Pokémon: Every Elite Four Member From Weakest To Most Powerful, Officially Ranked

Pokémon is a video game series that people have been playing for a very long time now, and there are many different things that go on throughout the franchise. Sure, sometimes the new entries like to mix things up a little bit, but there are also things on offer that people have come to expect from the franchise, no matter what installment they happen to be playing! No matter what entry in the series people are playing, they will be looking forward to the final challenge, the Elite Four.

On the journey to become the ultimate Pokémon Trainer, there are a lot of different things that players are going to have to do, with a lot of ups and down, but the end is always the Elite Four. This is the final challenge, the thing that the player has been working towards. They're asked to gather their best Pokémon, the ones they've been training throughout their whole adventure, and take on some of the greatest trainers in the world. However, some of them aren't as good as the others, and we think it's about time we took a look at all of them to see who was the best and who was the worst!

Yes, we're going to look through every single Elite Four member from the Pokémon series and lay them out from worst to best!

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27 Bruno

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Despite the fact that this is a man that has put in the time with his Pokémon, to the point where he actually lives and trains with them rather than keeping them away from his own home, many people have found that he’s not exactly one of the hardest members of the Elite Four out there. That being said, he was one of the first ever members created by the developers, so it makes sense that they were still trying to figure things out back in the day, about how whether or not they should keep things easy or hard!

26 Will

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Being the first of the four trainers that people take on in the second generation of Pokémon, it only makes sense that this man is easier to take on than the rest of the Elite Four, so the guy shouldn’t take it as an insult that we’ve put him this low on the list! Despite the fact that he’s way too easy to beat in our opinion, we will say that he is one of the snappiest dressers on this list. This is a man who knows how to put an outfit together, which we suppose is an important thing if all someone does all day is wait for people to turn up and take them on!

25 Sidney

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Despite the fact that this man is known for training up his Dark-Type Pokémon, that doesn't change the fact that he has a hugely optimistic attitude, obsessed with training up his Pokémon. He loves what he does so much that it doesn't matter to him if he ends up losing a battle, and if we're being honest, that's the sort of thing that happens to him a lot so it's probably a good thing! Yes, despite the fact that this man has such an upbeat attitude, we've always found it very easy to take him down and make him regret coming up against us.

24 Glacia

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As people can probably tell by this woman's name, she is an Ice-Type trainer, and while she can be a little difficult for anyone without a Pokémon to counteract that, she shouldn't be any trouble to someone who does! Despite the fact that she doesn't pose much of a threat to anyone, she does have a mysterious past which can be interesting to consider for anyone that comes up with their own lore. For example, it's known that she trained somewhere else before coming to the Hoenn region and becoming a member of the Elite Four, but nobody knows where from.

23 Bertha

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Of all the Elite Four members there have been, we have to say that we think this is the one that has one of the funniest groups of Pokémon on offer. Seriously, they don't all look funny, but at least four of them do and people could probably make the case that the fifth does as well. Working with Ground-Type Pokémon means that she is in a position to stop people who aren't properly prepared in their tracks, but sadly for her, most trainers found it pretty easy to make it through this woman once they made it to the Elite Four.

22 Flint

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Unlike many of the other Elite Four members, who seem to just be random trainers who have managed to make it to the top, this guy has a major amount of family that all have something to do with battles in the Pokémon universe. However, despite all of experience he clearly has in this world, it doesn't seem to have translated too well into actually knowing how to take on other trainers, meaning that he doesn't live up to his name. No matter how difficult he should be, he ends up being much easier than that.

21 Shauntal

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Being a master of Ghost-Types, this is a woman that could likely worry and scare away a lot of competition before they get to her, but if people do choose to battle through this fear they will find a woman that really isn't that too difficult to beat. She spends a lot of time in the library, choosing to spend her time with her face in a book, which might be why she doesn't spend enough time making sure that her Pokémon are trained enough to take on the people that are expecting a challenge when they finally make it to her.

20 Marshal

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We would like to think that somebody that dedicates their life to physical fighting, somebody that only takes on and trains Fighting-Type Pokémon as well, would have enough power to take on pretty much all of the trainers that make it to the Elite Four. However, this just isn't true, as we've already seen with Bruno and we'll now see with Marshal as well. Despite the fact that he always looks like he's primed for a battle, whether that be with physical attacks or Pokémon, he rarely manages to get the better of people.

19 Drasna

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We would say that this has to be the only Dragon-Type member of the Elite Four that doesn't pose a major challenge to the trainers that come to face the best of the best. Sure, she's more of a challenge than many of the others, but living up to the likes of Lance from the early games isn't something she has managed. Honestly, if she wants to make people think of her as a genuine Dragon-Type trainer, she needs to get out there and put some work into the Pokémon that she has decided make up her main party.

18 Lorelei

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Being an Ice-Type trainer, her cool demeanor is something everyone in the Pokémon universe is aware of, but that doesn't mean she is without care or sentimentality. The Lapras that she keeps by her side at all times has actually been with her ever since she was a child, and it's that sort of bond that makes them quite a challenge to come up against. Sadly, her bond with the rest of her monsters must not be that strong, as they don't pose much of a threat to trainers that manage to make it through her Lapras.

17 Olivia

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As she's a master of Rock-Type Pokémon, this is a woman that knows exactly how to pull together a group of monsters that are all about defense, but that doesn't mean that it isn't possible to take them down with a little bit of perseverance and strength. This means that we end up with a woman that can cause a bit of problem, acting as somewhat of a barrier to many trainers, but there's nothing here that can't be overcome by those who bring their best monsters and know what they're doing, especially if they choose to exploit weaknesses.

16 Aaron

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Anybody that hears Bug-Type Pokémon is likely to start thinking that this guy is a pushover, but if they don't turn up properly prepared and underestimate him, they will not get very far! Sure, he's not the most challenging member, but anyone that doesn't put in the work will find that there's more to a well trained Bug-Type than they would think on the surface of it. As the first member of his particular collection of Elite Four, we think it's great that he manages to be a challenge to so many different people.

15 Hala

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Yet another first Elite Four member that managed to be a genuine challenge to some of the people that came up against him without the proper preparation, despite the fact that they're actually first member that any trainer will come up against in their region! It's down to the Fighting-Type Pokémon that this man picks and trains to an expert level that makes him a genuine issue for some. Yes, there's a lot of power coming from this man, despite what his nice smiling face might suggest to the contrary.

14 Wikstrom

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For some reason, there are some people out there that refuse to let things move on, that always want to hark back to the good old days. For example, this is a man that refuses to move with the times and start dressing up like everybody else. He's a man that lives and dies on chivalry, and so chooses to dress as a knight pretty much all the time. Throw in the fact that this guy has chosen Steel-Type Pokémon to be his monsters of choice, and this is a guy that wants to put up a strong front, and we think he manages it sometimes!

13 Malva

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Having been a member of Team Flame before the organization fell through, it should come as no surprise that this is a woman that likes to work with Fire-Type Pokémon, her monsters reflecting her history in the Pokémon universe. Her anger at the player for taking down her former group is something that spurs her on to win, but sadly this only seems to work from time to time. Yes, while she will prove to be a strong enemy, she can also be taken down by someone that makes sure they come prepared for a fight!

12 Phoebe

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It's funny to look at this woman, someone that is clearly very carefree and happy, as she doesn't show the true challenge that lies in wait for the player. Not only that, but her obsession with Ghost-Type monsters, as well as her extensive training at Mt. Pyre, has lead to her believing that she can actually communicate with the ghosts in a way that no other trainer can. Whether or not we believe this is another story, but it has to be said that the way that she looks certainly doesn't make us think of a challenging medium, which is exactly what she is!

11 Grimsley

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Japanese games that are ostensibly meant for children often have a habit of taking somewhat of a dark turn from time to time, and the history of this character really does come out of nowhere for those who choose to seek it out. Yes, this is the son of a distinguished family, one that fell into ruin leaving many of them destitute, which is why he ended up developing somewhat of an affinity for gambling. Despite this clear weakness in character, his Dark-Type Pokémon definitely do put up a challenging barrier for the player.

10 Agatha

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Looking at her, she looks rather frail, but it's the darkness behind the eyes which makes her fearsome, something that can be seen in her wide array of Ghost-Type Pokémon as well. While she may be old, age is something that brings with it both experience and wisdom, so anybody that comes up against this woman expecting very little from the older lady will end up having their hubris thrown back in their face! Bring the best party possible to stand a chance against this deceiving woman.

9 Koga

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This is a man that uses his monsters, his Poison-Type Pokémon, to inflict genuine fear and pain into his enemies. Rather than those trainers out there that hope to bring about a genuine love between the monsters and humans through a collected goal, this is a man that just wants to use the animals to make life harder for other people. He may be a challenging opponent, but there is something satisfying about being able to take this man out when we know that he's not very pleasant. Go and take him down with the best monsters at hand!

8 Molayne

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This guy may look like a pushover, but don't let his nerdy exterior take away from the fact that within the Pokéballs on his hip he has a collection of Steel-Type Pokémon that make it very difficult for many people to defeat him! While it's possible to cut through the high defense of these Pokémon, it can take some time and many of them have a lot of attack to take down the enemy as well, meaning that Molayne here is bringing a lot for the trainer to have to deal with, so certainly don't underestimate him just because of how he looks on the outside!

7 Acerola

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Unlike some of the members on this list who don't end up fully committing to the story that comes with them, this is a woman who lives and breathes Ghost-Type Pokémon. There is a lot about her that is genuinely creepy, but that doesn't change the fact that she is also a wonderful person that is able to provide a real challenge to anyone that wants to try and become the best trainer that ever lived. She helps look after children that need help, but then is able to turn up and pose a real problem for anyone that isn't best prepared.

6 Lance

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Just casting our minds back to the moment when we got to the end of the first ever Elite Four, when we found that waiting for us was Lance, a man that loves Dragonite and is not afraid to show it. This was a difficult fight, one that nearly brought us to tears when we were younger, and even had us go back out into the world of Pokémon to train our monsters up even further. He crushed us many times, but that left us with a respect that stays with us to this day. Whenever anyone mentions the name Lance, we think of Pokémon.

5 Karen

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This is a woman who argues people should take on the Pokémon that they most admire, that they most want to win over, and it should speak volumes about this character that she chooses to fight with Dark-Type monsters as she believes they are wild and free, portraying the sort of feeling she wants to put out into the world. Sure, she's not the hardest on this list, but a lot of what makes her a challenge is her inability to back down from a fight, always wanting to prove what she has to offer the world of Pokémon battles.

4 Drake

via wp.com

Of all the people on this list, we think this is the Elite Four member that looks the most foreboding. Before this guy even releases his first Pokémon, we know that we're going to have to really bring it to get to the end of the battle. For some reason, the Dragon-Type trainers always manage to pull the hardest challenges out of the bag, forcing everyone to bring their best Pokémon along to get to end of the match, and it should come as no surprise that every battles against this man is exactly the same.

3 Caitlin

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Being based on a fantasy world, there are times when the creators of Pokémon decide to take things in an odd direction, choosing to put in elements that are completely fictional and not found anywhere else. For example, this extremely tough woman not only fights with Psychic-Type Pokémon, but is believed to have serious psychic powers herself. Some have even said that, if she loses a particularly close match, she has been known to lose control and cause serious damage to the surrounding area with these mystical powers.

2 Siebold

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We've always had a lot of time for people who can do a number of different things, which is why we always liked this particular member of the Elite Four, no matter how difficult he may also prove to be. Yes, not only is he one of the greatest Pokémon trainers of all time, but the man is known for putting together some absolutely brilliant meals. If the player chooses to talk to everyone they find within the game, they will actually hear a couple of people mention that he often chooses to cook meals for the rest of the Elite Four.

1 Lucian

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This is a man who leaves nothing to chance, spending his entire life either training his Pokémon or reading books. He knows as much about the universe as possible, even commenting on the fact that he has finished a book just as a new trainer walks in. Whether or not this is just a way to try and put off the people coming up against him, there's something to be said about how it might work, as we consider this member to be the hardest Elite Four member that any trainer has had to come up against.

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