10 Weak Sauce Fire Type Pokemon (And 10 That Are Too OP)

There are a plethora of attribute types in the beautiful world of Pokémon, and they allow for an avenue of diversity, variety, and battle originality for all trainers.

But none are as much of a blazing glory to utilize than the fire type attribute, one of the original 15 types from the first generation of the series.

Despite the fact that it has been one of the longest-tenured types in the entire franchise, the fire type only has 74 Pokémon as of the writing of this article.

That might seem very small, especially in comparison to the 143 water types but when it comes to the fire types the phrase “Quality over quantity” comes to mind.

With that said, there are some Pokémon that aren't exactly at the forefront of the type.

Thus we present the best and worst, with the ones who burn the weakest and those who burn bright in the world of Pokémon.

20 Weak Sauce: Chandelure


Chandelure is far from being the absolute worst, but there is just something that is unappealing about this Ghost/Fire type. Yes, the unique mixture of types allows for no double super effective attacks, but the mediocre defensive stats of Chandelure make it a prime target for heavy hitters. In the versatile world of Pokémon, not being so is the biggest offense.

19 OP: Infernape


When it comes down to the best fire starters, there are a lot of solid contenders. However, in a competitive list, there are a few that definitely stand out. Infernape is one that stands out as strong, with intense speed and both physical and special attack stats being buffed. This is a Pokémon that is not to be messed with.

18 Weak Sauce: Rotom Heat


It might seem a bit unnecessary to put Rotom on a list of worst Pokémon, but when it comes down to it, all the iterations of Rotom are useless when Rotom Wash is by far the superior form. Unfortunately, that leaves Rotom Heat to simmer at the bottom of this list, which doesn't make it the worst but it definitely isn't impressive by any means.

17 OP: Moltres


Ah, old faithful. Moltres is one of the original legendary Pokémon from the first generation, and while it has modest stats in the grand scheme of the franchise, it remains a symbol of the power that the legendary Pokémon will always possess. Moltres has fantastic special attack, and even though defense is lacking it doesn't change the fact that Moltres is one of the best.

16 Weak Sauce: Victini


Victini is a difficult subject to speak about. In theory, Victini is supposed to be an equivalent to Pikachu in a sense that it was supposed to be a new mascot for the franchise. That might not be the worst thing, but Victini's spectacularly terrible stats and a mundane move set make it one of the most underwhelming Pokémon in general, and overtly disappointing.

15 OP: Houndoom


For the longest time, Houndoom was just a fan favorite for its awesome design and dark color scheme to go with its game-changing dark/fire attribute dual type. At the time of its introduction, Houndoom was only seen as decent, and while its Mega Evolution is not as strong as the others, Houndoom is still a consistent threat of strength and speed with Unnerve being one of the most underrated abilities in the game.

14 Weak Sauce: Torkoal


Despite being prominently shown in the anime as Ash's brief partner for a few episodes, Torkoal has never been given an opportunity to shine as a true contender in the games. Torkoal has no prior or eventual evolution and the only saving grace keeping Torkoal from being #1 on this list is its extremely high physical defense.

13 OP: Charizard


One of the most important Pokémon of all-time; Charizard. A true staple of the entire franchise, Charizard isn't just a catchy name and a fantastic character design that is classically known as an intimidating Pokémon, his special attack and speed will always be unprecedented in terms of how it places in its respective generation and he can still put up a heck of a fight with his Mega Evolutions.

12 Weak Sauce: Salazzle

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Strange, but soft, Salazzle is one of the most peculiar Pokémon in the entire franchise. Salazzle, an evolution of female Salandits, is one of the weaker fire-types despite its poison-type duality and high speed and special attack due to terribly low defensive stats. Even a Z-Powered Venom Drench cannot save this Pokémon from being on the worst list.

11 OP: Magmortar


Magmortar is admittedly pretty standard when it comes to the actual game franchise of Pokémon. Flame Body is usually a weak ability, but that special attack is just too sweet. When looking at the power that Magmar is said to possess in the lore, Magmortar is only a step or two away from being one of the top Pokémon in its type.

10 Weak Sauce: Emboar


Candidly speaking, Emboar gets a bad reputation. As one of the worst starters of all-time, it is easy to be classified as a terrible Pokémon for having virtually nothing special outside of its ability Blaze, but Emboar has some tough competition and its mediocre stats do not remedy the situation whatsoever. Yeah, Emboar looks like a classic design, but that cannot save itself from the obscurity that it has and will fall into.

9 OP: Talonflame


Talonflame is NO joke. Flying and fire may not seem like the best combination on paper but in actuality, Talonfame has some of the most intimidating statistics in the entire franchise. Extremely fast and extremely powerful, this Pokémon is capable of taking out just about any and everything, and its design strikes fear into the hearts of any trainer that goes against it.

8 Weak Sauce: Simisear


Simisear isn't exactly terrible, but rather extremely mediocre. That hurts in a newer generation of Pokémon as the newer installations in the franchise have made it clear that they want every Pokémon to be competitively viable. Simisear might classically evolve from the Fire Stone, a cornerstone (no pun intended) but it doesn't have anything special going for it outside of this, with laughable stats to boot and little synergy with most teams.

7 OP: Incineroar


Along with Charizard, Incineroar is the only other Pokémon in this list to be featured in the Super Smash Bros series. It isn't just a trivial fact and Incineroar didn't just get added for his look. It is the aggressive stature of his entire design in physical and statistical terms that puts him as of the most dangerous fire-types of all time with insane damage to back up a solid defense.

6 Weak Sauce: Darminitan


Darminitan is the behind of jokes for the last few seasons of the anime and will continue to be as much in this list. Darminitian, and his equally useless Zen Mode, are pretty flamboyant but provide no real competitive advantage of any kind when it comes to battling. Yeah, the high attack and high defense are cool in a respective manner, but a low defense and low attack in sharp contrast are far from a fair contrast.

5 OP: Ho-Oh


A symbol of the legendary Gen II, Ho-Ho is moderately mediocre in legendary terms, but it has a much more important role if you look deep. A driving force behind saving the entire franchise with its grace and excellence, Ho-Ho's special attack is unprecedented and intimidating for any battle. Just don't get lost in those beautiful gold wings.

4 Weak Sauce: Oricorio


When it comes down to it, Pokémon are used for everything from battling to breeding, and from showcasing to manual labor. Dancing generally isn't needed, and neither is Oricorio. While it may seem like a funny concept, the dancing fire-bird-Pokémon with bad stats and a worse move set just ends up being another useless number to add to the Pokedex.

3 OP: Entei


Entei is up there with Charizard as a staple in the entire franchise. Featured in Pokémon 3: The Movie, Entei has a large following for his majestic presence and benevolence. Outside of the anime, Entei is one of the toughest legendary Pokemon with amazing defense, and scary special attack to go with the ability Pressure, which can counter some annoying enemies.

2 Weak Sauce: Magcargo


Magcargo isn't exactly a show-horse. Despite the fact that it has prior evolution, Magcargo boasts some of the most underwhelming stats along with being painfully destructible to ground and water moves (two of the most common attributes in terms of type coverage known to Pokémon). This makes Magcargo easily the worst fire type in the entire game, but at least it's adorable.

1 OP: Blaziken

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There is no competition for a Pokémon that gets banned in competitive play despite not being legendary. Blaziken is one of the few that have ever been barred from tournaments and it is not without good reason. Blaziken's Blaze Kick is infamously strong as it represents Blaziken's prime in Gen III, and this was before the Mega Evolution that would change the game.

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