20 Pokémon That Were Deleted From The Games

The past few years have been very interesting for fans of classic Pokémon due to numerous leaks related to the first two generations.

In 2018, a leaked build of Pokémon Gold & Silver that was shown at the Space World 1997 event appeared online. It had been revealed in interviews that development had undergone several major shifts before release, but the amount of cut content in the leaked build was staggering. There were cut Pokémon, Gym Leaders, items, and locations. The demo also answered questions about the lore of the game, while raising new ones. In 2019, the Helix Chamber fan group released assets from several prototype builds of Pokémon Red & Green, which revealed one of the earliest glimpses at the original Pokémon games.

There have been numerous statements by the developers of the Pokémon series concerning cut Pokémon that have been made over the years and we have gathered information about these lost Pokémon that may never make their way into the main series.

20 The Scrapped Fire/Water-Type Starters In Pokémon Gold & Silver

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The people who attended the Space World 1997 event claimed that there were different starter Pokémon in the demo for Pokémon Gold & Silver. According to attendees, there was a Fire-type starter called Honoguma and a Water-type starter called Kurusu.

The leaked demo of Pokémon Gold & Silver not only confirmed the existence of these Pokémon, but it also gave the world a glimpse at their evolutions. Honoguma was a fiery bear and it evolved into Borubeaa and Dainabea, while Kurusu seemed to be based on the Loch Ness monster and it evolved into Akua and Akueria.

19 The Blaziken/Latias Fusion

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The majority of the cut Pokémon on this list come from the first two generations of Pokémon games, as Game Freak became more careful about including cut content in their later games. Early builds of later Pokémon games have leaked online, but they don't contain much in the way of cut content.

An early piece of artwork for Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire shows a Pokémon that combines elements of Blaziken and Latias. This Pokémon has been referred to as Latiken by the fans and it's unknown why its design was separated and turned into two different Pokémon.

18 Animon (Ditto's Screaming Evolution)

Pokemon Animon
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Pokémon Gold & Silver introduced the Metal Coat item, which allowed existing Pokémon to achieve new Steel-type evolutions when traded while holding it. Pokémon like Onix and Scyther could use the Metal Coat and it was once planned for Ditto to be able to use it as well.

The leaked demo of Pokémon Gold & Silver included a Pokémon called Animon, which is a Steel-type evolution of Ditto. Animon always looks like it's screaming, which might be the reason why its design was scrapped.

Pokémon Gold & Silver introduced the Metal Powder item, which doubles Ditto's defense, which might be a reference to Animon.

17 Crocky (The Sad Crocodile)

Crocky Cut Pokemon
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A manga about the life of Satoshi Tajiri was released in 2018, called Satoshi Tajiri: The Man Who Created Pokémon. This manga provided designs for several Pokémon that didn't make the cut for Pokémon Red & Green, as well as revealing internal documents from Game Freak that showed how the early Pokémon were selected.

One of the strangest designs in the Tajiri manga was Crocky, which was a crocodile with large eyes. The leaked assets for Pokémon Red & Green from the Helix Chamber website contain a back sprite for Crocky, which shows that its design was altered during the early stages of development.

16 Bomushikaa (The Explosive Seal)

Pokemon Bomb Seal
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The Pokémon series has an abundance of Pokémon based on seals and the early build of Pokémon Gold & Silver was no exception. Bomushikaa was a Pokémon that played with a fireball in the same way that seals play with balls and it likely tossed the fireball at its opponents.

The most interesting aspect of Bomushikaa is its typing, as it would have been a Fire/Water-type Pokémon. There has only ever been one Fire/Water-type Pokémon to this day, and that's Volcanion from Pokémon X & Y. Bomushikaa would have held a unique position in the competitive battling scene had it debuted in Pokémon Gold & Silver. 

15 The Original Version Of Girafarig & The Spirits It Evolved From

Pokemon Girafarig
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It has been known for a long time that Girafarig had a different design in Pokémon Gold & Silver and that its body was similar to its name in that it was reversed. In the final version of Pokémon Gold & Silver, Girafarig was given a tail with a face, while the original version had a dark side with a twisted smile.

One surprising reveal in the leaked demo of Pokémon Gold & Silver was a Dark/Normal-type Pokémon called Tsuinzu, which resembled two ghosts that were connected by the tail. Tsuinzu evolved into Girafarig at level 29.

14 The Electric Tigers

Pokemon Electric Tiger
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The Kotora line was actually cut from two different generations of Pokémon games.

Kotora is a chubby Electric-type tiger with a lightning bolt across its belly. It evolved into Raitora (an even chubbier tiger) at level 35. The existence of Kotara/Raitora was revealed in the demo leak of Pokémon Gold & Silver.

It was later revealed that Kotara, Raitora, and a third electric tiger were planned for Red & Green, as their back sprites appeared in the assets leak that was posted on the Helix Chamber website. It seems that these Pokémon were strong candidates for an appearance in the series, but were finally scrapped when Pokémon Gold & Silver were reworked.

13 The Lost Psyduck Evolution

Cut Psyduck Evo
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The early stages of development for Pokémon Red & Green involved balancing different evolution lines, which is why the Pikachu and Kotara lines had more Pokémon initially before being cut down.

The Psyduck line originally had a third entry that would have been the middle-stage evolution of the line, but it was cut at some point during development. It appears to be growing a ridge on the back of its head, which would later transform into spikes when it evolves into Golduck.

12 Madame (The Scrapped Farfetch'd Evolution)

Pokemon Madame
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Farfetch'd has received little in the way of buffs since the days of Pokémon Red & Blue, but there was a time when a cool-looking evolution for Farfetch'd was on the cards.

The leaked demo of Pokémon Gold & Silver featured a cut evolution for Farfetch'd, called Madame. A Farfetch'd would need to reach level 24 in order to evolve into Madame, which means that an explanation would be needed as to why it couldn't evolve in Pokémon Red & Blue. 

Madame's stick appears to have evolved into a sword and it now sports a black mask, which means that Farfetch'd almost had a Zorro-inspired evolution.

11 The Marowak Evolution That Tied It To Kangaskhan

Cut Marowak Evolution
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There is a long-running theory that the Cubone and Kangaskhan lines are meant to be tied together. The theory states that a baby Kangaskhan wears the skull of its deceased mother and becomes a Cubone, which is why both Pokémon look so similar.

The asset leak of Pokémon Red & Green confirmed a strange connection between the Cubone and Kangaskhan lines. It seems that Marowak had a similar evolution to Kangaskhan, where it carried a baby Pokémon around with it. It's difficult to tell exactly what is going on, as only the back sprite is available, but it seems as if this Pokémon is carrying its baby in its arms.

10 The Vampire & Voodoo Doll Pokémon

Pokemon Voodoo Vampire
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The leaked demo of Pokémon Gold & Silver was shown to the Japanese public in 1997. The Pokémon anime would not debut in North America until 1998, so it's possible that adapting the series for international tastes wasn't on the development team's mind at this time.

Two Pokémon from the leaked demo of Gold & Silver that might have caused issues if they had stayed in the game were Norowara and Kyonpan. Norowara was a voodoo doll Pokémon with a nail through its chest, while Kyonpan was a vampiric panda, which stands in the hopping pose of the Jiangshi vampire legend. Norowara is meant to evolve into Kyonpan at level 1, which is likely just a placeholder number.

9 The Lost Wartortle Evolution

Cut Wartortle Evolution
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The starter Pokémon in Pokémon Red & Blue underwent a few changes during development. There are early design pictures of Ivysaur which show it having a much flatter body and the flower on its back being a lot bigger.

One of the big surprises in the asset leak of Red & Green was that Blastoise wasn't always the final evolution of the Squirtle line. It turns out that Wartortle had a different evolution, which had a tail that curled more at the tip. It's unknown why this evolution was switched out for Blastoise, but it's possible that the developers wanted something more imposing to match Charizard and Venusaur.

8 The Werewolf Pokémon

Pokemon Warwolf
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It's rare for a Pokémon to be related to something from religion, but there was a Pokémon planned for Gold & Silver that was based on a biblical idiom.

There were two Ice-type Pokémon called Urufuman and Waaurufu, whose names were intended to be similar to the words "werewolf" and "warwolf". It's clear that their designs are based on the idea of a "wolf in sheep's clothing", which is a concept that comes from the Bible. The designs of Urufuman and Waaurufu look like wicked Pokémon that are wearing the skin of friendly creatures in order to lure in their prey.

7 Gyaon (The Dinosaur Pokémon)

Pokemon Gyaon
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It's clear that Game Freak wanted a Tyrannosaurus Rex Pokémon from an early stage in development. Pokémon Gold & Silver introduced Tyranitar, which is a ferocious dinosaur Pokémon and Pokémon X & Y would introduce Tyrantrum.

The Satoshi Tajiri manga revealed designs for a Pokémon called Gyaon, which appears to have inspired the creation of Tyranitar. A back sprite for Gyaon was later revealed in the assets leak.

A different prototype version of Tyranitar was shown on a magazine cover in Japan, so it's clear that Game Freak was refining this design for a long time. It's clear from the mouth design of both Gyaon and Tyranitar that the two lines are connected in terms of their appearance.

6 The Original Legendary Beasts

Pokemon Legendary Beasts
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The leaked demo of Pokémon Gold & Silver contains Ho-oh, but it's missing all of the other new Legendary Pokémon that appeared in the final version of the game. Celebi and Lugia are nowhere to be seen, while the Legendary Beasts are totally different.

The Legendary Beasts in the Pokémon Gold & Silver almost feel like placeholders, as their designs are so uninspired compared to the versions that appeared in the final version of the game. En, Rai, and Sui (which literally mean fire, thunder, and water) could easily pass for evolutions of the Eeveelutions, instead of Legendary Pokémon.

5 The Original Evolutions For Weedle

Pokemon Kusanagi
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The now-defunct Game Freak website contained designs for Pokémon that never made it into Pokémon Red & Green.

It seems that the Weedle line was going to be very different. Weedle was originally called Kokana and it evolved into two freaky looking Pokémon. Kokana evolved into a creature called Kasanagi, which resembled a more monstrous version of Kakuna.

Kasanagi evolved into a cockroach Pokémon with four arms. It seems that the people at Game Freak realized that players might not want to use a cockroach Pokémon in battle and switched it out for a bee instead.

4 The Shark/Anchor Pokémon

Pokemon Shark Pokemon
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A shark Pokémon seemed like an obvious choice, considering how feared they are in real life, but the series waited until Generation III to introduce them in the form of the Gible line and Sharpedo.

Pokémon Gold & Silver was intended to feature a shark Pokémon. The leaked demo of Pokémon Gold & Silver had a Water/Steel-type Pokémon called Ikari, which had the front half of a shark and a tail that was an anchor.

It's likely that Ikari was scrapped due to the disconcerting nature of its design, as its back sprite makes it look as if the anchor is nailed to its flesh.

3 The Cloned Sheep Pokémon

Dolly Sheep
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In 1996, the first cloned animal was created in a laboratory at the University of Edinburgh. A sheep named Dolly had been created as part of a cloning process and her birth became a major news story around the world.

It was revealed in an interview with @Gamer magazine that Junichi Masuda and Ken Sugimori had considered the idea of basing a Pokémon off of Dolly, but that the idea was scrapped for being too controversial.

There have been other sheep Pokémon in the series, such as Mareep in Pokémon Gold & Silver and Wooloo in the upcoming Pokémon Sword & Shield, so it's possible that they share elements of the clone Pokémon's design.

2 The Lost Baby Pokémon

Baby Pokemon
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Pokémon Gold & Silver introduced the concept of baby Pokémon to the series, which were weaker forms of established Pokémon that served little purpose other than to be cute. It feels as if Game Freak had doubts about baby Pokémon, as they rarely appeared in later games.

The leaked demo of Pokémon Gold & Silver was filled with baby Pokémon that never made it into the game. The game included baby versions of Tangela (Monja), Goldeen (Gyopin), Paras (Para), Doduo (Hinaazu), Meowth (Koonya), Ponyta (Puchikoon), Grimer (Betobebii), Growlithe (Pudi), Vulpix (Mikon), and Mr. Mime (Baririna).

It was also revealed in the assets leak for Pokémon Red & Green that Mikon, Konya, Gyopin, and Puchikoon were intended to debut in the first generation of games.

1 Gorochu - The Cut Final Evolution Of Pikachu

Goruchu Pokemon
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It was revealed in an interview between several Game Freak staff members with Yomiuri that Pikachu had a second evolution, called Gorochu. According to the interview, Gorochu had horns and fans, but it was cut from the game due to balance reasons, rather than its fearsome design.

No official artwork for Gorochu was revealed at the time, but its back sprite was revealed as part of the assets leak of Pokémon Red & Green, where it was revealed to have a single horn sprouting from the front of its head. We can only hope that an official design for Gorochu is unveiled by Game Freak someday, or that it actually makes its way into the Pokémon series.

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