Police Rescue Man Trapped Inside His House By Heavy Snow All Winter

An Ottawa man, who was trapped in his home all winter after being blocked in by the snow, has been rescued by the police.

Ottawa has been inundated by snow this winter. Just three weeks ago, the city was hit by a storm that left over 40 cm of snow in just two days. Ottawa has even received the dubious distinction of having the worst winter in all of Canada this year.

The man trapped in his home was found after Ottawa Police received a call from a neighbor who had not seen the man all winter and was concerned for his safety. When police finally managed to make their way in, the found the man alone yet alive. He informed them that he had been trapped indoors all winter and was able to survive on the food he had at home.

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It took officers nearly 90 minutes to clear a path to the man’s front door. Neighbors helped with shovels and snow blowers. The ice was reportedly so thick that a tractor had to be brought in to help. When three of the officers were able to finally reach the house, they didn’t see any signs of life, which made them fear they would find the man deceased. Luckily, the man was sitting peacefully on his sofa. He told police his snow blower had broken and he had decided to ride out the winter.

According to police, the man, who was believed to be in his 50s or 60s, rationed the canned food he had stored. Neighbors, who said they only saw the man once or twice a year, believe he is a recluse and was reluctant to ask for help. He was, however, grateful to the officers for rescuing him. Neighbors left the man, who reportedly doesn’t have a phone, a note letting him know that if needed help, they were there for him.

Officers also brought the man groceries and supplies and city services have been informed so that the man is checked up on from time to time.

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