25 Gen 1 Pokémon Fusions That Are Too Ridiculous For Words

With a franchise that's been around as long as Pokémon has, things are going to get a little stale. While there's certainly a good amount of criticism aimed at newer Pokémon designs when new generation games come out, most fans usually get more and more accustomed to the designs as they go through the games. One thing this frustration does allow however is for fans to let out some of their creativity. Though fusion isn't a mechanic in the Pokémon games, Pokémon fusions have become pretty popular online. It's easy to do and can allow for some fairly interesting creations. If you haven't tried it out you should, so long as you're a fan of sprite art.

You can find some weird and unique combinations, simply made by mix and matching different features of any two given Pokémon. But the fusions that really stick out are the ones that fan artists take the time to draw and interpret themselves. Being the oldest and one of the most well-known in the series, Gen I seems to be the default for this right now. There are plenty of weird, crazy, scary and cool-looking fusions that these talented artists have put their own spin on, on this list.

Take a look at 25 Gen I Pokémon Fusions that are too ridiculous for words.

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25 Muchamp

via dorkly.com

Let’s get things started on a high note. Whenever you think of Machamp, you think of strength and toughness. But this Pokémon fusion throws all of that out of the window. A fusion of Muk and Machamp, Muchamp is just as intimidating as the two Pokémon it fused from. The idea of a Fighting/Poison-type Pokémon isn’t exactly a new one, but the design is certainly something else entirely. Just look at it – you definitely don’t want to get on his thing's bad side.

24 Chanfing

via dorkly.com

There’s just something wrong about how this looks. Unlike a lot of the entries on this list, this fusion of Chansey and Koffing works a little too well. And that’s exactly what makes this such a ridiculous combination. They really shouldn’t work together from a design standpoint but they absolutely do. It’s essentially just a Koffing with a different color pallet and a cuter face. Maybe the fact that it’s such a simple design is why it works so nicely, as strange as that is.

23 Arbtails

via deviantart.com/darksilvania

Ninetails has one of the better designs of the Gen I Pokémon. It’s an elegant look that really feels like a maturation from its pre-evolved form. Arbok, on the other hand, is less majestic and more sinister looking. Put the two together and you get a really menacing Pokémon. The artists’ idea to make Arbtails’ tails more like Arbok’s was a great touch, as they really make the design look that much more frightening. It’s certainly one of the scarier looking Pokémon out there.

22 Geofairy

via imgur.com

Just look at that face. Man that thing is not happy to be alive. Not one bit. It’s becoming clearer and clearer that whichever Pokemon overtakes the facial features in these fusions determines just how weird it’ll turn out. This next one is a mixture of Geodude and Clefairy. What we get is a very pale looking and downtrodden Cleffairy that seems like its had a very long day at the office. Not exactly the something you’d want to see roaming around Kanto.

21 Sandtoise

via imgur.com

This next one actually looks pretty cool. The artwork here is really well done and it’s one of the rare Pokémon fusions online that actually seems like a legitimate Pokémon design. Really it just seems like an alternate evolution for Sandshrew, with a dirty shell and canons to complete the look. If there’s one thing you’ll notice if you look through these Pokémon fusions long enough it’s that Blastoise is a pretty good Pokémon to base an alternate design around.

20 Beeysaur

via dorkly.com

Alarming. This is not a Pokémon. This is some sort of sci-fi horror monster. The dominant facial features really do make or break these fusions and in this case – being a fusion of Bulbasaur and Beedrill – we’re left with an unfortunate combination. Can you imagine one of these – apparently huge – bugs flying towards you on the open road? This thing is a new breed of apex predator. We can hardly imagine this thing anywhere near the peaceful Kanto region and its inhabitants.

19 Lickizard

via ranker.com

Give the artist some credit, because they managed to take a fusion that by all means should’ve been one of the weirdest things you’ve seen and made it into a sort of endearing looking Pokémon. Lickitung is already a weird and unsettling Pokémon on its own. Combining it with others just seems like a doomed idea. While the sprite doesn’t do this fusion any favors, it’s saved by the artist. Just look at that happy face. Ain’t it adorable?

18 Chanter

via ranker.com

It seems as though adding Chansey’s face to any Pokémon will make it seem that much more adoring and loveable. It’s been established. Maybe that’s why people keep giving it the most surprising and ill-suiting fusion partners. Haunter isn’t supposed to look like an approachable Pokémon; it is a Ghost-type after all. But the artist really makes this fusion workout that way. Maybe it’s the clasped hands. It just feels so out of place for a Haunter to be doing, you can’t help but be reminded of the gentle-natured Chansey.

17 Hauntbone

via necromorph-slayinglovemachine.tumblr.com

Oh man, is that awesome. You know, in this case, this fusion actually kind of works out pretty well. The artist really reimagined this fusion and made it work out as its own thing. Hauntbone cuts a pretty menacing figure. This is a pretty ingenious fusion, given Cubone’s tragic back-story. Something as disturbed as this perfectly suits it. The only similarities Hauntbone shares with Haunter the ghostly aura surrounding it. It looks more like a zombie than a ghost and while the design is really cool, the bits of gore might be too much.

16 Cunine

via dorkly.com

Staying very true to the original Arcanine design, this rendition of Cunine is probably the best fusion so far in regards to how well it resembles its source material. The combination itself is probably one of the better fusions out there. Both Cubone and Arcanine really suit each other well, and their designs really fit in nicely. It gives off the same majestic vibes as Arcanine with Cubone’s design giving it a fresh new take. In this case, this fusion is ridiculously good.

15 Zuish

via ranker.com

This thing isn’t even all that scary looking. But it sure is disturbing. Hard to think that somewhere in there is an Oddish. It looks like Zubat’s the best represented of the two. It’s never exactly been a settling Pokémon to look at. Fusing it with an Oddish is only making things worse. Zubat live in caves for a reason – they aren’t easy to look at. One thing the artist here did very well is that they really got across how vicious this thing looks. It certainly doesn’t seem friendly.

14 Dorb

via pinterest.ca

This next fusion is actually pretty adorable. But you really have to look at it and wonder just how it functions. This fusion of Voltorb and Doduo actually comes out aesthetically pleasing, but just look at that massive beak. How can it possibly hope to get around? It certainly can’t roll that’s for sure. Design aside, the art here is really fantastic. It feels somewhat photorealistic and looks much sharper than some of the more cartoonish pieces we’ve seen so far.

13 Slowtails

via ranker.com

We’ve already talked about how Ninetails’ design and look is so sharp and sleek. Seeing it fused with a Slowpoke just makes it look the complete opposite – but in a great way. This isn’t exactly the coolest design. It most probably was never meant to be. The artist here really did a great job at capturing the irony of the design, especially with that ridiculous face and majestic pose together. Whoever came up with this fusion was going for something absurd, and that’s captured perfectly here.

12 Oddix

via ranker.com

This is one that seems aright at first, but gets progressively weirder the longer you look at it. At first glance, this Onix-Oddish mixture seems alright enough. But take a minute to look at its face. It’s so unsettling. If whoever concocted this design was trying to make the fused Pokémon seem endearing they didn’t manage to pull that off. Both Pokémon used in the fusion aren’t frightening in their individual designs but put them together and you get some ridiculous results.

11 Magnedrill

via ranker.com

While a good chunk of these fusions are either funny to look at or just a little confusing and unsettling, some of them really do make you wonder how fun it would be if fusion was somehow worked into the Pokémon games – if only for the amount of freedom and customization it would give. This next fusion is definitely one of the latter. This Magnetron–Beedrill mix looks awesome. Like a Pokémon mecha. If something like this made it into the games, it could become a fan favorite simply based on its design.

10 Beeot

via ranker.com

Beedrill’s design just seems to be a great template for Pokémon fusion. This Beeot fusion of Beedrill and Pidgeot seems like its own Pokémon altogether. Give credit to the fantastic artist for this one, because they really made it their own and ran with the sprite fusion. It looks really sleek and passes off as a somewhat legitimate looking Pokémon design. Though its fusion suggests that it would be a Flying/Bug-type, it’s definitely giving off some Dark and maybe Electric-type vibes.

9 Weepinzee

via nedroidcomics.tumblr.com

There are some pretty cool designs on this list, and there are also some fairly odd fusion’s as well. This next fusion though is just plain goofy looking. Sometimes taking two already ridiculous looking Pokémon and fusing them together actually keeps their silly look and charm. Weepinbeell’s perpetual shocked expression, as well as Drowzee’s rotund frame, makes for a great comedic pairing. This isn’t all that bad to look at. But you really can’t just take this Pokémon all too seriously with the look on its face.

8 Parasaur

via deviantart.com/pepperoonie


This one probably didn’t have to look as frightening as it does. But you have to appreciate the artist going the extra mile and making this fusion of Parasect and Venusaur their own. It really comes out as its own unique thing that builds off of the sprite fusion’s design rather than imitates it 100%. Parasuar seems absolutely ferocious and certainly looks as if it wouldn’t be any fun to run into in the wild. As good as the design is it most certainly doesn’t look Pokémon friendly.

7 The Odd Squad

via ronnieraccoon.tumblr.com

Is this cheating? Maybe so, but this 5 in 1 image was just too strange to ignore. It seems as though Oddish really just doesn’t look all that great fused with anyone. By the looks of it, the artist who drew this mixed Oddish together with Hitmonlee, Metapod, Machamp, Poliwrath, and Golbat. Each and every one turned out to be a weird choice. Each fusion looks stranger than the other, and what we’re left with is one very odd quintuplet.

6 Cuchan

viia gyodragon.tumblr.com

This is probably one of the best-executed fusion designs on the list. The way this artist interpreted and drew out this fusion of Cubone and Hitmonchan is absolutely perfect. Works and interpretations like this really make the idea of Pokémon fusions as interesting as it is. The design is so seamless; it really just feels like a huge upgrade using the very best features of both Hitmonchan and Cubone. Cubone’s iconic skeletal features along with Hitmonchan’s design’s finesse just looks beautiful.

5 Nidonine

via ranker.com

This Nidonine artwork really is beautiful. It stands as one of the better designed and drawn Pokémon fusions we've seen on this list so far. It actually looks a little menacing with the way it's postured and the look in its eye that’s admittedly somewhat hard to notice at first glance. The color scheme mixture works out really nicely here. The dark purple of Nidoking mixed with the stripes and white fur of Arcanine really makes this design come together nicely.

4 Rhyizard

via deviantart.com/pepperoonie

It’s safe to say that Charizard is one of the most popular Pokémon in the franchise. Its design along with fans’ familiarity with it certainly plays into why it’s so iconic and continues to be. With that being said, you can imagine that mostly anything mixed in with Charizard’s design would work and that’s true for this Rhyhorn fusion. Its depiction here really makes it resemble a traditional dragon with sharp and menacing features. While the cartoonish looking stuff has proved to be great, these more realistic looking designs really blow it out of the park.

3 Lickidash

via via reddit.com/user/SageOfLegend

While the last few images have focused more on the cooler, more complimentary fusions – we’re going to go back and check out a really silly and ridiculous one next. Lickitung’s face can really make anything look odd. Particularly its tongue. The cartoonish look of the drawing really suits its more comedic aspects – most importantly the face. It’s a great job at bringing this fusion to life and reminds us that these things don’t always have to look so realistic to be great.

2 Charchamp

via deviantart.com/kendallhaleart

What really separates the good art from the great art on this list is how much of the original sprite design is used, and how much the artist decides to change and work according to their own vision on what the fusion should look like. This artist interpretation on what a Charchamp (a Charizard and Machamp) would look like really hits it out of the park. It’s as ferocious as you’d expect and though the design likely wouldn’t fit into Game Freak’s art style, it really stands out on its own.

1 Magnetoise

via deviantart.com/kendallhaleart

You can take everything said about Charchamp and apply it here. It’s the same artist, same great style, and same results. This Magnetoise is absolutely fantastic. In the sprite art version of this, the Blastoise-Magneton combo really looks weak facially, as a Magneton eye really takes up most of the real estate there. But once again, this fantastic artist has reworked the sprite artwork and made a unique interpretation of the fusion which works out beautifully. This is hands down one of the most impressive out there.

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