15 Hidden Locations You Definitely Missed In Pokemon Red And Blue

As the Pokémon generations have gone on over the years we've seen the regions become more dense with details and activities. We've also seen a focus on giving the players a world that's vibrant, consistent, and full of interesting locations. Some of these places you'll experience along your journey no matter what simply due to the story and what you must do to save the day and train to become the Pokémon Champion of the region. Other locations and areas are completely optional and you can miss out on items, conversations, visual events, and much more simply by sticking to the main areas of importance or rushing to the end. The regions offer so much to experience that its best to take your time and soak it all in along your way to becoming the very best you can be.

In the original generation of games, there were a good number of people who didn't experience some of the events that many Pokémon super fans felt were essential to the overall experience. The best we can do now is educate everyone on the locations they may have missed, overlooked, forgotten about, or simply skipped in the interest of time. No matter what it was, Pokémon Red & Blue had some optional moments that stuck with fans of the franchise for years to come. It'd be a shame if others didn't have that same chance along their journey. Let's now take a look at 15 hidden locations you definitely missed in Pokémon Red & Blue.

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15 The Trainer Who Gives You Fly

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As a kid, it was great to go out for recess at school and exchange stories of your adventures inside the world of Pokémon. Kids would discuss all of their latest catches, and what was happening in the anime. The craziest thing is hearing about kids who played the entire game without using the hidden machine Fly. You obtained it from talking to a hidden trainer that asks for their privacy in return for the HM. Not only was Fly great for convenience and efficiency when completing your pokédex, but it was also a solid move in battle as well.

14 GameFreak's Studio

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The Pokémon games sometimes have a tendency to break the 4th wall in weird ways that can really throw you out of the immersion. One of these said cases is when you can visit their development offices in Pokémon Red & Blue. Their office is located in Celadon City and they've been included in the games every generation since. Obviously the locations and exact design layout changes based on the region, so you can bet money on them making their weird 4th wall appearance in the upcoming Pokémon Sword & Shield for the Nintendo Switch.

13 Statue Fishing

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Fishing is a mechanic in the franchise that always gets better throughout your journey through the game. This is due largely to the fact that you acquire progressively better fishing rods as you uncover more of the world and meet new people. You start with an old rod which is capable of capturing Magikarp and other low-level creatures before working your way up. The original games had a glitch that allowed you to cast your rod into Rhydon statues located near gyms and other important areas. It seems like a simple coding oversight that created some weird headcanon for people.

12 Celadon City's Missing Door

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We live in an age where the majority of video game players, that being people under the age of 21, likely don't know what GameShark was. For those of you who fall into this group, GameShark was a video game accessory that allowed you to access cheats and other tools not accessible in the regular retail version of the games. The GameShark, when used on Pokémon Red & Blue, showed players that there were unused doors that served as transport points. One of these transfer points placed you in the doorway of a building in Celadon City that didn't actually have a door.

11 Escape Rope Tree

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Interacting with trees and bushes didn't really become a staple in the Pokémon franchise until Gold & Silver and the trend has continued onwards through generations over the years. In 1998 it was more of a rumor that you heard from your friend on the playground that you would definitely try out when you got home, but at the moment you didn't want to seem gullible so you denied its plausibility at every turn. The tree in question is on Route 11, right before heading towards Route 12. It holds an escape rope which is plenty convenient when it comes to Zubat infested caves.

10 Climbable Trees

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Have you ever played a Pokémon game and wondered what it would be like to climb a tree with your two-dimensional sprite? Wouldn't it be great to just hang out for a second in the canopy with a Mankey and just share a fruit or something? Well, due to a very fortunate glitch that involves saving and using the hidden machine Cut, you can live out your wildest dreams of climbing trees in the original games. Truth be told you really just stand on the same space occupied by the tree sprite, but don't let haters get you down. You climbed that dang tree!

9 Mr. Psychic

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Imagine being named after what you can teach? That's the case for Saffron City resident Mr. Psychic. He tells you that he's capable of teaching a select pokémon of yours the incredibly powerful move Psychic. He's a prime example of why you should do your due diligence and converse with every character in every given city. Most of the time it leads to a lore building conversation at worst, and at best some cool items and opportunities. Mr. Psychic may be a weird guy for going by the move he's an expert at teaching, but hey, at least he teaches it.

8 The Legendary Birds

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It's hard to imagine the Venn diagram of people who loved Pokémon enough to pick up a copy of the first generation of games but weren't interested in it enough to hunt down the three legendary birds. Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres are easily some of the coolest creatures of the original 151 pokémon, so that alone should be enough motivation to track down and capture these guys. You knew you were cool when you showed your friends you captured all three without even using your Master Ball. You knew you were saving that for whatever hid inside Cerulean City Cave.

7 Police Agent's Cabin

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The S.S. Anne is arguably one of the most memorable locations in the first generation of games due to the amount of crazy non-playable characters you have the opportunity of running into. One of these optional interactions is with a Global Police Agent in his own cabin aboard the ship. He tells you that he's currently working an investigation centered around the infamous Team Rocket organization. Though it doesn't really pay off at any point in the story, it's a great world-building interaction that showcases Team Rocket's threat to the greater good.

6 Glitch City

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Many fans of Pokémon and the games' series of glitches and weird bugs are familiar with MissingNo., but they're likely unfamiliar with Glitch City. If you enter the Safari Zone and follow a specific set of steps you'll be allowed to leave the Safari Zone with your step-counter still functioning. Now in the outside world, once your step-counter reaches zero it causes the game world to glitch and freak out which results in a fragmented and disjointed landscape which is reflecting in its very suiting name of Glitch City. It's like the upside-down of the Kanto region.

5 Ocean Safari Zone

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Have you ever spent countless hours in the Safari Zone in search of a Chansey or Tauros, only to come up empty-handed and frustrated? Well, there's actually a glitch that makes the process of catching these rare pokémon as easy as catching any other one outside of the Safari Zone without all of the weird caveats. If you enter the Safari Zone, leave immediately, then fly to Cinnabar Island you'll activate a glitch in the ocean east of the island. Creatures from the Safari Zone will spawn in random encounters giving you easier and more often chances to complete your pokédex.

4 Hidden PC

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Video game development is difficult and complicated and even if a developer combs over every inch of the game they'll likely end up shipping a game that features some weird bug or oversight with an object. Pokémon Red & Blue had their fair share of bugs and glitches, but one of the oddest things is that it has an invisible PC hidden in plain sight. In a big open building near Celadon City Hotel, you can find a usable PC in the northeast corner of the room. It may be invisible, but it works just like any other PC in the game. It makes you wonder about the building's initial purpose.

3 Pewter City Museum Backdoor

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This was a location you had to find and interact with if you had any ambition of completing the pokédex and catching them all. Well, technically you could have had a gracious friend or classmate that traded you all of the fossil creatures, but that wasn't a likely scenario. Once you found out that Aerodactyl's fossil was what was waiting for you in the secret back entrance of the Pewter City Museum it was a must visit location. Out of all of the fossil pokémon, there's a case to be made for Aerodactyl being the coolest, and most battle efficient.

2 Cerulean City Cave

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Now, you may feel as though this is a must visit location for anyone playing through the original generation of games, but sadly many people ended their journeys in Kanto without ever running into Mewtwo in the Cerulean City Cave. Early in the game when you first enter Cerulean City you're teased with the visual of a man safeguarding a cave entrance you can't enter. For many, this led to an extended curiosity that brought you back after defeating the Elite Four and becoming Pokémon Champion. For others they either didn't notice, forgot about it or simply couldn't be bothered to come back later.

1 The Mew Truck

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This location is easily the most infamous and heartbreaking location that has ever existed in a Pokémon game. It isn't due to anything spoken or hinted at inside the actual game, but rather the rumors and speculation kids passed around during recess across the country. It was believed that once you were able to get to the truck that a simple use of the hidden machine Strength would move the truck and lead to a battle with the mysterious and legendary Mew. This obviously wasn't the case, and the only way to get Mew was through an official event in your area.

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