17 Pokemon Cosplays That Look Nothing Like Pokemon

Cosplaying is incredibly popular all over the world these days. Most people who dress up as anime, manga, movie, and video game characters do it as a hobby, for fun, while a few lucky ones actually make substantial livings dressing up and attending comics conventions around the world. Almost 100% of the cosplayers making real money have a few things in common: 1) they’re women, 2) they’re incredibly hot, 3) they have huge social media followings, 4) they make insanely accurate, original, or unique cosplay outfits.

Pokemon is one of those franchises that looks difficult to cosplay, but people pull it off by creating “Gajinka” style outfits, which is a form of the art that mixes human qualities with non-human beings. It tends to work out well, even if the people cosplaying the Pokemon are unrecognizable as whatever they’re trying to dress up as. It’s really all about the sexiness, for many people, rather than the accuracy.

Here are 17 Pokemon cosplays that don’t even look like Pokemon (but we’re not complaining).

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17 Venusaur (Elizabeth Rage)

via Twitter

This cosplay of Venusaur is pretty sexy, we’ll admit, although it really looks more like a Victorian noblewoman in a colorful dress than the final evolution of Bulbasaur. The cosplay was designed and worn by Elizabeth Rage, who is doing pretty well for herself on the cosplay circuit: she has 250,000 Instagram followers and 50,000 Facebook people. You can find more of her hot cosplays on Twitter, but be warned, they’re not all SFW.

16 Umbreon And Espeon (Elyse And Jaimee Cosplay)

via Pinterest

Umbreon and Espeon, the dark and psychic evolutions of Eevee, are usually pretty inseparable. If you search for Umbreon and Espeon cosplays, you’ll find a bunch of pretty girls standing close together, putting on come-hither looks into the camera. Such is the case here, with these two belly dancer cosplayers trying to be Pokemon. Granted, they do look great, but those “fox” ears could really be misinterpreted as anything. Unfortunately, Elyse and Jaimee’s Faceook cosplay page is currently out of service.

15 Leafeon (MiuMoonlight Cosplay)

via Dorkly

Here is another beautiful woman who went with the scantily clad Pokemon look rather than something a little more authentic (she would be on all fours if that were the case). Granted, looking like this definitely brings a lot more likes and attention to your outfit than something more traditional, so we can’t fault MiuMoonlight there. She’s a well-known cosplayer with 108,000 Facebook followers, so she clearly knows what she’s doing.

14 Bouffalant (HeatherAfter Cosplay)

via Dorkly

This voluptuous lady decided to choose a rather obscure Pokemon, Bouffalant, as her cosplay outfit. It’s a smart choice, because she could easily be mistaken for a minotaur, a two-legged ox, or something similar. Instead, she looks pretty righteous in this serene outdoor photo shoot, dressed in a mini skirt with horns, and calling it Bouffalant.

13 Greninja (Sarah Fong)

via The Lightning Palace

Greninja is a pretty popular Pokemon, but he’ll be even more popular at conventions this year, we imagine, because of him being a playable character in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. Greninja is a dart/water Pokemon, but at least he’s two-legged, so Sarah Fong’s version of the character isn’t so far off. She aptly calls this a Pokemon Bikini cosplay, which is apparently a thing. Fong has 18,800 followers on Instagram, but 75,000 on Facebook.

12 Glaceon (Jessica Nigri)

via Game Art HQ

It’s hard to imagine a cosplay series without mentioning Jessica Nigri somewhere in there. The woman has made a career out of spicing up her cosplays into truly sexy works of art. She is the most popular cosplayer in the world, traveling worldwide to show up at conventions just so people can get a glimpse of her. She has 3.7 million followers on Instagram, 4.7 million on Facebook, and 927,000 on Twitter. Here she’s dressed as Glaceon, in a rather tame outfit (for her). She also has created a whole beautiful series of Eeveelution cosplays.

11 Bellossom (MangaFreak150)

via AC Paradise

Bellossom is a pretty hard Pokemon cosplay to pull off, for a few reasons. Firstly, she doesn’t really have any legs . . . or at least not visibly. They’re under her (literal) flowery dress. That being said, this cosplayer, MangaFreak150, does a nice job of making the Pokemon look real good. This is another belly dancer type of cosplay that was worn at Anime Expo in 2010.

10 Articuno (Lykos Cosplay)

via Dorkly

Here we have the beautiful cosplayer Lykos portraying her hot version of Articuno, one of the original legendary bird Pokemon. She does look like an ice queen here, which is what Articuno should look like, although she’s definitely not a bird! But you can only do so much with a human figure trying to replicate a hawk of some kind. Lykos only has about 1,000 followers on Facebook, but her cosplays are on point.

9 Butterfree Gajinka (Sakythia)

via Dorkly

Butterfree is another Pokemon that’s pretty tough to pull off, for the simple reason that she’s a butterfly! But that’s when “Gajinka” comes into play, which is a great way to humanize a flying, arm-less Pokemon like Butterfree. And Sakythia does a fantastic job of pulling off the humanized version of the character, to show to her fans.

8 Vaporeon (Stella Chuu)

via Dorkly

Stella Chuu is a popular cosplayer with 360,000 Instagram followers, 700,000 Facebook fans, and 37,000 YouTube subscribers. In 2018, she was in a CNBC article that reports she makes six figures as a professional cosplayer, attending 20 comic conventions a year. And she’s only been doing it for four years! That being said, she says she spends half of her earnings on “material costs,” to create her amazing outfits. Here she pulls off an incredibly hot Gajinka version of Vaporeon.

7 Absol (Ashari Cosplays And Props)

via Dorkly

Absol is a Pokemon that can predict natural disasters, and it’s been erroneously labeled as a doom-bringer because of its attempts to warn humans of those disasters. We’re not sure if Ashari is going for the doom-bringer look, but she does look rather mysterious and ominous here. She has 15,000 fans on her Facebook page, and if you take a look, you’ll see some truly amazing, intricate cosplays that clearly took months to create.

6 Suicune (Giada Robin)

via Imgur

This buxom lady is Giada Robin, and her Gajinka version of Suicune is pretty spectacular, if unrecognizable. Then again, Giada probably knows that her outfit isn’t there to make people guess who she’s supposed to be—it’s there to draw attention to herself and get likes and views! And it certainly achieves that, thanks to her considerable assets. Giada is one of the most popular cosplayers in the world, with 306,000 Instagram followers and 1.2 million Facebook fans, so it’s clear she has a LOT of eyes on everything she dresses up as.

5 Pikachu

via Cosplay View

Pikachu is the most popular Pokemon (especially with the new Detective Pikachu movie out), and arguably the cutest, so he is also the most commonly cosplayed Pokemon. Everyone from Jessica Nigri to unknowns have cosplayed Pikachu, either portraying the cute side, like this adorable young lady (not sure who she is), or the sexy side (like Jessica Nigri), which is nonexistent in the actual Pokemon games and show, or something in between. It’s a rather easy cosplay to achieve, too, because all you need is some yellow clothes and big ears.

4 Samurai Pikachu

via Reddit

Then again, many people like to put a twist on their cosplays, throwing out the “cute” and “sexy” ideas for something more awesome and original, like this Samurai Pikachu. Crossplaying is hugely popular, which is exactly as it sounds, where two ideas seemingly with nothing in common combine (like a Hawaiian Darth Vader). It’s too bad we don’t know who is underneath this cool outfit—he’s been called SamuRaichu, Yoshimichu, Yoshipichu, Masamuchu, and lots more on Reddit.

3 Armored Umbreon (SpiritRising7)

via Overmental

While we’re mixing samurai and Pokemon, let’s take a look at this super sick armored Umbreon, created by SpiritRising7, a popular Deviant Art artist and costume creator. We envy whoever is underneath this Gajinka Umbreon, which looks like it belongs in Japanese feudal times, protecting an Emperor (or assassinating one). If you threw this guy back into those times, we’re sure he would scare the dickens out of everyone around.

2 Armored Charizard

via Imgur

And to finish it off, we’ll show you a female armored Charizard, who has somehow managed to look both incredibly intimidating and incredibly hot. This sweet costume looks like a dragoon knight from the Legend of Dragoon video game (if anyone remembers that from the original PlayStation). She looks ready to burninate the countryside and tear up some foes at the same time. Now if only we knew who she was!

1 Gyarados (Q Mandolin)

via Dorkly

Usually when you think of Gyarados, the powerful evolution of Magikarp, the first thing that comes to mind isn’t “screaming samurai warrioress.” But here she is in all of her armored, water-based glory. The cosplayer is Q Mandolin, who always looks pretty tough no matter what cosplay she’s putting on (such as Cell, from Dragon Ball Z), thanks to her aggressive stance. But her Gyarados probably takes the cake.

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