Dedicated Police Dog Retires To Standing Ovation

Police dog Bronx, a nine-year-old Belgian Malinois, retired from the force last week, and he received a standing ovation for a job well done.

On Jan. 5, 2018, the beloved canine officially retired from the Bakersfield Police Department SWAT Team. As Bronx walked his way one last time through the station, his fellow officers lined up to give him a standing ovation and some much-deserved praise. It is clear by watching the video that the good boy will be greatly missed by his comrades.

K9 Bronx - Retirement

Today is K9 Bronx’s retirement day. Bronx has served our department with his handler, Senior Officer Chris Dalton, for 8 years. He is one of the longest serving K9s our agency has ever had. Chris and Bronx have been partners since January 2010, and have served on the SWAT Team since 2014. Bronx has done numerous demos for schools and tour groups at our department, and has been awarded many awards throughout the years for his dedication, skills, and work. Thank you for being a loyal K9 all these years, Bronx! Help us wish Bronx well in his retirement, as he goes home today to enjoy a much more relaxed life with Chris and his family.

Posted by Bakersfield Police Department on Friday, January 5, 2018

He joined the team in 2010, but was considered one of the best veteran police officers the department had. Although he ended his eight-year career in SWAT, Bronx had also worked in the patrol division, as well as on the narcotics team. He was an in-demand police dog, whose retirement is leaving a hole in the heart of many at his work.


"He's good at finding the bad guys and finding things that are hidden. He's a well-rounded dog and is a great asset to the police department." said Sgt. Ryan Kroeker, who is the public information office for the Bakersfield Police Department.

When he first joined the department, Bronx trained for two and a half months before his deployment. His learning did not end once he was officially a police dog. He was a dedicated guy, who spent his days off learning even more of his trade with his owner and partner Senior Officer Chris Dalton. The two have been paired up since Bronx first joined the department. Now that he is retiring Bronx will enjoy a normal dog life of leisure and play with the Dalton family. He may be trading in his days at the police station but his skills will stay with him forever.

Via Bakersfield.com

Bakersfield Police Department police dog Bronx retired on Friday. His send-off was worthy of the true hero that dog is to those that worked with him. Along with his good-bye walk, the department posted a tribute to him on their Facebook, including a video of his exit. Since the video was posted it has gotten over 100,000 views. Hats off to the amazing Bronx enjoy your retirement.


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