Police Respond To 911 Call, Discover Trapped Roomba

A poor Roomba was nearly traumatized to the point of short-circuiting on Monday afternoon when a group of police officers, guns drawn, burst into the bathroom that the robotic vacuum cleaner was innocently working on.

According to Global News, a woman who agreed to house sit for a family in Portland, Oregon, recently found herself in a sucky situation when she called 911 after hearing suspicious noises coming from one of the home's restrooms. The house sitter quickly came to the conclusion that an intruder had locked themselves inside the restroom. Upon closer inspection, the house sitter could see shadows moving through the gap of the underside of the bathroom door, further confirming her burglar theory.


via: globalnews.ca

The Washington County Sheriff's Department jumped into action, dispatching multiple units and a canine unit to the home to investigate the alleged bathroom-trapped intruder. The deputies approached the restroom where noises could be heard. They demanded that the suspect or suspects surrender to no avail.

Finally, the deputies broke into the restroom with their guns drawn and discovered the noise-making suspect who had refused to come out peacefully.

“An automated robot vacuum,” the sheriff’s office said in a statement about the unusual call. “We breached the bathroom door and encountered a very thorough vacuuming job being done by a Roomba Robotic Vacuum cleaner.”

The sheriff's office posted a photo of the Roomba with a rap sheet on their Twitter account with a banner above the photo titled "Most Wanted" and the word "Captured" in red across the bottom of the photo.

via: globalnews.ca


“In 13 years, this is my first Roomba burglar,” Sergeant Danny DiPietro told the Oregonian. “Never had anything like this.”

There is no word yet on the house sitter's take on the outcome of the story. We can imagine she must be embarrassed but in her defense, the multiple police officers who arrived on the scene also believed that there was an intruder in the restroom upon hearing the noises coming from the room.

DiPietro went on to say that he and his co-workers have been having fun with the bizarre incident and are able to laugh it off. On the pleasant side, no actual crime took place, the police officers got a good chuckle, a fun story to tell, and the bathroom got sparkling clean! Win, win, win!

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