10 Strong Gen 2 Pokémon That Break The Game (And 10 Who Are Ridiculously Weak)

Once the Pokémon games moved from the first generation to the second, there were some big changes gameplay wise. Who would have thought that the overpowered Psychic-type would be nerfed by having the new Dark-type be immune to it, as well as Bug-type getting a huge boost to provide its advantage against the formerly strongest type?

Other than some of the legendary Pokémon, there are a handful that is incredibly strong that they would be considered game breaking if they wanted to! There are some who are laughably weak when compared to them as well. It wouldn’t be a surprise if these Pokémon are remembered due to their strength or disappointment. Let’s take a look at ten strong Gen 2 Pokémon that break the game and ten who are ridiculously weak!

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20 Break The Game: Feraligatr

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While Feraligatr might not be exactly game-breaking, it is easily the best starter out of the others. With a respectable attack stat, this strong Pokémon can be a force to be reckoned with, even though Water-type moves were special. Being quite ferocious, Feraligatr is a capable starter to pick in your playthroughs!

19 Ridiculously Weak: Ledian

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Bug-types might have gotten a huge upgrade in terms of power, Ledian is one of the unfortunate ones that is awfully weak. Not only does it lack attack power, but its defense, save for special defense, is severely lacking. Why not go for other Bug-types that are incredibly strong and awesome instead of this cute critter.

18 Break The Game: Lugia

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Lugia is really something as a legendary Pokémon. While Aeroblast is a physical type move in the second generation, it is still a powerful signature move. It is also incredibly bulky that it can tank some super effective hits relatively well. Lugia will certainly be a very strong wall for any team.

17 Ridiculously Weak: Stantler

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The only nice thing that can be said about Stantler is that it is only Pokédex filler. Stantler could be seen as a Christmas Pokémon alongside Delibird, but the fifth generation’s Sawsbuck does a better job. It is also pretty generic in terms of design. It would not be a surprise of people forgot that this Pokémon even existed.

16 Break The Game: Blissey

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Chansey might be more memorable as it is a generation one Pokémon, but its evolution Blissey really set the standards in terms of stats, especially its HP. Having the highest base of hit points even to this day, it is crazy how Blissey has not broken the game with its insane bulk.

15 Ridiculously Weak: Magcargo

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Would you really want a slow and low special defense Pokémon with a four times weakness to Ground and Water-types? An insane person would say yes. Magcargo is an interesting Pokémon in terms of Pokédex entries, but in battle, it can be taken down in one hit with a single Water-type attack.

14 Break The Game: Espeon

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Even though Psychic-types were weakened greatly, there were still some incredible Psychic-type Pokémon after the first generation. Eevee would gain two evolutions, Espeon being one of the best even to this day. It has great speed and special attack to easily sweep opponents. While it does have to worry about Dark, Ghost, and Bug-types, Espeon is still one of the best Psychic-types.

13 Ridiculously Weak: Qwilfish

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For a Pokémon that does not evolve into or from another, Qwilfish is an incredible disappointment. It does not boast great stats as well. Being a Water and Poison-type might be cool, but Tentacruel from the first generation would be a better pick than this small blowfish.

12 Break The Game: Raikou

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Raikou is hands down easily the best out of the legendary beasts. It has excellent speed and both attack stats are impressive. It can also act as a supportive Pokémon, using Roar to switch the opponent’s Pokémon and remove their increased stats. The other two beasts are great, but Raikou shines the most in battle.

11 Ridiculously Weak: Sunflora

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After evolving from an incredibly weak Pokémon, Sunflora would have a chance to redeem itself, right? Wrong. Sure, it has a passable special attack stat, but it is also so slow that it might not even get a chance to attack at all. Instead, Meganium would be a better choice due to its bulk and passable offenses.

10 Break The Game: Heracross

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Those that thought Bug-types were the worst in all of Pokémon were immediately wrong when Heracross debuted in the second generation. Being a Fighting-type helps make Heracross an incredibly strong Pokémon, having an outstanding attack stat. Even to this day, Heracross is still an amazing Pokémon to use in competitive battling.

9 Ridiculously Weak: Furret

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Furret is cute, and that is the nicest thing that can be said for it in general. It can be good as an HM Pokémon and fill up space as fodder when going up against a tough opponent in-game. But as one of the strongest Pokémon? That would be a sight to behold to see a cute creature like Ferret be a strong Pokémon.

8 Break The Game: Scizor

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Another of the great Bug-types, Scizor would evolve from the already popular Scyther with the help of trading while holding a Metal Coat. Since both Bug and Steel are physical type moves, Scizor really benefits its great attack stat. Want to make it more powerful? Give it Agility and Swords Dance, then it will be very broken.

7 Ridiculously Weak: Dunsparce

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Dunsparce has an interesting concept and design, but its stats say something else when it comes to battle potential. As a Normal-type, it does not have advantages except for an immunity to Ghost-type moves. It could have had the potential to be a Fairy-type, but it has stayed in irrelevancy ever since its debut.

6 Break The Game: Kingdra

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Becoming the first Water and Dragon-type Pokémon, Kingdra was really a step ahead of its game with only having one weakness (until the sixth generation), which is of course Dragon. Its stats might be balanced at best, but it is still a great Pokémon to use in your playthroughs. Just use Hydro Pump and Outrage and you are good to go!

5 Ridiculously Weak: Octillery

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While it is strange for a fish like Remoraid to evolve into an octopus, Octillery is certainly not the Water-type you should have on your team. It might boast the signature move Octazooka, that is what sadly makes Octillery stand out. Besides, other great Water-types like Kingdra can pull off this move better.

4 Break The Game: Tyranitar

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Sometimes having four times weaknesses can show that even powerful Pokémon need to be balanced. Tyranitar is the pseudo-legendary of the second generation and its strength is incredible. There is just a lot that this fearsome Pokémon can do, including taking out the formerly powerful Psychic-type Pokémon thanks to its immunity.

3 Ridiculously Weak: Aipom

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Aipom might be cute, but it does not hold up to the powerhouses in the second generation games. Its stats are lackluster at best, even with its decent speed. Like with most Normal-types, Aipom is not really the best Pokémon to use. At least a couple of generations later, it got a decent evolution to redeem itself.

2 Break The Game: Ho-Oh

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While it does have a four times weakness to Rock-type moves, Ho-Oh is still an incredibly strong legendary Pokémon. Coupled with the fact that its signature move Sacred Fire has a fifty percent chance to burn the opponent. For being the Rainbow Pokémon, Ho-Oh truly shines as an incredible Pokémon.

1 Ridiculously Weak: Unown

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Remember how in the third Pokémon movie, Unown was made to seem like an incredibly important and powerful Pokémon? In-game, however, it is easily a joke. Since it can only learn Hidden Power, this Pokémon was doomed from the start. Sure, there are twenty-eight different versions of it and it’s nice for collecting purposes, but the fact stands that Unown is ready to be unowned.

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