Police Force Trains Dogs To Perform CPR

As if there wasn't enough evidence that we don't deserve dogs, there are now some pups in the police force that can perform CPR.

Humans have domesticated a lot of animals throughout history but to this day there is no animal more popular or loyal than the dog. As a species, we have kept dogs as pets for centuries as they have helped us hunt, track, and basically become the best companions possible outside of another actual person.

In the present day, dogs help us with a whole host of things. Guide dogs are specially trained to help blind people lead normal lives, and there is an array of different therapy dogs that help people with various issues and illnesses. We think we may have stumbled across something that dogs can do that will make you appreciate them even more, however, as if that was possible.


An online video has recently gone viral as it features a police dog performing CPR on his "collapsed" partner. The pup, named Poncho, sprints to the officer's aid and instantly begins to use his front paws to perform compressions on his chest. He even takes breaks every now and again to pause and check whether the police officer is breathing or not. It's pretty incredible as you can see in the video clip above, which shows this all going down.

The footage was posted to Twitter by Policia de Madrid, the force which Poncho is a proud member of, last week, and since then it has been viewed over 2.3 million times and has captured the hearts and minds of people around the world. Poncho isn't the only dog who can perform CPR either. Last year at Crufts, a German shepherd named Deril performed CPR on his owner when she collapsed.

The most striking thing about Poncho and Deril and any other canines that can perform CPR on humans is that they have a skill which most men and women don't. The likelihood is that most reading this don't know how to perform CPR, at least not correctly. If you're in the vicinity of someone in desperate need of it any time soon and you don't know CPR, keep your fingers crossed that Poncho is somewhere nearby! Better yet, learn CPR yourself at a class near you!


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