Police Gift Recovered Stolen Video Game Systems To Children In Hospitals

According to a French news outlet, BFMTV, police officers in Paris managed to recover a bunch of stolen video game consoles, specifically, a bunch of PlayStation 4 consoles. Unfortunately, they were not able to find the original owners of said consoles. But instead of having all of the gaming consoles destroyed, the officers decided to donate each and every one of them to the sick kids at the Centre Hospitalier Sud Francilien (CHSF), which is a hospital located in Corbeil-Essonnes, a suburb in the southern part of Paris.

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According to a national French newspaper, Le Parisien, all of the consoles that these police officers recovered were actually brand new and unpackaged, and along with them, they also managed to recover 4,000 Euros (over $4,000).

Via Le Parisien

And surprisingly, no one ever reported a stolen game console, furthermore, the public prosecutor who was involved in the case with the recovered gaming consoles, ordered for them to be destroyed, which is something that’s typically done when these types of seizures happen. But thankfully, instead of turning them into useless piles of metal and plastic by having the consoles destroyed, they ended up in a much better place, in the hands of kids who are in the hospital. And the hospital is going to be using them for therapeutic purposes.

A spokesperson for the hospital stated that the consoles were going to be used for therapeutic purposes so that the children who are in the hospital could relax and feel less anxious.

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For now, it’s still unknown whether any games were also provided or are going to be provided to play on the consoles. But we think that the consoles, by themselves, wouldn’t be very useful in helping the children relax and they would definitely need some games to play. Even though there are countless of games that are free-to-play on consoles these days, one of the most popular ones being Fortnite, there are still different options that are available to these kids if there weren’t any games donated along with the consoles.

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