20 Pokémon Redesigns We Can’t Unsee

Pokémon's creatures have captivated people all over the world. From their simplistic art style, there is a lot of personality that is displayed in each of the Pokémon’s official art. Through the passion of fans, we have seen plenty of redesigns give their take on their favorite ‘mons. Many of them take a completely different look, a way we would never see or maybe even dream of seeing Pokémon like before.

Here we will cover Pokémon redesigns from two different artists. First is Tumblr user Cosmopoliturtle (cosmopoliturtle.tumblr.com) who has a unique, Aztec-inspired take on many Pokémon designs. The second features realistic and honestly quite scary redesigns from DeviantARTist Arvali (arvalis.deviantart.com). Both of these redesigns are so interesting that it might just change the way you see a certain Pokémon.

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20 Ho-Oh

via pikove.com

The actual Ho-Oh may be a rainbow phoenix and peacock mix Pokémon, but this take gives us a completely different look at the legendary Pokémon from Pokémon Gold. This redesign of Ho-Oh resembles somewhat of a dragon or a griffin inspiration. There are still some bird-like attributes such as its beak and talons, as well as Ho-Oh specific attributes like its wings and tail. But it is so different that without a label you would probably never think of it as Ho-Oh.

19 Mewtwo

via kwikbusiness.com

Mewtwo may be among some of the most powerful Pokémon ever, but have you actually thought about how it would appear in real life? Keep in mind, Mewtwo was the result of a science experiment cloning from a Mew fossil. It may not have a smooth and clean body like it appears to have in the games and anime. When you think about it, this has a good feel of what Mew would look like if it aged.

18 Ekans And Arbok

via dorkly.com

This look for the classic snake Pokémon gives Ekans more of a rattlesnake inspiration. It would look good as a regional variant if Ekans ever got one. Arbok looks far more intimidating here. Its pattern design resembles more of a face and attracts more attention than the actual Arbok. It would be difficult to not get hit by glare if you saw this depiction.

17 Dratini, Dragonair, And Dragonite

via kwikbusiness.com

A look at this Dragonite and you’ll be thinking more of a sea creature than a dragon. That might make more sense if you see Dratini and Dragonair more as eels or sea salamanders. Dratini are typically located near water. When it evolves into Dragonite, it becomes more adaptable to land and sky environments, but still originally a sea creature. This redesign appears to reflect on that origin.

16 Torchic, Combusken, And Blaziken

via dorkly.com

First of all, just notice how cute Torchic is here, it looks like it just came out of an egg. Meanwhile Combusken actually resembles more of a hen than some kind of chicken mascot. Notice its neck and tail; it almost looks like there are scales on it. Blaziken also has grown a tail in this design and its legs are properly jointed for a chicken-like Pokémon. The original just looked like some kind of superhero vigilante doing his best Falcon Kick impression.

15 Ghastly And Gengar

via kwikbusiness.com

You’re probably wondering why these Pokémon looks more like bats than ghosts. Well considering the realistic nature of these types of designs, it would be difficult to depict how a ghost would look in real life. A large bat can typically be considered scary to many people. When you look at ghastly, it is a bat, but the ear placement kind of takes form of its eyes in the official design. Gengar would resemble a bat that doesn’t really have wings, so really just a large scary rodent.

14 Wooper And Quagsire

via dorkly.com

One look at these two Pokémon designs and I could tell you that if they were to be real, they would drop the ground type and become water/dragon type Pokémon. Their tails both have grown considerably larger in size. Quagsire could almost pass as a Zora enemy from classic The Legend of Zelda games.

13 Reshiram

via kwikbusiness.com

This is a really cool look for the legendary Pokémon of truth featured in Pokémon Black Version. Reshiram is considered a Dragon with mammal properties, but this gives it more of a bird like look. There is quite a bit of color added to this instead of looking pure white. Looking at this gives you the thought that it is somewhat related to Ho-Oh does it not?

12 Bidoof And Bibarel

via dorkly.com

Ever take a look at one of these Pokémon in Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum and just feel like punching one of them? Bidoof and Bibarel are two of the worst, most boring designed Pokémon ever. Any kind of redesign would be welcomed and this one is pretty good. Instead of looking impossibly stupid, the Bidoof actually looks very cute and would be loved by a lot more Pokémon trainers. Bibarel looks very old here, yet it looks oddly majestic.

11 Tyranitar

via kwikbusiness.com

This is one of the most ferocious designs out there and it is based on one of the most ferocious Pokémon in existence. This Tyranitar has an obvious Dinosaur type of look to it looking a bit like a mix of a T-Rex and a stegosaurus. As scary as this looks, I would love to see this Tyranitar face off against Monster Hunter’s Deviljho.

10 Porygon And Porygon 2

via dorkly.com

In the distant future when Porygon and Porygon 2 are remade like many of the classic video games nowadays, I would imagine they would look somewhat like this. What is really cool is the display of their hearts. It would be a nice way of showcasing that these virtual reality Pokémon are actually living beings and have hearts of their own, not that we really need to be reminded of that.

9 Aron, Lairon, And Aggron

via kwikbusiness.com

Aggron and its relative species also take a bit of a Dino-inspired look. Since Aggron is a very defensive Pokémon, it would make sense to see a bit of a triceratops type of design. Notice the sizable difference between Aron, Lairon, and the Aggron. This would only look cooler if it had more steel plating surrounding its large body instead of just strong hide.

8 Bonsly And Sudowoodo

via dorkly.com

The original Bonsly is one of the cutest “baby” Pokémon out there. It would be hard to top it off, but this one is really nice. Sudowoodo’s natural personality is to mimic other trees, even if it doesn’t look like most trees, but this? Well that creepy smile is something that will never go away. Now I can’t stop looking at common trees with this smile.

7 Lapras

via kwikbusiness.com

This is a rather proper design for this friendly Pokémon. This Lapras looks like an oceanic dinosaur with very strange, but not too scary facial features. Lapras is best known as a Pokémon where people can ride on top of the shell on its back. However, with this design it doesn’t look all too comfy. At least you have something to hold onto if you are riding through powerful waves.

6 Koffing And Weezing

via dorkly.com

Real Koffings and Weezings are pretty ugly Pokémon, but these redesigns take a unique twist with the poison gas Pokémon. Here, these Pokémon appear almost spectral, like they could be considered ghost type Pokémon. Weezing in particular looks really interesting as it takes the poisonous hazard warning and turns it into its eyes and mouth.

5 Growlithe And Arcanine

via kwikbusiness.com

Growlithe and Arcanine’s design here is a bit confusing. Officially, they are definitely dogs, but here Growlithe can almost look like a fox, while Arcanine is straight up a lion with tiger stripes. One cool touch to take note of, as the Pokédex titles Arcanine as the “Legendary Pokémon,” this depiction reflects that of various myths depicting beasts as mythical creatures.

4 Articuno

via dorkly.com

Articuno’s roundly shaped head is what sticks out the most about this design. It’s wings look awesome, as well as the rest of its body design, but the head makes me think it is some kind of frosty pigeon. This Articuno looks like it could be an early monster enemy in a Monster Hunter game.

3 Garchomp

via kwikbusiness.com

Garchomp is a land-based dragon whose head resembles that of a hammerhead shark. This redesign changes a few things, most notably Garchomp’s arms. They look more like fins than like giant claws. Garchomp also is hunched over a lot more here, where as the real one can almost stand upright. Monster Hunter fans will definitely think of a Plesioth when taking a look at this.

2 Snorunt And Glalie

via dorkly.com

Not much has changed in this design for Snorunt. Its body does have a bit more of a Central American culture look to it. Glalie looks like a prop used for a Chinese dragon, being nothing more than a big mask. In fact that’s what it actually does appear to be. Notice the eyes and teeth inside of the mouth, that is where Glalie is.

1 Zoroark, Zoura, Natu, Xatu, and Diglett

via kwikbusiness.com

Zoroark definitely gives off a werewolf vibe in this redesign. Take a look at the little Zorua next to it chasing what appears to be Natu. Perhaps it could be trying to eat them? The Xatu in the back doesn’t look too pleased and you usually can’t tell what that Pokémon is thinking. Also, take a look at Diglett in the front, Diglett being a mole would solve some mysteries.

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