30 Crazy Pokémon Red And Blue Fan Theories (We Can’t Believe Are True)

They were the games that started a huge, much-loved franchise: Pokémon Red and Blue. It's been over 20 years since these classic RPGs were first released, but they've still got a very special place in Pokémon players' hearts. Sure, they were full of glitches. Yes, the game's Pokémon didn't have wide movepools and had slightly less detailed sprites. But can you really beat taking a journey through the original Kanto map with your Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle at your side? We think not!

One of the clearest signs that Red and Blue are still popular games is the fact that fans still talk about them. Sure, there may be more buzz surrounding newer titles like Let's Go: Eevee and Let's Go: Pikachu, but there are still some dedicated Generation I fans out there. Plenty of us still reminisce about our first experiences playing these games, and we still discuss theories surrounding these games and their Pokémon. Pretty much every big franchise out there has plenty of fan theories to its name, and this one is no exception!

There are theories out there that point out weird and wonderful links between certain Pokémon. Plenty of fans like to speculate about the origins and motivations of the games' characters. We even like to discuss the big questions, such as where Pokémon actually came from in the first place! Question is, how many of these fan theories are plausible? Are any of them true, or are they totally indefensible? We'll leave you to decide!

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30 Gengar Is A Dark Version Of Clefairy

Have you ever noticed that Gengar and Clefairy look kind of similar? They're pretty much the same shape and size, right down to their pointy ears! The only difference between them is that Clefairy looks happy and pleasant, while Gengar is a devious and purple nightmare. Lots of Pokémon fans think the links between these Pokémon are deliberate. Perhaps Gengar is a "shadow" version of Clefairy? If you want to go even more sinister, what if Gengar is a deceased Clefairy that's come back in ghost form to cause havoc?

29 A War Wiped Out All Of Kanto's Men

If you pay very close attention to the NPCs in Pokémon Red and Blue, you'll notice that there aren't very many young men about the place. There are older men and lots of children. However, lots of characters seem to be missing fathers - not least Red and Blue. A popular fan theory claims that Kanto's male population is so sparse because of a war that took place before the games' timeline. Lots of men signed up to fight. However, as is often the case, not many of them came back.

28 Professor Oak Is The Player's Dad

Speaking of whether or not Red has a dad - could Professor Oak secretly be the player's father?

It would be a twist worthy of a Star Wars movie.

There's not much overt evidence to support this hypothesis, but there are some hints scattered throughout the game. Why is Oak so fond of Red, often at the expense of his own grandson? Is Oak close to your mom in just a friendly way, or for romantic reasons? If this theory is true, it would make Red the uncle of Blue. Talk about a dysfunctional family!

27 Cubone Is Kangaskhan's Child

Pokémon players have frequently speculated about the connection between Cubone and Kangaskhan. Eagle-eyed fans have noted that the skull that Cubone wears on its head looks a bit like a Kangaskhan. Plus, the baby that Kangaskhan carries in its pouch looks a lot like a Cubone - minus the skull hat, of course. These links have led to a pretty dark fan theory. What if a Cubone is actually an orphaned Kangaskhan baby that wears its mother's bones as a kind of tribute? No, YOU'RE crying.

26 Blue's Raticate Ends Up In Pokémon Tower

In general, Blue isn't exactly what you'd call a sympathetic character. He's pretty rude, and arrogant to boot. However, this fan theory might just make you feel sorry for Red's rival. Some Pokémon players believe that Blue's Raticate perishes after the battle with Red on the SS Anne.

After this fight, you never see the Raticate again.

The next time you see Blue, he's at Pokémon Tower - a place where trainers go to mourn their passed Pokémon. It all fits! Poor Blue…

25 Koffing Was Created By Team Rocket

Throughout Pokémon Red and Blue, the player has to battle grunts and admins from the nefarious Team Rocket. Lots of the team's members seem to have the exact same Pokémon - Zubat, Rattata, and Grimer are popular choices, as is Koffing. Some fans believe that Team Rocket actually created Koffing and its evolution, Weezing! Apparently, they created these noxious clouds of gas to poison their opponents and thus further their criminal activity. It would explain why so many Team Rocket members have a Koffing!

24 Giovanni Is A Father

Even villains have families, and Pokémon Red and Blue's Giovanni is no exception to this.

In fact, he apparently has a secret son!

Silver, the rival from Pokémon Gold and Silver, was revealed to be Giovanni's child in the Pokémon Generations anime. Lots of fans had suspected as much for a while, but the theory was fully confirmed in the episode The Legacy! No wonder Silver is such a bitter and negative Pokémon trainer - he clearly takes after his father in that sense...

23 Voltorb Is A Possessed Pokémon

This interesting theory connects two well-known Kanto Pokémon - Voltorb and Haunter. Some fans think that Voltorb is actually a Pokéball that's been possessed by a Haunter! The main evidence to support this theory is the Pokémon in question's eyes.

Voltorb's eyes are almost identical to Haunter's.

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul... Maybe Voltorb's are trying to tell us something! It would explain why Voltorb looks so much like a Pokéball. It is one!

22 Ditto Is A Failed Version Of Mewtwo

Ditto is a bit of a strange Pokémon. It has the power to transform into any other Pokémon, which can be a bit frustrating when you're trying to battle it. However, Ditto's breeding properties are very useful! Lots of Pokémon fans have questions regarding Ditto's origins. One theory suggests that Dittos are actually failed versions of Mewtwo. They're found in the ruined Pokémon Mansion - the place where Mewtwo was created - and they share their transformative abilities with Mew, Mewtwo's parent. The evidence for this theory is strong!

21 Your Mom Pays For Your Pokémon Center Use

Here's an interesting question: does the Pokémon world have free healthcare? If not, nipping to the Pokémon Center every five minutes must be pretty expensive! Some Pokémon fans have suggested that in the Pokémon games, the player's mom pays for their Pokémon Center usage. It may appear to be free at the point of use, but your mom ends up footing a hefty cost! It would explain why the mom in Gold and Silver is so keen to "look after" the player's money - she needs to pay the bills!

20 TMs Are Actually DVDs

TMs have been a staple of the Pokémon series ever since Red and Blue. These handy gadgets have the power to teach your Pokémon certain moves. How exactly do TMs work, though? Some Pokémon fans think they've found the answer. In the later Pokémon games, the design of TMs changed.

They're now disc-shaped, and they look a lot like a DVD!

Maybe TMs are just instructional videos on how to learn a new move? Your Pokémon only has to watch a short film, and bam – they’ve learned Earthquake or Thunderbolt!

19 Mr. Fuji Created Mewtwo

In Pokémon Red and Blue, Mr Fuji is a kindly old man who tries to rid the Pokémon Tower of Team Rocket's forces. He spends his time caring for Pokémon and generally seems like a nice guy.

However, Fuji could well have a sinister past.

Lots of Pokémon fans think he is actually Dr Fuji, one of the creators of the powerful Pokémon Mewtwo. Perhaps Fuji looks after all of those Pokémon as penance for unleashing such a dangerous creature into the world?

18 Bulbasaur Is Fused With Oddish

Have you ever wondered what the bulb on a Bulbasaur's back is? Is it just a random plant, or is it, in fact, another Pokémon that we all know and love? Some fans subscribe to the latter way of thinking! They believe that the plant on Bulbasaur's back is an Oddish that's fused to its host! As Bulbasaur evolves, so does its bulb; it ends up looking like a Gloom, and then a Vileplume! If this theory is true, we hope that Oddish and Bulbasaur's relationship is a friendly one. It'd be a bit awkward if it wasn't...

17 Venomoth Is Part Of The Wrong Evolutionary Line

There's something a bit weird about the Pokémon Venomoth - according to some fans, anyway. Apparently, Venomoth looks like it should have evolved from Caterpie and Metapod, rather than Venonat! On the flip side, Venonat should actually evolve into Butterfree. If you take a look at the designs of these Pokémon, you can see that this theory actually has some weight. Caterpie looks a lot more like Venomoth than like Butterfree - especially its eyes! Maybe the creators of Red and Blue really did get these evolutionary lines mixed up?

16 Your Father Is The Pokémon Gym Guide

When you step into every gym in the Kanto region, a friendly face is there to welcome you and support you through the battles ahead. This gym guide doesn't have a name as far as we know, and he's a pretty minor character in Red and Blue. However, that hasn't stopped Pokémon fans from speculating about his true identity. One fan theory suggests that he's actually the playable character's father! Apparently, he feels so bad about abandoning his wife and child that he's found a way to secretly help his son throughout his Pokémon journey. Talk about a family drama!

15 Psychic Types Are Weak To Human Phobias

In Generation I, Psychic-type Pokémon were weak to just two other types: Ghost and Bug. In Generation II, that list expanded to include Dark-types. Some fans have found a metaphorical meaning behind Psychic Pokémon's weak spots.

Psychic-types are weak to common human phobias.

Think about it: lots of people are scared of ghosts and bugs, not to mention the dark! The theory makes a lot of sense if you accept that Psychic-types represent the human mind. It’s all very deep.

14 Mt Moon Is A Giant Meteor

Kanto's Mt Moon is a pretty mysterious place. Nestled between Pewter City and Cerulean City, this cave is the only place where you can find the Pokémon Clefairy. There are lots of hints in the Pokémon games that suggest Clefairy is actually from the moon or at least connected to it.

Maybe the entirety of Mt Moon is from space too?

Some fans believe that Mt Moon is actually a giant meteor that crashed to Earth thousands of years ago, bringing Clefairy with it. Would that technically make Clefairy an alien?

13 MissingNo Is An Actual Pokémon

MissingNo has to be the most infamous glitch Pokémon in the series' history. It appeared in Red and Blue - if you managed to trigger the correct sequence of cheats and glitches, of course. The Pokémon community has frequently speculated about MissingNo's origins, and there are some interesting theories out there. One pretty twisted line of thinking states that MissingNo is what happens to a Pokémon if it's kept captive in a Pokéball for too long! According to this theory, Pokémon are transformed into a kind of "data" when they're caught, which then corrupts if it's left untouched long-term. Creepy!

12 Humans Have Eaten Farfetch'd Into Extinction

In Pokémon Red and Blue, the Flying-type Pokémon Farfetch'd is notoriously rare. In fact, there's only one of them in the game! A man in Vermillion City is willing to trade you one for a Spearow.

Why exactly are Farfetch'd so rare, though?

Some fans believe it's because humans have eaten this poor Pokémon into extinction. The Pokémon anime mentions that Farfetch'd are pretty delicious. We can only assume that this creature's tastiness is its downfall. It can’t help that it clutches a leek in its wings all day… It’s basically seasoning itself!

11 Blaine Once Worked For Team Rocket

The Fire-type Pokémon trainer Blaine is best-known as the Cinnabar Island Gym leader. However, some Pokémon fans think that he may have another secret identity. Blaine could well be a former Team Rocket member. Some fans have suggested that he was one of the scientists who worked on the creation of Mewtwo - and that Blaine was hired to do so by Giovanni himself. Blaine later regretted his actions after seeing that Giovanni wanted to use Mewtwo for evil purposes. It's an interesting theory!

10 Slowpoke Is Super Smart

The Water and Psychic-type Pokémon Slowpoke has a reputation for being a bit stupid. It stands there with a vacant look in its eyes all day long, and even the Pokédex admits that this Pokémon is a bit dopey. However, maybe Slowpoke's apparent stupidity is actually a cover for it being super-smart? Some Pokémon fans have speculated that the reason Slowpoke looks so vacant is that it's struggling with the immense amount of knowledge and intellect it has. It's actually one of the smartest beings on the planet. That would be a plot twist!

9 Red Can't Actually Speak

Red - aka, the playable character in Pokémon Red and Blue - is notorious for being the strong and silent type. In Red and Blue, he doesn't get any dialogue. In Gold and Silver, Red merely greets you with a "..." when you encounter him at Mt Silver. This trend even continues in Pokémon Sun and Moon. When you meet Red at the Battle Tree, he says nothing! In general, we've always assumed that Red was silent by choice, not by necessity. However, some Pokémon fans believe that Red is actually physically incapable of talking. To be honest, that would be a pretty sad twist...

8 Abra, Kadabra, and Alakazam Hate Their Trainers

Catching an Abra is a notoriously difficult experience. Ever since Pokémon Red and Blue, this 'Mon has had a habit of teleporting away as soon as you encounter it in the wild.

Why does it run away so swiftly?

Well, some Pokémon fans think it's because Abra hates humans. It's the only Pokémon intelligent enough to understand just how cruel and awful humans can be, and so desperately tries to avoid being caught. Does this mean that all Abras, Kadabras and Alakazams hate their trainers? We hope not!

7 Arcanine Is A Legendary Dog

Pretty much since Pokémon Red and Blue were first released, there have been rumours surrounding the status of the Fire-type Pokémon Arcanine. Lots of fans believe that this 'Mon was originally going to be a Legendary Pokémon! In the Pokédex, it's actually referred to in those terms.

In fact, this fan theory is totally accurate.

Arcanine was going to be an official member of the Legendary Trio but was axed in favour of Moltres when the game's developers decided to make all of the Trio birds.

6 Trainers "Black Out" After Lost Battles Because They're Connected To Their Pokémon

If you lose a battle in the Pokémon games, your character ends up blacking out. Next thing you know, you're in the Pokémon Center and you've lost loads of your money. This mechanic exists to avoid the lengthy process of you having to return to the Pokémon Center with no team members on hand to defend you. However, some fan theories think the player blacking out goes deeper than that. Maybe you pass out when all of your Pokémon faint because you're somehow telepathically connected to them, and feel their pain? Yeah... We're not sure about this one.

5 Blue Is Hated By His Own Family

To be honest, this is way more than a theory at this point - it's basically confirmed. Poor Blue is treated pretty badly by his own family in Pokémon Red and Blue. For one, his sister directly helps his rival, Red, by giving them the Town Map. Then there's the fact that Professor Oak - Blue's grandfather - repeatedly insults his grandson throughout the game. Oak even seems happy when Blue has the title of Champion taken away from him by Red. You'd think that Oak would show even the slightest bit of sympathy for his family member... But nope.

4 Parasect Is A Zombie

Have you ever noticed that the Pokémon Parasect has incredibly dead, glazed-over eyes? Its eyes don't even have pupils! This could just be a feature that's designed to make Parasect look creepier... Or, it could be a sign of some seriously sinister backstory. Some Pokémon fans believe that Parasect is entirely controlled by the mushroom that lives on its back. Its eyes are so glazed because it's basically a zombie, and has no control over its own body any more. Yikes.

3 PokéBalls Literally Just Shrink Pokémon

The actual mechanics of how Pokéballs work has never been explained. How do huge Pokémon like Wailord fit in such a tiny ball? What does the inside of a Pokéball actually look like to a Pokémon? Do they have a miniature house in there? We might never know the answers to these questions, but we can sure speculate endlessly about them. Some fans believe that Pokéballs work thanks to some very simple shrinking technology. That's right: the balls just shrink Pokémon down to a tiny size and keep them confined in a tiny spherical prison. Simple, yet effective!

2 Blue Is A Team Rocket Member

Blue is a rude and generally obnoxious character. However, could his personality be even darker than we thought? Some fans think that Blue is actually a secret member of Team Rocket. For one, he always seems to show up at the same time as Team Rocket, seemingly with no explanation! He's there when Rocket takes over Silph Co, for example. Blue even battles you just before you encounter Giovanni - was he trying to weaken you to impress his new boss? Then, of course, there's the fact that Blue takes over Giovanni's former gym. It's a bit suspicious...

1 Pokémon Are The Products Of Nuclear Fallout

Where exactly did Pokémon come from? Did they slowly evolve over thousands of years, or were they created after a freak event? Some fans believe that the latter is the case. They claim that a nuclear blast caused lots of regular animals and even household objects to mutate, and thus transform into Pokémon. It would explain why so many 'Mons resemble real-life critters: long ago, they were just those creatures! It took a nuclear apocalypse for them to develop into the Pokémon we know and love.

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