Pokémon: 20 Disturbing Facts About Misty

Misty, the red-headed Gym Leader of Cerulean City and Water-type Pokémon expert has been a staple of the franchise since its earliest of incarnations, debuting in the original Game Boy games.

Soon afterwards, she’d become an integral part of the main cast of the anime, alongside her Gym Leader compatriot, Brock, and prospective Pokémon Master, Ash.

She’s an immensely popular character, but even the most hardcore of fans might not know the myriad of upsettingly dark details about her, but don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

With our list of Pokémon: 20 Disturbing Facts About Misty, you can learn about all the horrible things she does… and all the horrible things done to her.

Oh, and you might want a barf bag, because this is going to end up getting pretty rough.

20 She Abuses Her Psyduck

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Ever since joining the team, Misty’s poor Psyduck has faced constant abuse at her hands.

He’s been on the receiving end of physical threats and actual violence, not to mention an endless slew of verbal assaults. She’s even tried abandoning the pathetic duck a multitude of times and, at least once, attempted to sell it!

19 Pokémon Card Controversy

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For the most part, the Pokémon series has managed to maintain a squeaky clean image over the years, but there was one particular incident during the height of Pokémania that almost stained the legacy.

We are speaking about the so-called “Naked Misty Card,” of course.

The Japanese “Misty’s Tears” featured a silhouette of a vaguely nude Misty, and caused a wee bit of an uproar with parents.

18 She Was Meant To Act As “Eye Candy”

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Because the world is such a terrible and creepy place, not even the most innocent of concepts can escape unscathed.

According to the folks behind the Pokémon anime, Misty was added to the core team so she could act as “eye candy” for the boys watching the show.

Nope, she’s not there because she’s a cool character, she’s there so young (?) boys can ogle her.

17 Ash’s Squirtle Threatened Her Life

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You know Ash’s Squirtle, that super-cute, reformed Tiny Turtle Pokémon? Well that adorable, aquatic reptile threatened to take Misty's life, so there’s that.

In the English dub, his threat was to simply “dye her hair purple,” and he basically says the same thing in Japanese, except they replaced “y” in “dye” with an “i,” and no purple hair was involved. Wholesome!

16 Misty’s Age

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We’ve already mentioned that Misty was designed as “eye candy” and that she was part of a nude scandal, but do you know what makes all of that so much worse? It’s that she’s not supposed to be much older than 10 years old.

Yeah…. Uh… we’re just gonna leave that there and move on, because things are about to get a whole lot worse.

15 She Almost Became a Child Bride

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So Misty is meant to be something (not even someone) for boys to drool over despite the fact that she’s ten, but you know what, the show was designed for kids around that age. It doesn’t make it better, no, but at least her young age doesn’t come into play during the show and… oh no.

… yeah, Misty almost marries some dude before she's even a teenager.

Everyone should probably keep their kids away from the Orange Island Gym Leader, Rudy.

14 Creepily Provocative Manga Art

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We realize we keep mentioning that Misty is a Literal Child, but it bears repeating, especially with this entry.

The Electric Tale of Pikachu is an excellent manga adaptation of the franchise, but the man behind the work is known for some… er… “exaggerated” proportions, and a general amount of inappropriate content, not to mention a line of manga exclusively for adults.

And yes, the CHILD, Misty, is a victim of these “artistic choices.”

13 Old Men Obsess Over Her

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This is the last of the absurdly creepy entries (or so we hope), so we’ll try to get this one out of the way as fast as possible.

Not only is Misty designed as eye candy, provocatively portrayed in the manga and card game, and, in the anime, asked to be a bride, but she’s slobbered over by perverted old men, too. Both in and out of universe.

You know who you are.

12 She Straight Up Abandoned Her Gym

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Misty is Cerulean City’s Gym Leader in both the games and an anime adaptation, but her loyalty to the profession isn’t always certain.

In the anime, specifically, Misty decides to just abandon the Gym to go adventuring with Ash and Brock.

Yeah, she did it leave it in the care of her sisters, but the anime shows us that they aren't up to the task the same way Misty was. No wonder Gary had to get his badges elsewhere.

11 She’s Got An Explosively Violent Temper

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One of Misty’s worst (and, sadly, most defining) traits is her bouts of extreme anger, most of which culminate in a physical beating of her companions or her Pokémon.

Honestly, it's mostly played for laughs and pretty hilarious but, like, come on, Misty. That’s a horrible personality trait to have. Seek help; you need it.

10 Her True Feelings Go Unnoticed

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Earlier, we said that Misty struggled with the perils of unrequited love. As anyone who has experienced it can tell you, it isn’t exactly a walk in the park.

What makes this worse, however, is that she’s hardly noticed by the object of her affection, and most certainly not even considered as a possible romantic partner.

That eternal limbo must be true torture.

9 She Was Abandoned By Her Parents

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Not unlike her fellow Gym Leader, Brock, Misty has an incredibly strained relationship with her parents.

According to the decidedly dark novelizations of the anime, Misty’s parents abandoned her and her sisters, along with Cerulean Gym.

That’s soul-crushingly awful, but it’s really just par for the course in the novelization.

8 She Has A Bad Relationship With Her Sisters

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Not only did Misty’s parents abandon her, but her closest family members, her sisters, don’t seem to care all that much for her, either.

You’d think that they’d all grow close after such a traumatic experience, but it’s the exact opposite.

Worse yet, the absent parents were implied to have favored Misty’s sisters over her, so the amount of psychological trauma this poor girl has to deal with is even more crushing.

7 None Of Her Story Arcs Have Satisfying Conclusions

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For a show that’s gone on as long as the Pokémon anime has, it has a surprising amount of plotlines that were simply left hanging, or abandoned all together (GS Ball, we’re looking at you.)

Why this is, we’ll never know, but it’s poetically tragic that not only was she abandoned by her parents and sisters, but the show runners, too, as she was ousted from the series before any of her major arcs wrapped up.

6 She Shirks Leader Duties For Dates

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When players return to Kanto in superb Generation II games, Misty isn’t in her gym, and is seemingly nowhere to be found.

Turns out that she’s on a date, making that she’s so selfish that, even if you’re a kid who took a life-threatening journey between regions to see you, you’re less important than some brief fling.

5 She’ll Never Return Full Time

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Misty was ousted from the series’ main cast somewhat unceremoniously, but she’s made a few cameo appearances since then, which is great for her fans.

Alas, the team behind the anime has stated that cameos are about the only thing we should be expecting from our favorite water-type Gym Leader.

This poor girl can’t seem to get a break!

4 She Brandishes Her Shellder As A Weapon

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We know Misty has an anger management problem, and we know she occasionally takes out her rage on her admittedly aloof, but still innocent, Psyduck.

Unfortunately, for Pocket Monsters far and wide, she’s not opposed to branching out her violence from Ash, Brock, and Psyduck to other creatures.

Sometimes, she even abuses all of her victims at once in a single, climatically cruel act, like when she threw her Shellder at Ash.

3 She’ll Never Get a Happy Ending

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Ousted from her anime duty full time, Misty leaves behind a handful of unresolved plot threads in her wake. That’s tragic enough, but the real sadness comes from what likely awaits for her as she returns to normal life.

As we said earlier, the Pokémon novelizations paint a bleak picture of the world, and life as a Gym Leader is one of poverty, unending pressure, and loneliness.

2 She Probably Never Got Her Bike Back

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The worst, most disturbing element of the whole Misty saga is that she never got her bike back.

Without permission, and therefore illegally, Ash obtained Misty’s two-wheeled mode of manual transportation with no intention of returning it in a reasonable time-frame.

Misty demanded recompense (especially since bikes are like $1,000,000 in Pokémon), but she never got it... and she probably never will now that she hasn't been a main cast member for nearly two decades.

1 She Suffers From Unrequited Love

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Although it’s common knowledge that Misty has feelings for Ash, how often does anyone ever think about the awful implications of this?

She’s had something that’s DEFINITELY more than a crush on him for quite some time, and it’s never once been obviously reciprocated. That’s an awfully depressing situation to be eternally stuck in. What makes it worse, however, is the fact that Ash is only ten and that Misty is older.

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