19 Hot Poison Ivy Cosplays That Make Something Grow In Us

Most of Batman’s rogue’s gallery is comprised of absolute psychopaths and pure monsters. Poison Ivy is something else. Dr. Pamela Isley underwent experiments that have given her the power to control plant life as well as make her blood so toxic that the term “a kiss to die for” is literal for her. Most of the time, Ivy attacks humanity as she thinks humans have messed up the planet and it’s time for nature to fight back. However, as twisted as Ivy is, she’s not as evil as other villains. She has been known to help Batman against a common foe and her bond with Harley Quinn does humanize her more.

What sets Ivy apart are her incredible looks with lush red hair and outfits that often are little more than carefully placed leaves on her amazing body. That’s made her one of the best characters for the cosplay circuit to emulate. Some will go all out with costumes emphasizing her sexy looks to others who will take a more subtle approach. Even a few celebrities have managed to make Ivy’s outfit look stunning on them. It’s hard to narrow it down but here are 19 Ivy cosplays guaranteed to stir something in any fan.

19 Pretty Little Ivy


It’s surprising more celebrities don’t dress up as Ivy given how gorgeous the character is and lends itself well to a hot outfit. Shay Mitchell is no stranger to crazy outfits after her years on the hit series Pretty Little Liars. Still, it’s astounding to see her working this great costume with the green dress flaunting her nice legs. Mitchell might joke this is almost normal compared to some of her PLL antics yet she does make for an alluring Ivy.

18 Natural Beauty


You can’t throw a rock on the Internet without finding a post of a cosplayer as Ivy in an outdoor setting. It takes a lot to be unique there, but Shermie nails the look perfectly. She lounges on the bed of leaves and vines like she belongs there with the simple outfit flaunting her great curves and long legs. Her gaze looks good as well to show Ivy’s other-world nature and why any good cosplayer knows the setting helps sell the outfit.

17 Love Lorn


Fans have long loved to imagine a relationship between Ivy and Harley Quinn. Somehow, the two just bounce off each other wonderfully in the old Batman animated series and it’s continued since. Indeed, current DC Comics has them almost an official couple but Harley’s obsession with the Joker mars it. Panchancosplay subtitled this pic “thinking of Harley?” and it fits with her gaze in the distance. That Harley would turn down someone who looks this stunningly gorgeous just proves she’s insane.

16 Jungle Gal


You’d expect Team HARA to go all out for an Ivy cosplay and they don’t disappoint. It looks as if Ivy has taken over some laboratory in the jungle and woe to anyone who was working there at the time. She stands tall in the forest area and the great touch is how it looks like the plants are growing around her at her command. The green lighting mixes with the skin and costume as well as the gorgeous smile wonderfully. It shows Ivy in a natural setting is always best.

15 Back to Nature


A common bit for some cosplayers as Ivy is to pose in an outdoor setting. It makes sense given the villainess is all about “getting back to nature” and the costume fits in well with the plant life. Pion uses that well for a nice set photographed at a forest and mixing in a lot of vines on the wall. It helps the woman looks utterly gorgeous and that wicked smile lends itself brilliantly to playing Ivy. Any look by her would be great but Pion captures Ivy’s floral background well.

14 Beach Look


Some are surprised Ivy insists on staying in Gotham City considering how much she hates “civilization” itself. She’d much rather be in nature and has even been known to hit the beach at times. Lola V showcases the sort of beach wear Ivy would have with her lush leaf pattern perfect for a bikini. The nice red hair is blown back and Lola’s lovely smile showcases how Ivy can enjoy a day off at the beach to get out of Gotham.

13 Scarlet Fever


Something about Ivy’s bright red hair mixed with green adds to her appeal. It’s a reason cosplayers love to go around as her as the shades of the two colors are a terrific mix to use. As befitting her name, Sara Scarlet emphasizes Ivy’s red hair more with a large pair of buns such as Uma Thurman had in Batman and Robin. The tight latex green dress is even better to showcase why this mix of bright red and green is a key reason Ivy is so loved on the cosplay circuit.

12 New 52


In 2011, DC made a huge move with their “New 52.” That meant a fresh start for all their characters, many of which involved makeovers. Ivy was back to her usual “nasty scientist” ways but still looking good despite how her outfit was toned down. Ksana Stankevich showcases it with the tight green outfit marked with leaves, her lush red hair and even the odd facial patterns Ivy had. She’s left that costume behind yet it shows even a “dressed down” Ivy is eye-catching.

11 Bombshell


DC’s Bombshells series is set in an alternate World War II where the various ladies are on opposite sides in the conflict. Ivy is a French singer who unlocks her inner powers to battle the Axis. That includes a great scene controlling plants to take down an entire army. Purelight nicely brings to life Ivy’s great look here with a 1940s pinup girl style including nice heels to show Ivy can be hot in any time period.

10 Cooper’s Ivy


There actually is a comic book mini-series where Ivy and Harley go to Riverdale and get into hijinks with the Archie gang. Let’s face it, those two would fit in perfectly in the insane world of CW’s Riverdale. Madelaine Petsch is a highlight as the borderline nutso Cheryl Blossom whose wicked outfits and more wicked tongue charms viewers. Here, she wonderfully channels Ivy in her outfit and her natural red hair is perfect for the part. If the Arrowverse ever uses Ivy, they should give Petsch a call.

9 Game It Up


Batman: Arkham Asylum is still regarded as one of the greatest super-hero games of all time. It was famous for giving Harley Quinn a crazy makeover that made her a cosplay favorite. For Ivy, the game has her in basically just a red shirt with greenish skin, but she's still very dangerous with her controlling a monster plant to attack Batman. Rossmonster brings that look to wonderful life, sitting down yet standing tall. Even locked up, Ivy can be an enticing danger.

8 Easy Does It


Some Ivy cosplayers go to huge lengths to play Ivy, from painting themselves green to adding in huge leaves. Misa Glitch, however, shows that sometimes doing less actually ends up doing more. She keeps it simple with just a leaf top and thong and the red hair. Yet that simple look speaks volumes in heat, aided by her standing in front of an ivy background. It’s a stunningly hot look which proves Ivy doesn’t need to be dressed up to always infatuate people.

7 Getting Animated


The Batman Animated Series was Ivy’s first showcase outside of the comics. It emphasized how Ivy saw herself always in the right doing whatever it took to defend nature, no matter the cost. GalakatikMermaid shows the latter season look for Ivy with nearly white skin and a darker outfit. It still looks terrific thanks to her voluptuous form and dark hair and the clash of styles mixes in well. It’s a good showcase for one of Ivy’s more famous appearances in media.

6 Steampunk


Among the various alternate Earths of DC Comics is one based on Gotham By Gaslight. This showcases a Gotham City that has a “steampunk” vibe to it, mixing late 19th century technology with super-heroes. Miss Taurus shows what Ivy would look like in this world with a more complex suit mixed with top hat and goggles. It still looks amazingly hot with the unique patterns and reminds one that Ivy is a scientist and would fit into this fun world.

5 Green With Envy


Nikita is quite well known for her terrific cosplays so it’s no shock she goes in for Ivy. The light green look is terrific as she doesn’t overdo it on the paint but makes it look natural. The flowers in the red hair are also good and the addition of the long gloves gives her a more exotic air. It’s helped by her great expression, aloof yet also alluring and shows that Ivy is another notch on Nikita’s impressive list of cosplays.

4 Scout’s Honor


While Ivy is hot on her own, a few cosplayers enjoy mixing her up with characters from other media. Here, The Seamstress Life and BLP Cosplay team up to imagine Ivy and Harley as Sailor Scouts. The joy is that it’s almost as if Harley decided to dress up like this and Ivy is just humoring her. The coloring for the outfit is great with the green and white and mixes with her hair nicely. Ivy as a Scout may seem silly but she pulls it off.

3 The Classic


While she was created in the 1960s, it wasn’t until the ‘80s that Ivy really took off with readers. That increased in the ‘90s with artists emphasizing her looks as well as her eco-friendly attitude despite her villainy. Meryl-Sama gives us a great example of the classic Ivy in her original costume. It may be more sedate compared to other versions but it still looks terrific with her lush legs and great looks. Meryl’s pose reminds readers how Ivy was always a hot lady from the beginning.

2 Reality Queen


She’s toned it down thanks to motherhood and being busy with her business empire and even law school. But once, Kim Kardashian was a major highlight for Hollywood Halloween parties for her revealing costumes. Thus, having her appear as Poison Ivy threw the Internet into a tizzy. Even that dress can’t hide Kim’s epic curves and the red wig looks as perfect as her natural black hair. Her exotic looks lend themselves well to Ivy and prove how Kim makes any outfit look like a million dollars.

1 Fair Lady


Moxiemegan has a great set for Ivy that puts her into a natural setting by a window. The tight green suit still fits her form well and leads to a wonderful lace cloak mixed with real leaves and touches. The sunlight frames her well as does the nice swing. It’s logical for Ivy to just be kicking back and enjoying herself on a nice day and Moxie showcases how the gal can create a very alluring outfit if she wants to.

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