Police Officer Nurses Malnourished Baby In Amazing 'Gesture Of Love'

A police officer from Argentina rose above the call of duty in the most amazing way to help a malnourished and upset baby by breastfeeding them. Officer Celeste Jacqueline Ayala was volunteering at Sister Maria Ludovica Children’s Hospital in Buenos Aires like she does every Tuesday night. The six-month-old baby was brought in with five of its older siblings, all of whom were malnourished. The baby was very upset and wouldn’t stop crying.

The baby was dirty and obviously underfed. It was something that Ayala couldn’t bear to listen to or see. As a mother of a newborn herself, her maternal instincts kicked in. She asked permission from the hospital to comfort the baby and feed her. They agreed and she started breastfeeding the baby who happily began to eat and calmed down. She didn’t mind that the baby had been described to her by the overworked hospital staff as dirty and smelly. All the infant needed was some comfort.

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Ayala’s partner, Marcos Heredia, was there to take a picture of Ayala in the middle of her kind act and posted it on Facebook. In his post, he called it a “gesture of love” and praised her for her overall kindness. The photo went viral getting much-deserved attention from all over the world.

After seeing the photo, her actions were quickly recognized by the local fire department (where she also volunteers) who said in a Facebook post, “Actions like that of this cadet fill us with pride and force us to redouble our efforts, work, and solidarity with our community.” The Minister of Security from Buenos Aires met with Ayala as well to commend her work and care. Then he promoted her from an officer to sergeant.

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What Ayala did was incredibly selfless. The baby no doubt needed the care and nourishment. Any infant who needs to fed should regardless of any stigma of them being dirty, smelly, or malnourished. Ayala didn't care about this at all like a real mother and an amazing police officer. Her promotion is well deserved. We need more police officers like her in the world. It's also heartwarming to see the world praising this woman for breastfeeding when in other places, like the U.S., breastfeeding has become almost controversial.

What did you think when you saw this photo? If you're a mom, would you have done the same? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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