17 Pokémon Cosplay That Ruin Our Childhood (But We're OK With That)

No series has inspired as many cosplays as Pokémon. It’s impossible to attend a comic convention and not see scores of Pokémon outfits abound. Of course, they run the gamut from expertly well done to clearly tossed together at the last minute. Yet they all come together as a reminder of how great the entire franchise really is.

Some outfits are hotter than others thanks to the cosplayers. Several Pokémon outfits can actually skirt what can be worn in public. Lady cosplayers love making these characters look alluring and hot. While pro cosplayers are famous for their skills, even some lesser names are able to put together costumes that may not be so innocent. Here are 17 Pokémon cosplays that may ruin things for a kid but are so hot, one doesn’t mind how they affect the source material.

17 Awesome Ash


This is pretty much a prerequisite. Female Pokémon fans love to do takes on a gender-flipped Ash and many make it look very good. No one has ever topped Jessica Nigri’s famous appearance as a female Ash which burned up the Internet. From the tank top to the pants replaced by a skirt to the short hair while somehow maintaining that smug smile, Nigiri made the ultimate female Ash cosplay that few have been able to come close to matching.

16 Rocking Rocket


It’s common at conventions to spot fans dressed as Team Rocket. Jessie and James are the most famous members of this criminal organization out to steal other Pokémon,  and their appearances lend themselves well to nice outfits. These unnamed cosplayers do a fine job giving them a “punk rock” makeover. The fishnets and boots with the tough jackets may look different yet they also fit the characters perfectly. In any form, Team Rocket knows how to rock things up well.

15 Joining the Enemy


Misty is of course loved by Pokémon fans for her humor, looks, and friendship with Ash. Cosplayers have done scores of outfits for her, many of which are very revealing. But Ireland Reid takes on the idea of Misty turning on Ash to join Team Rocket. It’s absolutely stunning with her yellow colors replaced by black and white. It shows how an evil Misty can be hotter than the regular version.

14 Jolting Jolteon


This electric Pokémon is known for firing itself up with lightning on attack and looking tougher than its “bunny ears” exterior indicates. While many ignore it, Jaycee Cosplay absolutely loves the character and has made several cosplays for it. This almost looks like a take on the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland with the ultra-tight waistcoat and ears complete with the suit “tails.” It all works wonderfully to charge up any cosplay convention.

13 Hot Hilda


While Ash and Misty get the attention, Hilda is a trainer with a good following as well. She’s known for her spunk and originated in Black/White. Me Likey lives up to her nickname with this great cosplay of an older Hilda. It adds a bit of an adult vibe to the usually innocent teen, looking very alluring even as she appears “dressed down.” It’s a good showcase for how Hilda can be just as hot as any trainer out there.

12 Belly Dancing


Cosplay pairs enjoy going together as Umberon and Epson since the characters are the dark and psychic evolutions of Eevee. The always steamy Elyse and Jaimee go the extra mile by dressing the characters up as harem dancers. They look gorgeous in the outfits and ready to cut loose with a hot duet. The balance of colors and decorations is handled just right. The pair balances each other out to create one of the steamiest looks of any Pokémon pairing.

11 Blue And Red


Hailey S and Termina are well known as good friends in the cosplay circuit who often show up together at conventions in matching outfits. That includes this great choice of Gyarados, a Pokémon known for its wild and violent nature. Hailey is in red while Termina takes blue and each looks absolutely terrific. The scale-like armor helps along with the makeup and sharp teeth to turn these usually monstrous creatures into something hot.

10 In The Wild


Boufflant is one of those Pokémon who fans aren’t quite sure how to define. Is it an ox, a bull, a minotaur, or some sort of combination? That actually makes it better for cosplayers as they can spin the look in different ways. HeatherAfter proves that by basically wearing a bearskin suit with huge horns on her head. It’s simple but effective and posing by a river adds to the nature motif. It manages to make this obscure Pokémon stand out nicely.

9 Not So Little


One can do a list of nothing but hot Jessica Nigri Pokémon cosplays. The revered cosplayer is known for going all out with these creatures and every one of them looks terrific. That’s proven by how how she takes the often overlooked Litten and makes it a show-stopper. The red and black coloring is fantastic with the tight top, skirt, and fishnets leading to boots. Nigri can make any Pokémon look steamy beyond imagination.

8 Pik-a-Pool


As soon as word came of Ryan Reynolds voicing the title character in Detective Pikachu, fans went wild putting together drawings of the Pokémon crossed with Reynolds’ Deadpool. Cosplayers have usually had a Deadpool outfit in yellow but ideotics goes the other way by having Pikachu in Deadpool’s trademark red suit. It’s wonderfully done complete with a cock of the head as if listening to the voices inside it. It reminds fans just how fun this casting was.

7 Buzzing Bee


Vera Bambi is well known for some stunningly hot Pokémon cosplays. Thus, even a “dressed down” version can still look amazing on her. She chooses the bee-themed Beedrill and does an excellent job combining the two names into one. Her bare midriff stands out and it’s great how she detailed the drill hands and wings. The Pokémon may not be as popular as others but Bambi makes it work nicely.

6 Season’s Greetings


Delibirds are known for being able to carry massive amounts of food in their tails and thus being good traveling companions. A regular cosplay of them would be fun but HeatherCosplay adds that touch of a seasonal version.

The red and white colors lend themselves well to Christmas and it makes total sense the “sack” can carry gifts as well. It helps that the tight boots and overall outfit looks terrific on her. This is one Pokémon anyone would love to find under the tree.

5 Cast A Deadly Spell


Haunters are feared since their tongues can paralyze a victim with a fatal touch. Wicked Games makes this usually fearful figure look stunningly gorgeous and seductive. The armored suit is great with the large staff, and the makeup is utterly amazing along with the smirk and beckoning finger. 

4 Vampy Vamporeon


This is high on the ranks of steamy Pokémon cosplays. It’s easy to make Vamporeon even hotter as the character already has a “vampy” attitude. Stella Chuu makes it great with this “bunny suit” tight on her body and the alluring headdress adding to it. It looks like one of the old “Playboy Club” outfits given Pokémon's style. 

3 Meow!


This cute cat Pokémon is known for its love of shiny things and how it can slink about easily. Cosplays do enjoy making it work with various hot looks. Danielle Beauileu has one of the best looks ever. It looks wonderful with a tight top and shorts, adding some nice touches to make Meowth look modern yet appealing. The makeup helps to showcase a gorgeous look at a very alluring Pokémon.

2 Impressive Umbreon 


Umbrone's unique look is due to having evolved in exposure to moon waves. As such, he tends to be a stealthy character who hides and blends into darkness before striking. Obviously, that doesn’t work when Kicka Cosplay takes on the role. The legs and mid-riff sort of ruin the “stealth” vibe and her amazing beauty means it’s easy to get folks' attention. While it’s a great cosplay, it’s not true to the character. Yet few should mind thanks to the look.

1 Ride Of The Valkyries


This is nothing short of epic. A dream team of cosplayers united to be hot Pokémon dressed as powerful Valkyrie warriors, and it works beautifully. For the record, Eevee is cosplayed by Becka Noel, Leafeon by Lyz Brickley, Espeon by Danielle Beaulieu, Jolteon by Jessica Nigri, Flareon by Joanna Mari, Vaporeon by Andy Rae, Umbreon by Hooked On Phoenix, Glaceon by Caroline Dawe, and Sylveon by Gladzy Kei. Together, they form a legion no one would want to mess with.

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