20 Pics Of Pokemon Fusions We Can't Unsee

Pokémon fusions are a fun way to experiment with various Pokémon designs. It’s a simple process that requires you to choose two Pokémon to fuse, which will result in a sprite consisting of both Pokémon’s features. There are multiple variations and while a good chunk of them don’t look too great, there’s some that actually turn out alright. Some fusions are unsettling, while others look like they need to be added into the canon ASAP. In any case, it’s to the credit of the artists who bring these fusions to life. you can find them online and you’d be surprised at just how many of these artists have tried their hand at bringing certain fusions to life.

Here are 20 pics of Pokémon fusions we can’t unsee.

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20 Marodrio

via buzzfeed.com

Things kick off with Marodrio, a mixture of Marowak and Dodrio. It’s not a mixture many would’ve thought of but is actually pretty decent. The Marowak side of this fusion gives it a more fearsome look when coupled with Dodrio’s three heads. It’s a cool look, but it also looks like nightmare material as well.

19 Caterbra

via deviantart.com/catandcrown

Imagine walking into this weird looking thing in the middle of the night. Who would’ve thought that a fusion of Kadabra and the adorable looking Caterpie could spit out something so unsettling? This thing looks like a giant praying mantis, with the ability to do who knows what whenever it feels like it. Even among weird Pokémon designs, this would be a first.

18 Lickieotto

via soranews24.com

Anytime you add Lickitung to the equation you know that you’re in for one weird looking fusion. This one, of course, doesn’t disappoint in that regard. Maybe it’s the disproportionate tongue that makes everything weird, but in any case, this Pokémon fusion is just the tip of the weird iceberg.

17 Cusian

via ignigeno.tumblr.com

It seems as though any Pokémon you fuse with Persian will go together nicely in some way or another. It’s a very posh looking creature and it seems as though it doesn’t lose that characteristic very easily in fusion. The Cubone skull on its head seems more like an accessory than the result of fusion. It doesn’t look half bad either.

16 Butterchoke

via deviantart.com/ktkruse

Adding to the list of Pokémon no one wanted to ever see made is Butterchoke, a fusion of Butterfree and Machoke. This thing looks like catching it would be the least of its would be trainer’s problems. The artist, KTKruse, did a really good job of showing just how alarming this combination would be.

15 Bulbmeleon

via dorkly.com

Surprisingly enough, not all that many starter Pokémon have been fused together by the community. You’d think that it would be a popular choice, but it just hasn’t happened too often. This Bulbmeleon fusion actually looks pretty decent. Like a regular Charmeleon with a different color scheme.

14 Charfing

via nargyle.tumblr.com

While plenty of Pokémon fusions result in major changes, some of them are much more subtle. That is the case with Charfing, a fusion of Charmander and Koffing. It’s basically just Koffing, but red instead of purple. The eyes are 100% Charmander though, and as cute as they are on the little Fire-type, they’re a little unsettling here.

13 Starhorn

via imgur.com

As fun as some of these are, others have you questioning why they were even conceived in the first place. Some real nightmare fuel. This next fusion is one of those. Give credit to the artist, as they went above and beyond to make this Staryu and Rhyhorn fusion as alarming as they saw fit.

12 Bellicate

via muura.tumblr.com

Sometimes a fusion is a little off-putting regardless of the art style. It’s pretty clear that the artist tried very hard to make this fusion of Raticate and Bellsprout as adorable as possible. While it looks nice here, picture it in a slightly more realistic style and you’ll have trouble sleeping tonight.

11 Oddeler

via deviantart.com/grinffiti

This next fusion looks like it would be better off as a grunt in some sci-fi shooter rather than a Pokémon. While keeping Graveler’s body, Oddeler retains a lot of Oddish’s features. The end result – at least according to this artist – is some sort of bio-machine looking creature.

10 Nindoeot

via buzzfeed.com

As this starts to wind down you’ll begin to see some of the cooler Pokémon fusions out there. Nindoeot is a mixture of two awesome Gen I Pokémon. While the combination is certainly complimentary, the artist did a fantastic job of making this fusion their own and giving it its own identity.

9 Nidother

via deviantart.com/chronokhalil

Another Nidoking fusion, this time with Scyther as its partner, Nidother is the kind of creation that makes you wish Pokémon fusion was an actual mechanic. The artist drew this in a more realistic style and it really suits the design. It’s a fearsome looking Pokémon, but one you can definitely picture appearing in the games as well.

8 Mewtres

via deviantart.com/chronokhalil

Another fusion by the same artist that’s responsible for Nidother, Mewtres is instead a mixture of two well known Gen I legendaries. The combination of Mewtwo and Moltres, Newtres looks like it would be a completely unsettling foe to encounter. You can imagine that this would be a tough battle, though catching this Pokémon may not be in your best interest.

7 Taunine

via deviantart.com/ktkruse

What really makes some of these fusions great is the artist's ability to take a basic pixel design and touch it up, play with it and ultimately make it their own. Taunine looked like a pretty cool design as a sprite, but was really brought to life with this beautiful artwork.

6 Kingsir

via deviantart.com/nalintj

While the sprite version of this looks downright awful, the artist rendition really saves the day – and actually comes out better than you’d imagine. Kingsir, as portrayed here, looks like some sort of superhero rather than a Pokémon. That’s not necessarily a bad thing and pretty impressive on the part of the artist.

5 Charidash

via buzzfeed.com

There are plenty of great Charizard fusions you can find online. Being one of the most popular Pokémon out there, it’s natural for Charizard to be a consistent presence in fan fusions. This fusion of it and Rapidash looks great. Their designs both complement each other and the artist’s style really makes everything come together nicely.

4 Zubro

via deviantart.com/catandcrown

After a string of truly awesome looking fusions, this fusion of Zubat and Slowbro truly brings things back to nightmare territory. The mouth on this thing alone makes it feel like it belongs in a del Toro film rather than a Pokémon game. But then again, this isn’t official.

3 Cukazam

via soranews24.com

There have been plenty of odd looking Pokémon on this list so far, but not this next entry. A mixture of Cubone and Alakazam, Cukazam is one of the best looking Pokémon fusions you’ll see. The artist did a phenomenal job of bringing this concept to life and giving it its own identity.

2 Starking

via zombiedogdoes.tumblr.com

This next entry looks like an absolute unit. Starking seems as though it would be better off as part of some sort of mech anime rather than the world of Pokémon. It just looks like it would tower over you, and its design is one of the most well done and thought out Pokémon fusions you’ll find.

1 Venudrill

via deviantart.com/kendallhaleart

Last up is one that will surely end this list off on a memorable note. This artist has some really great rendition of starter evolutions, and Venudrill is one of the best of that bunch. Though it looks almost nothing like its sprite counterpart, this fusion is in a class of its own – at least in terms of creativity and imagination.

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