesn’t want you to know is that there are also plenty of third party ones for much cheaper that work just as well, if not better.

14 Share Games With Friends

via Youtube.com - Ali

If a fellow PS4 pal logs into your console, it then gives you access to one of the best features of the PS4 that never gets talked about: loads of free games.

As long as they aren’t logged in to their console, you can switch over to their profile and download any of their digital titles. You have to be logged in as them to play, but free is free.

13 Convert PS1 Games To Portable Format

via reddit.com

This handy trick requires one of many CFWs for the PSP, but it definitely sounds worth the trouble. If you still happen to have your old PS1 games, you can convert them into a digital format and take them with you on the go.

It also requires a program called PSX2PSP, but there are plenty of how-to guides detailing what you need to do.

12 Increase The PS4's Internet Speeds

via androidcentral.com

Ever feel like your PS4’s internet speed is moving much more slowly than they should? Well there’s a fix for that. Like many entries on this, you can easily find guides on what to do with a quick search.

You have to change the primary and secondary DNS fields within the internet settings, but it’s a small amount of time to pay, especially if you often play online.

11 The Ethernet Cable Trick

via digitaltrends.com

Download times can be pretty big drag, specifically if you’re waiting for a particularly big game to download to your system. Thankfully, there’s a little trick that can help move that bar more quickly. All you need is an Ethernet cable.

An Ethernet connection naturally makes the downloads go faster. Unplugging it, waiting a few seconds, and plugging it back in, for whatever reason, also speeds up the process.

10 Use A Proxy Server For Faster Downloads

via psu.com

If you don’t own an Ethernet cable, there’s another way to increase your PS4’s download speeds. You just need to download a proxy server to your computer and set your PS4’s internet connection to it.

However, it’s recommended that you revert back to your previous internet connection after the download is complete. There’s a risk of the PS4 malfunctioning when it comes to certain online features.

9 Cheat Plugins For PSP & Vita

via Youtube.com - SebasTorron

If you’re having trouble with certain sections of a game, or if you just want to experience fun nonsense with a game you’ve already completed, there are plenty of cheat plugins you can use for PSP and PS Vita.

TempAR for the PSP and VitaCheat for the Vita are two of the big ones, but they all require a CFW to work.

8 Use A PS4 Controller For PC

via polygon.com

If you love the PlayStation 4’s DualShock controller (and what’s not to love), yet still enjoy the variety of the PC, there is a way to have the best of both worlds.

Though Sony has made it apparent they don’t love playing with other companies, their controller does have Bluetooth capabilities. And with a program called DS4Windows, you can link the PS4 controller to a PC.

7 Use PS VR To Watch 3D Movies

via youtube.com

Sony is obviously more than just a video game company and would probably love it if you bought one of their massively expensive 3D TVs, nut if you own a PS VR, you certainly don’t have to.

This likely wasn’t something they thought of before release, but all you have to do is insert the 3D movie into the console, enable 3D functionality on the headset, and there you go.

6 HENkaku

via Youtube.com - The Zett

If you’re looking for homebrew games, apps, and emulators for your PS Vita, there’s really no better program you could download than HENkaku.

It was first launched when the Vita was in the 3.60 version of its firmware and doesn’t work on any previous version. However, HENkaku has been upgraded with each subsequent firmware to work with it.

5 Turn The PS4 Into A Custom Gaming Laptop

via pocket-lint.com

Yes, if one were so inclined, they could turn their home console into a gaming laptop. However, the process isn’t easy and it certainly isn’t cheap.

A man by the name of Ed Zarick can turn your PS4 into the PlayBook 4 for around $1,200 or $1,500 if you don’t have a PS4 to send him. You're better off following a guide and doesn't it yourself. Unless you have the income.

4 Mod The PlayStation Classic For More Games

via theverge.com

When the PlayStation Classic launched, it wasn’t exactly met with praise. A lack of particular fan-favorite games was one of the most prominent criticisms.

But when compared to other methods on this list, hacking the PlayStation Classic to include the games you want is surprisingly easy. You just need the system, a USB drive, and a program called BleemSync.

3 Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness

via reddit.com

There are many less tech-savvy players who would probably be pretty nervous when it comes to looking under the PS4’s hood. But in some cases, it’s necessary.

For older models, they may have built up quite a bit of dust and grime on their fans, causing them to run slower and emit a troublingly loud sound. Unfortunately, opening older models this way can void a warranty.

2 Get A Trapped Disc Out

via Youtube.com - bonus card

One of the most horrific things that cam happen to a player is to have their console hold their game hostage. If one were ever to encounter this problem with a PS4, there is a relatively simple solution to manually eject the disc.

But you’ll need steady hands as the process requires removing a certain panel and turning a specific, very small screw.

1 Play PS4 Without A DualShock 4 Controller

via shpock

Sony would naturally want each consumer to play games with their own accessories. But you don’t have to play a game with the DualShock 4 controller.

As the system has USB ports, it can be used for all manner of devices. The CronusMAX Plus is a USB stick that allows players to use different controllers. This would also get around having to buy a second PS4 controller.

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