Police Rescues Panicked Chicken From New York House Fire

Police Rescue Flaming Chicken From California Wildfires

A police officer is being hailed as a hero in New York after saving a chicken from a house fire.

A lot of officers join the force with good intentions. They want to help people, save people from the bad guys, put their lives on the line so that one day they might actually be recognized for doing something heroic.

Most don’t expect that heroism to come in the defense of a chicken. But you don’t ignore the call of duty, even if that call sounds distinctly like a “cluck.”

The Ossining Police Department of Ossining, New York, recently posted some very unique body cam footage belonging to Officer McGovern. Our heroic officer was responding to a house fire call last Saturday, November 24th, when that call turned into a rescue operation for a family’s pet chicken.

The footage begins with McGovern walking towards a burning garage that was dangerously close to a residence. Asking someone off screen if there were any propane tanks in the garage, he must have been told yes since he then heads into the fire to remove the tanks and prevent an even larger catastrophe.


While removing those tanks, the Officer heard a few panicked clucks in the corner of the garage. Investigating the sound revealed a chicken trapped by the fire. Nobody deserves to be barbecued along with the family Honda, so Officer McGovern did the noble thing and risked his own life to save another.

Somewhere around the first day of field training some salty cop usually hits you with, “Kid, you wouldn’t believe what goes on around here if I told you.” Saturday, Officer McGovern has his “Ah Ha” moment. Dispatched to a reported fire, he found himself faced with a fully involved shed, adjacent to a residential property. He smartly removed a couple of propane tanks before they could compound the danger and swiftly went on to rescue... a chicken. Now, it’s not that we don’t love chickens. They’re just fine and certainly deserve our assistance. It’s just that, if you ever wanted to get a hard time from your coworkers, be a hero... to a chicken. Congratulations, Officer McGovern. Since the “Lifesaving Award” doesn’t specifically prohibit the subject of your bravery from being poultry, we will put you in for an award because, well, this is a story that’s too good to let go of.

Posted by Ossining Police Department on Monday, November 26, 2018

In the video, you can hear McGovern saying "c'mon buddy, c'mere," while the chicken continues to cluck nervously. It takes him a few tries but McGovern is eventually able to grab the chicken who, once secured, seems to recognize the safety of the officer’s arms and calms down.

"I got one," McGovern declares as he exits the burning garage. "I got your chicken!"

In the video description on Facebook, the Ossining Police Department say they’re putting in a recommendation for Officer McGovern to receive a commendation, although it may come at the expense of some good-natured ribbing. "If you ever wanted to get a hard time from your coworkers, be a hero,” the department writes, “to a chicken."


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